Harz attractions map. From Wernigerode to Tilleda

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We continue to explore the Harz attractions. There are two maps in this topic: the central part from Wernigerode to Nordhausen and the eastern part with Sangerhausen and Quedlinburg.

West Harz from Goslar to Göttingen.
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Everything important that you can see in the Harz mountains – with notes and links.

  • 1 – top
  • 2 – very good, although not so well known
  • 3 – good for a short vacation or a layover. Several medium-level interesting places
  • 4 – local or specific, not for everyone

Marks without brackets – I was there (there are links to the posts). In brackets – I wasn’t there. Of course, the notes are subjective

Harz map Center

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Harz attractions map
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20. Ilsenburg

Hütten- und Technikmuseum (on repair, link).
Benedictine monastery Kloster Ilsenburg (11th century, link).
Erlebniswald Ilsetal Rope Park.

21. Wernigerode

Read more About Wernigerode

Half-timbered old town. Castle (link). Harz Museum. Forge.

Starting station for steam locomotives to Brocken. At the station, from the observation deck, you can watch the pouring of water, loading of coal and have gut view to Brocken.

Brockenbad pool.
Aircraft museum (Luftfahrtmuseum, link). Miniaturen park (link).


22. Derenburg. Glass blowing production Glasmanufaktur Harzkristall

Glass manufactory Harzkristall in Derenburg (bus 252) (http://www.harzkristall.de/). On Sundays and during holidays, you can blow your own “happy” big glass ball, every day – create your own small deco ball or watch the craftsmen work during a tour.

23. Blankenburg

Located halfway from Wernigerode to Quedlinburg. Many old buildings in the city were destroyed by fire in the middle of the 19th century, however, part of the city has survived. But more interesting are the ruins of the Regenstein castle located not in the city itself, but behind the B 6 highway.

You can see the Baroque palace ensemble (mostly outside, but several rooms have been restored in the large palace) with a park, well-preserved Michaelstein Cistercian abbey with garden (https://www.kloster-michaelstein.de).

Rope park (http://www.kletterwald-blankenburg.de)

Steam train from Blankenburg: https://arbeitsgemeinschaft-ruebelandbahn.de/fahrtage-ruebelandbahn/

Regenstein Castle (ruins).

Regenstein Castle is already visible from the expressway on the way from Wernigerode – it rises very picturesquely on an almost 300-meter cliff. The Counts of Regenstein were first mentioned in the annals of the 12th century. But they became better known in the 14th century, thanks to the constant disputes of Count Albert II with his neighbors. In ballads, the count is designated as the robber count. By the 15th century the counts left the castle, and it gradually turned into ruins. In the 17th century a Prussian fortress was built. The fortress was abandoned and partially blown up in the 18th century.

Free admission, bird of prey show – for a fee (www.falkenhof-harz.de).

Nearby sandstone cliffs with the Sandsteinhöhle caves. In the prehistoric times used for public meetings.

24. Elbingerode

Attractions near Elbingerode:

  • stalactite caves Baumannshöhle and Hermannshöhle in Rübeland (link)

More details here.

  • Schaubergwerk Büchenberg mine (link)
  • Rappbodetalsperre dam and extreme entertainment with it: giant Flying Fox (Zipline), suspension bridge, wall run or bridge jump. www.harzdrenalin.de

25. Hasselfelde

Stemberghaus Museum – coal mining, coal burners work.
Pullman City Harz amusement park (theme – Wild West, link).

26. Stolberg

Small old town. Palace.
Observation deck in the form of an iron cross (200 steps, Josephskreuz).
Thyragrotte pool

27. Ilfeld

Mine Rabensteiner Stollen (link). Ruine of castle – Burgruine Hohnstein

28. Nordhausen

Altstadt, Rathaus mit Roland. Brennerei. Zwei historische Museen: Flohburg, Tabakspeicher.

Harz map East

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east harz attractions map
Map data ©OpenTopoMap, ©OpenStreetMap

29. Tilleda

To the east of Harz, Emperor Barbarossa is believed to be sleeping. Tilleda – the east is very nominal, rather the south. However, here there is a monumental monument on Kyffhäuser Denkmal with a statue of Wilhelm 1 and Barbarossa in the cave below. A little further south is the stalactite Barbarossa Cave (link) and thermal bath Kyffhäuser Therme.

In Tillede itself, the Palatinate (Pfalz, road palace), which was very popular in the Middle Ages. Its ruins house an open-air museum dedicated to life in the Middle Ages (link).

1 – in the season, 4 – other time
30. Sangerhausen

The city is known primarily for the fact that it houses the European Rosearium – a huge collection of roses. The best time to visit is June, but there are roses in August as well.

See many photos of two visits.

The city itself is not interesting. There is the Spengler Natural History Museum.


  • Mine Röhrigsschach Wettelrode (link)
  • Place of birth and death of Luther – Eisleben
  • City with a large castle – Allstedt

31. Wippra

Coaster, rope park – Wipperia Funpark (link).

32. Burg Falkenstein

Falkenstein Castle was rebuilt in a medieval style in the 19th century, which does not make it any less interesting. There is also a falconry at the castle. (https://www.burg-falkenstein.de)

33. Aschersleber

Zoo. Museum Kriminalpanoptikum

34. Ballenstedt

Palace with rooms from the 18th century

Roseburg – picturesque garden in Italian style
Rock Gegensteine

35. Quedlinburg, Thale, Gernrode

More about Quedlinburg and Thale

Quedlinburg: half-timbered town (UNESCO), museum of half-timbered building, castle and cathedral museum, Münzenbergmuseum (monastery archaeological site)

Thale: cable cars (gondolas and chair for two mountains), rope park (link), entertaining golf (link), coaster and Widpark upstairs (where the gondolas are) (link)
Bodetal Therme swimming pool

Gernrode: 10th century Romanesque church Sankt Cyriakus, clock museum, museum in the oldest primary school in Germany (16th century) Alte Elementarschule (history of the school and a little bit of everything else)

36. Halberstadt

Halberstadt is a large city, a regional center. Already in the 9th century there was a bishopric, which in the 10th century received market and customs rights and the right to print coins.

The most interesting in the city are several old churches and especially the church treasury, as well as one of the oldest statues of Roland (a statue of a knight, symbolizing the independence of the city). But most of the buildings (82 percent) were destroyed during the bombing.


Nearby: Huysburg Benedictine Abbey (link).
“Chess” village Ströbeck

All posts about Harz – #Harz

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