What to do in Zell am See in summer

Zeller Lake Zell am See Zellersee

There are a lot of things, that you can do in Zell am See in summer. Zeller Lake is a great option for holiday for ten days to a couple of weeks, especialy if the weather is expected to be rainless. Hikers will be at home on the lake: on the one hand Zell am See has the highest alpine massif after Mont Blanc (Grossglockner, Hohe Tauern), on the other hand, lower, accessible mountains. This is accompanied by several picturesque gorges, mountain lakes and reservoirs, the powerful Krimml cascade of waterfalls.

In this topic, we will focus on the lake itself, the city and the cable cars to the nearest mountain.

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Krimml waterfalls hike

Krimml Waterfalls hike / Krimml Wasserfälle Wanderung

The Krimml waterfalls cascade is the most impressive Austrian (and among other European countries there are not many competitors either) waterfalls by the combination of power and height. There are higher waterfalls, but the height is not as important as the picturesqueness.

In this topic, photos of three trips – two summer and one winter.

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High alpine road Grossglockner Strasse

high alpine road Grossglockner / Alpen Panoramastraße Großglockner

The high alpine road Grossglockner Strasse is the most famous of such roads. It is really beautiful, but this means also a large number of not only cars, but also motorcycles, and what is especially unpleasant, bicycles.

The northern slope has more serpentine turns and more moving units. There are many popular tourist villages from the north and everyone returns there for the night. A southern descent with fewer turns, but sometimes with a steeper incline.

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