Lake Maggiore Attractions of Italian part

Lago Maggiore Sehenswürdigkeiten Langensee / Lago Maggiore attraction

Lake Maggiore justifies its name (“big”) – it is an infinitely long lake, a trip along which either by car or by ship seems endless long. The most beautiful parts of the lake are near Stresa (the Borromean Gulf) in the Italian part and the northern end of the lake around Ascona.

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Ticino guest cards and public transport Ticino


In this topic, Ticino guest cards and public transport Ticino with maps of bus lines. Be sure to check the schedule in advance: buses in the gorges do not run very often, sometimes only a few times a day. In addition, some buses run only during the summer.

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Lake Lugano attractions map

Lugano lake Morcote Villa Scherer / Luganersee Morcote

Two posts combine Ticino sights on the maps. In the first there are lake Lugano attractions: the lake, the surrounding mountains and the Italian part between Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore. Please note that it is possible to visit places around Locarno and Bellinzona from Lugano, but it is not as convenient and close as it seems on the map (dense population, traffic, narrow streets). Therefore, I would recommend two separate overnight stays.

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5 best viewpoints of Lake Lugano

best viewpoints of lake lugano / Aussichtspunkte Luganersee

Let’s look at Lake Lugano from above – in this topic we will consider the 5 best viewpoints of Lake Lugano.

Lake Lugano, with its emerald water, is more intimate, cozy and beautiful than Lake Maggiore. Holiday here, of course, is more pleasant than on Maggiore, if only you manage to find a good place to stay. And this is even more difficult here.

If you look only highlights, you need at least 1-2 full days. And for a more detailed exploring of region – 3-4 days.

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Lake Maggiore. Locarno and Ascona


For several years we looked for the possibility of going to Ticino, and finally it worked out and travelled to Locarno.

Accommodation in this region is very, very difficult, unless you go there in winter. We decided to go to Maggiore at the end of September, when schoolchildren and students return to their textbooks, families with small children prefer warm seas in the Indian summer and only European pensioners remain.

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Ascona / Locarno. 2. Island Brissago

Locarno Ascona Insel Brissago / Brissago Island

On the lakes of Italy and in Ticino, there are many former villas with gardens created by their wealthy owners and opened to the public after their death. There are also just parks without villas. In the vicinity of Locarno, lovers of parks and gardens can see: the camellia park in Locarno (it makes sense only during the flowering season), the tea plantation in Ascona, the botanical garden on the Brissago island, the botanical garden in Gambarogno.

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Centovalli Railway

Centovalli railway / Centovalli Bahn

Honestly, initially Centovalli railway was listed somewhere in the last places in the programm, since the photos did not make much of an impression. And we took the train only because after a short pause in the Verzasca Valley it started raining and was not going to stop. However, the views turned out to be amazing (at least in the rain) and the trip is highly recommended.

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