Lucerne old town

Luzern Altstadt / Lucerne old town

Lucerne (Luzern) is one of the most beloved Swiss cities for tourists. Lucerne old town and attractions are enough for whole day visit. It can be also a good rainy day option. But staying here for a long time to explore the lake is probably not the best idea: there are many people, transports, and the view is not the same as further along the lake, where the mountains are higher and closer.

The statement that Lucerne is surrounded by mountains, which I have repeatedly come across on the sites, is not true. There is only one mountain nearby – Pilatus. And you can climb it not from the city itself, but from the suburb of Kriens. However, the Reuss River is beautiful, and away from the center, for example by the ramparts, there are quiet, pleasant residential areas.

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Lake Lucerne. 4. Pilatus mountain

Lake Lucerne Pilatus / Vierwaldstättersee Luzern Pilatus

The tourist fame of Pilatus can compete that of the Jungfrau. And this is well deserved: an expressive silhouette against the sky, different ways of ascent with Pilatus mountain train and cable car, stunning views from above and additional entertainments. Pilatus is a full day excursion.

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Lake Lucerne Rigi, Tierpark Goldau

Vierwaldstättersee Lake Lucerne Rigi

Rigi is an imposing mountain massif along the northern shore of the lake Lucerne. On the another side of it is Lake Zug.

Note that there are several different ways to climb. The seemingly obvious climb to the summit (Rigi Kulm) is not necessarily the best in terms of views. From there you can clearly see Lake Zug, but poorly Lake Lucerne. Explore all the possibilities in advance. In addition, it is better to leave in the morning so that the sun does not light up Pilatus.

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Lake Lucerne. 1. Brunnen, Schwyz

Lake Lucerne Lake Uri Brunnen / Vierwaldstättersee Urnersee

Сoming to Schwyz and Brunnen you find yourself in the very heart of Switzerland – the place where it originated and where its name came from. Brunnen is on Lake Lucerne, Schwyz Schwyz is a bit further towards Lake Zug.

German complex name of the lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee) is due to the fact that its shores were previously divided by four forest cantons (one canton was later divided into two, so now there are five).

The least beautiful part of the lake, in my opinion, is from the side of Lucerne, which gave it its second name. The most beautiful, respectively, from the opposite side, this part has its own name – Lake Uri (Urnersee). Lake Uri beginns from Brunnen.

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