Tourist and guest cards of Lake Constance

Around Lake Constance there are three countries, three cantons (five if you count the sub-cantons), three federal states and God knows how many smaller administrative units. In general, they try to cooperate in the field of tourism and this cooperation has resulted in the form of guest cards of Lake Constance. But they are not always as profitable as we would like. So plan carefully if you’re on a budget.

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Zugspitze Austrian side – Lakes

Zugspitze Arena Weißensee Blindsee

Looking at the photos in the first part, you may ask – where are these lakes, there is only a meadow and wooded mountains. Nevertheless, three decent-sized lakes are hidden in the forests, and in the neighboring valley towards Reutte there are two more large lakes, on which there are even pleasure boats. And there are many small mountain lakes and reservoirs, some of which are used to provide snow for trails, and in the summer they are very beautiful landscapes.

Mountain lakes were hidden under clouds, but in the forest ones we even managed to swim.

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Swiss side of Lake Constance

Swiss side of Lake Constance Rorschach

In comparison with the German coast, where everything is subordinated to tourism, the Swiss side of Lake Constance seems to know nothing about tourists and does not want to know. Therefore, you need to prepare especially carefully for a vacation there.

Does it make sense to go there at all? Consider the pros and cons below.

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Lake Constance map of attractions

Swiss side of Lake Constance

Lake Constance (Bodensee) is one of the most favorite places of vacation. And this is its main drawback for everyone who wants to relax. For those who are not disturbed by the crowds of walking, skating, swimming and eating, there are a lot of advantages: clean water, equipped beaches and warm pools, water sports and entertainment, numerous asphalt roads for pedestrians and cyclists along the shore and between vineyards, delicious food, fresh trout from the lake, finally enough attractions if everything else gets bored.

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Inn valley attractions on the map – from Innsbruck to Kufstein

The Inn Valley from Innsbruck to Kufstein is not only a way to get to the Brenner Autobahn and Italian seeside, but a holiday destination in itself. In assortment: palaces, museums, mines, an open-air museum, a lake, gorges and steam locomotives. They all on the map. Most important part of this region is the side Zillertal valley, one of the most popular ski resort. We see, what you can do in Zillertal in summer (spoiler: a lot).

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Innsbruck attractions. Old town, zoo, museums

Innsbruck old town / Innsbruck Altstadt

Innsbruck enjoys an advantageous location at the crossroads of ravines and roads, where it was simply impossible not to grow big and prosperous. It can be pretty boring here when the weather is bad. But when the weather is nice, you can easily spend several days and not only see a small Innsbruck old town and Ambras Castle, but also hike in the mountains. It is one of the few large cities in the immediate vicinity of mountain peaks and ski slopes. It is not surprising that the Olympic Games have been held here twice.

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Oetz Valley. Stuibenfall waterfall

Ötztal Stuibenfall / Oetz valley Stuibenfall waterfall

The most famous attraction of the Oetz Valley, with the exception of Ötzi, was popular long before he was discovered. It is Stuibenfall waterfall.

Stuibenfall – a popular name for waterfalls, from the word “to dust”. But the waterfall at Umhausen is the most famous with this name and the highest in Tyrol. However, the height in the waterfalls is not the main thing, but by this one everything is fine also with the appearance.

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