Loire Valley Castles. Blois castle

Loire Valley Castles Blois castle

Blois Castle (Chateau de Blois) was actively used, unlike Chambord. 7 kings and 10 queens lived here. This is an impressive complex with premises from different eras and different styles. In the summer, theatrical performances are held in the castle courtyard. And in the evenings there is the Son et Lumiere light show.

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Alsace public transport and welcome cards

Tourists and Alsace public transport are a real combination, but require preparation, since the system is intended for residents and does not focus on foreign tourists. In addition, Alsace is divided by two large transport associations with their own rules and tariffs, and traveling across the zone border is quite unprofitable. But let’s start with the good stuff: how to save money with Alsace welcome cards.

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Selestat and around: Koenigsbourg Castle, Monkey Mountain, Cigoland

Elsass Cigoland Alsace

Selestat is not as popular as Colmar and does not seem to be trying to improve this situation, although there are a number of top Alsatian attractions nearby. Koenigsbourg Castle, a park with free-roaming monkeys and a bird of prey show are on a mountain near the city. There’s also an amusement park near the highway, and Alsace vine route through beautiful half-timbered small towns. Let’s also add Strasbourg, which has good transport accessibility, and we get an almost ideal base for exploring Alsace.

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Alsace Wine Route. 1. Ribeauville, Riquewihr

Elsass Alsace Ribeauville

In this part of the story about Alsace, we will look at Ribeauville and Riquewihr.

The Alsace Wine Route has been around for over 70 years and is (deservedly) extremely popular. The question of choice inevitably arises – which city to visit? In the topic, I chose the very best cities and villages from a cultural point of view (the most beautiful).

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Loire Castles. Blois region attractions map

Loiretal Schlösser Chaumont Loire castles

One part of Loire castles and the most interesting Blois region attractions on the map. Since the region has an excessive number of Loire castles (Cher castles, Indres castles…), you should study in advance which ones to visit. It is better to limit yourself to two castles per day, although some routes allow you to visit more. To attract visitors, some castles organize themed exhibitions. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a couple of the most famous castles to visit and add to them those whose thematic exhibitions are of interest to you.

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Loire valley Chambord castle

Loire Valley Chambord Castle / Loiretal Schloss Chambord

The main thing to come to Loire Valley Chambord castle for is the amazing architecture. A fantastic jumble of towers, stairs, bells, carved windows, twisted railings make it look like a cake that came out from under the hands of a pastry chef with a particularly sophisticated imagination. Chateaubriand saw in him a woman with flowing hair. Victor Hugo wrote about the castle: “All sorts of magic, poetry, even madness are represented in the admirably bizarrerie of that palace of fairies and knights.”

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Loire valley Chenonceau castle

Chenonceau Castle / Loire Schloss Chenonceau

Wealthy and powerful nobles of the 15-16th centuries, deciding to get a permanent residence in the Loire Valley, obviously found a special charm in the fact that their castle was surrounded by water.

The swift waters of Cher, flowing around the arches of the covered bridge attached to the Chenonceau Castle (Château de Chenonceau), make it perhaps the most graceful of the Loire valley castles.

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