Around Chinon: Loire Valley map from Tours to Angers

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We continue and complete our journey through the Loire Valley. There are two Loire Valley maps in this topic: from Tours to Chinon and from Chinon to Angers.

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Loire Valley map from Tours to Chinon

Loire valley map from Tours to Chinon
enlarge Map data ©OpenTopoMap, ©OpenStreetMap

1. Rille

The northern bank of the Loire is not as rich in attractions as the southern one. But something comes across here too.

Château de Champchevrier castle. The 16th-18th century palace is small but has rich interiors, including tapestries from the 16th and 17th centuries. A very rare room for castles is the laundry room. Link
Feeding 70 hunting dogs on Thursdays in the summer, theatrical visits

Lakes Lac d’Hommes and Rille.
Water recreation, steam train (Link),
rope park, some (very primitive) semblance of adventure golf,
water sports park Rillé Wake Park.

Jardin de Mireille – themed gardens based on the owner’s travel experiences (mainly Asia, but not only). Link

Chateau de Gizeux castle Link
Combines the features of the Middle Ages (13th century) and the Renaissance. The interiors have wall paintings from the 17th century. If you have patience, you can find photos on the website. The palace also attracts visitors with a children’s program (games, treasure hunts) and candlelight visits in summer. There are different workshops offered for each day of the week (for example, bread baking or stained glass)

2. Villandry and Savonnieres

Renaissance Palace and Gardens Link,
small stalactite cave Link.

The trip to Villandry is described in detail as a cycling route from Tours with maps: Loire cycle route. Tours – Villandry

Villandry Gardens / Schloss Villandry Garten

3. Langeais castle

Chateau de Langeais – one of the oldest castles on the Loire. Link
Unlike many other castles, it was rebuilt into a palace not by just another rich advisor to the king, but by King Louis 11. The wedding of Charles 8 with Anne of Brittany took place in the castle, which ended the independence of Brittany.
The castle has a park with tree houses, playgrounds, views of the Loire and the bridge. Holidays offer different additional entertainment. For example, this could be a Playmobile exhibition or a birds of prey show.

The cycling route runs along the other side of the Loire. For a map, see the topic about Villandry.

Nearby (by bike route):
– technic museum Maurice Dufresne (Link). In addition to cars, there are other old vehicles from 1850 to 1950.

4. Chateau d’Usse castle

Romantic Sleeping Beauty castle with turrets. Built in the 15th-18th centuries. The interiors contain a mixture of different centuries (tapestry from the 15th and 17th centuries, furniture from the 17th century…). The peculiarity of this castle is the numerous mannequins in the interiors, depicting people from different eras and the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. At the castle there is a small French park with terraces. The cellars tell the story of wine production. Carriages are displayed in the stables. Link

Nearby: on the same road in the neighboring village there are gardens Jardins Haut Couture. Link

The cycle route (see map in the topic on Villandry) goes further from the Loire as it goes around a large nuclear power plant. At the nuclear plant there is an information center Espace EDF Odysselec – Centrale nucléaire de Chinon Link

Nearby towards Chinon there is a rope park Link

5. Azay-le-Rideau castle

Chateau d’Azay-le-Rideau castle – one of the few castles surrounded by water. It was built in the 16th century for the advisor and keeper of the treasury under Francis I. The interiors reflect different eras. Each part of the castle is kept in the same time period. The interiors look especially bright after the recent restoration, which was completed in 2017. Link
There is an English park around the castle.

Another palace nearby is Château de l’Islette. This is a (relatively) small palace built in the 16th century. Rodin and Camille Claudel worked here. The interiors are mostly modern. Children can wear costumes. There is a small farm near the palace. Link

Also nearby:

“Troglodyte Alley” (Vallée Troglodytique des Goupillières) – the history of cave settlements (characteristic of the region, since there is a lot of tuff – a soft and porous rock) Link

Villainesles-Rochers is basket weaving center, the main one in France. The village produces a third of all wickerwork in France. There is a museum (Link) and workshops where you can learn how to weave baskets (Link, Link).

Balzac Museum in Sache Link

6. Crissay-sur-Manse

On the list of the most beautiful villages in France. Medieval small village with castle ruins.

Nearby: Église Saint-Nicolas de Tavant – 11th century church with 12th century paintings.

7. Du Rivau castle and gardens (Château et jardins du Rivau)

The castle existed as a fortress from the 13th century, then in the 15th century it was rebuilt into a Renaissance palace, preserving its medieval features. In the 20th century it was restored in a medieval style. The interiors combine medieval and modern. You can see what it looks like on the castle website. There are 15 themed gardens around the castle, awarded the title “remarkable”. Link
garden Escape game, costume visits for children

Nearby: Champigny-sur-Veude with a church from the late 15th century (stained glass)

8. Chinon fortress

Chinon is a royal fortress, not a castle; powerful walls and towers are included. Link
There are a few reconstructed medieval apartments inside (not so impressive compared to other castles). In addition, there is an archaeological collection and an exhibition of weapons. There are guns on display in the park. The guns are periodically shown in action, but there is no schedule for when.
For entertainment – a tablet with virtual interiors and information, treasure hunting, Escape game throughout the entire castle.

Old city. The city has a small art-historical museum Le Carroi, the chapelle Sainte-Radegonde church (12th century frescoes), and the Gothic church L’église Saint-Etienne (11th-15th centuries).

Rabelais Museum in Seuilly Link
mais maze Link

9. Mouth of the river Vienne


From “the most beautiful villages in France”. The Gothic church Collegiale Saint Martin was built on the site where Saint Martin died and is therefore a popular place of pilgrimage.
The local castle serves as a hotel, but also has a street art museum park (Link).


Another “most beautiful village”. In addition to the village itself, there are:
museum – mushroom farm (Link)
and the Chateau de Montsoreau castle (15th century) with a collection of modern art (Link).
The castle turned into ruins by the 20th century, so in itself it is only interesting from the outside. If the name seems familiar to you, then you are not mistaken: Dumas used the name for his novel.

Abbee Fontenvraud

One of the most famous abbeys, the burial place of kings (Henry 2, Richard the Lionheart). The Royal Abbey, rich and powerful, fell into decay by the 18th century. Napoleon built a prison in it, which it was until 1962. From it we draw conclusions about the interiors. What you can see from the outside is well presented in the video on the website of the abbey. Link
In addition to the church and cloister, you can visit the Museum of Modern Art.

Loire Valley map from Chinon to Angers

Loire Valley map from Chinon to Angers
enlarge Map data ©OpenTopoMap, ©OpenStreetMap

10. Les Trois Moutiers

Romantic ruins of the Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers castle. The castle is located on an island, surrounded by water. Only the walls have been preserved, and trees grow inside. Looks like Sleeping Beauty’s castle during her sleep. Link

Nearby is a water park Aqua Mundo Center Parcs Le Bois aux Daims. Link
Visit with a day ticket, which must be reserved online. The ticket includes:
– water park
– wild park and farm
– children’s playgrounds inside and outside
There are also other activities in the park (such as mini golf, rope course or pony rides). It is impossible to find out on the website what they charge (and whether they charge) additional money to the price of a day ticket.

Loudun – medieval city
Chateau de Ternay castle Link

11. Montreuil-Bellay

Old town
Montreuil-Bellay Castle was built in the 11th century. The underground passages, kitchen and central part belong to this period. The castle itself, as we see it now, was built in the 15th century. At the same time, the Collegiate Church was built nearby. Together they create a harmonious ensemble. The castle and church are located on a hill and are surrounded by a fortress wall. There is also a winery in the castle. Link

12. Chateau de Breze

Chateau de Breze castle was built during the 11th-19th centuries. Link
The main difference between Breze Castle and its counterparts is the extensive network of underground passages with a large underground bakery.
Interiors in neo-Gothic style.
A small farm and winery are a bonus.

13. Saumur

Saumur is known as the city of horses – it is home to the national military cavalry school (since the 18th century), the Cadre Noir dressage school, and several horse-related museums.

One of them (the horse museum) is located in the Chateau de Saumur castle. Since the 17th century, the castle has lost its significance as a palace, and under Napoleon it was completely turned into a prison. Therefore, instead of interiors, the castle presents several collections. There are ceramics, tapestries from the 15th century, archaeological finds etc.

Other museums are located not in the historical center, and some are even in neighboring villages, so check the location first.

cavalry museum Link
horse-drawn carriage collection – Collection Hippomobile de Saumur Link
motor museum Link
tank museum – one of the largest in the world Link
Dolmen de Bagneux – the largest in France Link

Further away:

Le Cadre Noir de Saumur – French dressage school. You can visit the stables on a guided tour, watch a regular morning performance or show Link

All three museums in one place:
Les Jardins du Puygirault gardens – collection of small original gardens Link
underground museum Pierre et Lumiere (stone and light) – models of Touraine landmarks Link
champignon museum Link

rope park Link

Chênehütte-Trèves-Cunault – “a city with character”, old church

On the opposite bank is Manoir de Launay. Not a very large palace, but nevertheless located in the royal domain. The estate was bought by the Duke of Anjou, Rene, who was briefly king of Naples. After his death it passed to the French kings. The premises feature interiors from the 14th and 15th centuries and ancient tools. Link

14. Doué-la-Fontaine

Doué-la-Fontaine – the main French city of roses, which is supported by at least three rose gardens and a corresponding festival. But its main attraction is the zoo.

Rose garden Terre de Rose Destillerie, small farm and rose water distillation Link
Large rose garden Les Chemins de la Rose in the form of a park Link

Bioparc Zoo Doué-la-Fontaine – an original zoo, reminiscent in design the zoo in Nuremberg – a stone quarry was also used there. Only in Biopark there is not gloomy red stone and forest, but local white and yellow tuff. Link

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15. Troglodyte settlements

There are many former and existing settlements of troglodytes (those who live in caves) in the region. Somewhere they are inhabited and you can see how people live now. Somewhere the caves are shown from a historical point of view. Some caves host installations or exhibit works by artists. But most caves are wine cellars.

Le village troglodytique de Rochemenier museum differs in that they will show you a whole “village” of troglodytes, and in different historical periods: in the Middle Ages, in the 19th century, in the 20th century. Link

Another small troglodyte museum nearby in Forges. Link

16. Château de Brissac castle

A powerful castle (about 200 rooms), which has been in the possession of the Dukes of Brissac for 500 years. Rich interiors with gilded ceilings and tapestries. Theater Belle Epoque. Underground stream Link

17. Angers

The main attraction of the city is the Angers castle – Chateau d’Angers with 17 towers (13th century, Link).
In turn, the main attraction of the castle is a series of 64 tapestries on the theme of the Apocalypse (Tenture de l’Apocalypse, 14th century, 100 meters by 4.5 meters). This is what remains of the original series, 140 meters long and 6 meters high. In addition to the tapestries and the castle itself, there is a garden and temporary exhibitions on offer.

The old town is small, since the city was completely rebuilt in the 19th century. In particular, you can see
the Cathedral of St. Mauritius (Romanesque and Gothic style, 11th-15th centuries, stained glass from the 13th century),
Church of St. Martin (Gothic, 11th century),
Maison d’Adam, Logis Pincé,
Palais du Tau (12th century).

The most interesting attraction in the region is Terra Botanica, a theme park dedicated to plants. Link
The program includes: a show, a butterfly house, playgrounds, an amber search, a hot air balloon ride, a rail over the park with bicycle gondolas, a 4D movie, a canal boat ride and other entertainment. Somewhere between the educational part is not forgotten.

Museums of Angers Link (common link for all museums):
art museum (Greuze, Fragonard, Watteau, Brugel the Elder, Tiepolo)
museum of Modern Tapestries (19th and 20th centuries)
Musée Pincé – Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Etruscan, Chinese collection.

Museum of headdresses and traditions – Château-Musée des Coiffes et des Traditions. 600 hats, caps and suits and a castle included Link or video Link
recreation on the water on the lake Lac de Maine Link
Château du Plessis-Bourré castle  Link

18. Maze-Milon

Château de Montgeoffroy – palace 18th century and corresponding interiors. Evening visit by candlelight Link

Loire Odyssée – educational center about Loire Link

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