Hallstatt old town – history and natural jewel

hallstatt old town / Hallstatt Sehenswürdigkeiten

Salt was mined here already in the 5th millennium BC. The wealth of the local population was based on salt, which traded with both the Baltic and the Mediterranean countries. An entire cultural era has been named for this small Hallstatt old town.

For me, the charm of Hallstatt is a combination of antiquity, beauty and the feeling of isolation from the whole world that arises there. However you can feel that, only if you accomodate in the town or come in the unpopular season. The region is worth a stopover for a at least few days (better 1 week). One-day exursion might be only disappointment – too short and soooo many people.

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Salzkammergut best places to visit map

Salzkammergut best places to visit

Salzkammergut best places to visit and a little around it – on the map. The lakes mainly offer relaxing, water activities and hiking / biking tours, and many horse farms. There are not many additional entertainments except natur.

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What to see in Gmunden

Traunsee Gmunden Sehenwürdigkeiten

Gmunden is located on the edge of the Salzkammergut. A little further – and already the mountains come to an end, industrial zones begin, highways intersect around Wels. But in Gmunden you still enjoy the mountain scenery.

Gmunden is suitable as a base for exploring the region around Traunsee, Bad Ischl. It’s not near to Hallstatt for day trip, although it is still possible. But for a real exploration of the mountainous part of the Salzkammergut, it is better to find an accomodation closer.

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Hallstatt Ostuferweg. Around the lake

Hallstatt Ostuferweg / Rund um Hallstättersee Ostuferweg

Hallstatt Ostuferweg is a popular hiking and cycling trail overlooking Hallstatt and Lake Hallstatt. There is also a hiking and cycling trail along the eastern bank of the Hallstattersee (where the railway runs). It is part of a long bike trail that goes to a nearby lake. In some places, it goes along footbridges above the water.

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Dachstein caves. Three different caves for every taste

Dachstein giant ice cave / Dachstein Rieseneishöhle

The karst mountains of the Dachstein and the massif opposite, called the Dead Mountains, are dotted with numerous and longest cave systems. In fact, 240 caves and cave systems have been discovered in the area and new ones are found every year. But three Dachstein caves are open to the public: ice, very large and “roaring” cave.

If you want to see two caves in one day and walk along the plateau, then plan for this all day and arrive early. But it is better to do it within two days.

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Dachstein attractions. Dachstein Krippenstein cable car

Dachstein attractions Five fingers / Dachstein Krippenstein Fünf Finger

Dachstein is a region around a mount Dachstein. Dachstein attractions include cable car system, rocky plateau Dachstein Krippenstein, observation point Five finger, three caves. All this are near Hallstatt, and that makes a region one of the best travel destinations in Austria.

We visit caves in the second post. In this post beautiful views of the lake and walk along the Dachstein Krippenstein glacial plateau.

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Salzkammergut Lakes

Wofgangsee Lake Salzkammergut Lakes

There are too many lakes in the Salzkammergut region. What to choose for holiday? In this topic, I will talk about most the large Salzkammergut lakes and some of the smaller ones. In addition, we will climb the Schafberg mountain on Lake Wolfgang and look at the region from above.

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Sounds of music filming locations in Salzburg and Salzkammergut


The film “Sound of music” has attracted many viewers almost 60 years with its sincerity, wonderful music and voices. But do not forget about the scenery that Salzburg and Salzkammergut served. The fairytale story lives in its own fairytale world. And it was not for nothing that the film had such a significant budget at that time.

I will tell you about Sounds of music filming locations, where the film was filmed. You can arrange yourself this tours without paying to tourist office or private guides. It is not difficult. And it is better for you, because you are independent then and can see also other sights nearby.

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