Baltic sea. Schleswig, Hedeby and Danevirke

Schleswig Hedeby Haithabu Danewerk Danevirke

Schleswig – settlement (or harbor according to other versions) on the Schlei (Sly). The location seems to be extremely advantageous: on the one hand, there is access to the sea, on the other, it is well protected. And the other sea is just a stone’s throw away. But the Sly Firth is not suitable for shipping, so Schleswig is more of a sleeping village rather than a large city.

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Baltic Sea. Kappeln, Eckernförde, Sly Firth and everything in between

Ostsee Baltic sea Schleswig-Holstein Kappeln Sly Firth Eckernförde Schlei

In this topic we will explore the Baltic Sea coast from Kappeln to Eckernförde and Sly Firth. The Baltic coast of Schleswig-Holstein is more interesting than the North Sea coast in terms of what to see. There are also more developed resorts here, as well as large cities and additional entertainment.

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Lübeck old town

Lübeck old town Lubeck / Lübeck Altstadt

Lübeck is a well-preserved Hanseatic city with an unusual layout. The central position in the Hansa provided him with wealth and prosperity. The feeling of prosperity has faded since then, but has not disappeared: the city now looks well-kept and very visited. It deserves a full day excursion – from nearby beach towns or from Hamburg.

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Tourist Attractions Schleswig Holstein map

Sights of northern Germany on the Schleswig Holstein map. Most of the attractions of this region are related to the beaches and nature. The North Sea and the Baltic Sea have their own different characters. But there are also old towns, open-air museums, interesting technical buildings here – everything for a relaxing and interesting vacation.

tourist attractions schleswig holstein map
enlarge Map data ©OpenStreetMap

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Travemünde – what to do


Travemünde has been began its history since the end of the 12th century and almost immediately fell under the control of Lübeck. It is still a district of the city, although it is located 14 kilometers from it. It is a ferry port, but not only. It has also been a seaside resort since the early 19th century. True, I would not call this resort pleasant and cozy.

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