Harz mountains. Wernigerode old town

Wernigerode old town / Wernigerode Altstadt

A 19th-century German writer called Wernigerode the colorful town on the Harz Mountains. And it really is. The old town has been renovated and it is very pleasant to walk around here. In my opinion, Wernigerode is the nicest town in the Harz Mountains.

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Harz. Around Wernigerode, stalactite caves

Not far from Wernigerode there are two large Rübeland stalactite caves. Let’s look, what else you can visit around Wernigerode. Read more about old centre of Wernigerode – colorful city of Harz – in the first part.

Wernigerode Old city
Harz. 5. Thale, children program
Harz. 4. Quedlinburg old town
Harz. 3. Goslar – what to see
Harz. 2. Brocken, Wurmberg
Harz map. Center and East – from Wernigerode to Tilleda

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Harz attractions map. From Wernigerode to Tilleda

We continue to explore the Harz attractions. There are two maps in this topic: the central part from Wernigerode to Nordhausen and the eastern part with Sangerhausen and Quedlinburg.

West Harz from Goslar to Göttingen.
Description of different cities – by #Harz.
Coast of Germany. Lower Saxony and Hamburg. What to visit
Luneburg Heath

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Harz. 2. Brocken, Wurmberg

Brocken steam train / Brocken Bahn

Harz is a wooded mountain massif, the highest in northern Germany. The origin of the name is connected with the Old German word meaning “wooded mountains”. Which is quite correct – the mountains are very wooded, covered mainly with firry forests. True, the forests have suffered greatly over the past five years. But foresters are hoping for self-recovery.

In this part about Brocken and the steam railway, as well as about the neighboring mountain Wurmberg.

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Harz. 4. Quedlinburg old town

Quedlinburg Altstadt / Quedlinburg old town

Quedlinburg has escaped the destruction of great wars and devastating fires. Its 1200 half-timbered houses from different eras await your cameras and your admiration.

The city is considered by many to be the most romantic of the Harz cities. We liked Wernigerode better, but only because that that year Quedlinburg was the most renovated of the Harz cities. Now, of course, you can see it in all its glory.

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Harz. 5. Thale, children program in Harz

Thale Harz

Thale is a town in the middle between Blankenburg and Quedlinburg, but closer to the mountains. It is located at the point where the Bode River leaves the narrow gorge to head for Quedlinburg.

You need to come to Thale not for city historical walks, but for outdoor recreation and sports entertainment. Depending on your plans, this could be a half day trip or a full day trip.

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