Harz. Around Wernigerode, stalactite caves

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Not far from Wernigerode there are two large Rübeland stalactite caves. Let’s look, what else you can visit around Wernigerode. Read more about old centre of Wernigerode – colorful city of Harz – in the first part.

Wernigerode Old city
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Harz. 4. Quedlinburg old town
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Harz. 2. Brocken, Wurmberg
Harz map. Center and East – from Wernigerode to Tilleda

Other attractions in the city

There are several off-center locations in the city that might interest you. It is difficult to reach them on foot from the centre, better to take a bus. If you have accomodation in the city, then bus is free.

1. Aviation Museum
More than 50 aircraft and many other exhibits. Unfortunately, we didn’t get there (buses and caves are to responsible, see below).

2. For the same reason, we did not get into the miniature park in Bürgerpark. In addition to miniatures, the Bürgerpark has ponds and playgrounds, a small zoo with pets, and themed gardens.

3. On the way to Rübeland, near the end of the village, there is a small Wildpark Christianental with the region’s animals (free).

4. The highly advertised Baumkuchenhaus (Baumkuchen – pastry dessert) is more of a cafe than anything else. You can watch the preparation only on Fri and Sat from 14.00 to 16.00.

5. The Brockenbad swimming pool at the Hasseröder Ferienpark family park.

There are quite a few thermal pools in the region, but the best of them are located on the south side of Harz. Of course, driving 1-1,5 hour in the other town for swimming is not very interesting, so even a small swimming pool in the city can be a pleasure. Especially if the entrance is free with the Harz card.

The pool is good, has a great slide. But there are several But:

  • it is quite small,
  • had a very uncomfortable changing room (not a single bench),
  • the toilet and shower are upstairs, downstairs, they are not near the pool (although there is a changing room for small children).
  • and the main disadvantage is that it was terribly slippery. We tested it on our own experience – it was a miracle that there was no broken legs, only a 20-minute visit to the doctor and a band-aid.

There is also an indoor playground in the same building.

All seesightings on the map.

Stalactite caves Rübeländer Tropfsteinhöhlen

How to get

It is not long to get to the caves by bus. But the bus runs rarely and it has a day break during the holidays. Excursions in the cave also have to wait (it took about 50 minutes, although the website said once every half hour). Therefore our trip stretched out for most of the day.

bus 258 from Wernigerode (30 min),
a combination of buses from Quedlinburg (1 h 10 – 1 h 40).

Bus 258 runs once an hour, in addition, it has a day break. Bus 265 runs a little more often, so it makes sense to take it to Elbingerode on the way back, from where it is easier to get to Wernigerode.

Caves of Rübeland

There are only few houses in the tiny village of Rübeland. But there are also two famous caves, Baumann and Hermann, and one mine open to the public.

It was difficult to go to both caves with small children, so we had to find out which one was more interesting. An employee in the tourist office unambiguously stated that the Baumann cave is better, so we didn’t bother with the choice any further and went to Baumann, especially since it is on the Harz Card list.

The caves are located 200 meters apart on opposite slopes of the valley. Photography is prohibited in the caves, so no pictures will be taken. You can only walk through the cave as part of an excursion, which lasts about 45-50 minutes.

The excursion was conducted by one person and it turned out that the next excursion had to wait a long time. The group had maximum number of people, and in most halls people were stuffed like herrings into a barrel.

Now for the pleasant. Should you visit this cave?

Baumann Cave (Baumannshöhle)

This is one of the most famous caves in Germany. It was discovered in the 17th century by a man named Baumann, who was looking for iron ore in the mountains. And already in 1646 excursions were organized. This is the first cave in the world, open to the public. Goethe admired her and repeatedly visited her – this alone serves her as a recommendation.

There are probably more interesting caves (I saw pictures from the south of France and they looked impressive). But this cave is also above average. There are many halls and corridors. Many stalagmites (Hall of Columns), fewer stalactites, but also enough. There is a stone waterfall, stone curtains and floodplains. There are no crystals at all – they are in the Hermann Cave.

The Baumann Cave regularly hosts theatrical performances, concerts and even weddings.

Hermann cave (Hermannshöhle)

This cave was discovered in 1866 by a worker, as you might guess, named Hermann. The main hall of the cave is the hall of crystals. Another feature of it is an underground lake, in which unique underground larvae are found.

Mine Büchenberg Schaubergwerk and other seesightings

The Büchenberg mine is located halfway from Rübeland to Elbingerode. You can drive up by buses 258, 265 or walk (20 minutes from Rübeland). Tours are held every two hours, duration 1.15-1.30 hours.

Not far from Rübeland (5 km, bus 265) there is also the highest dam in Germany, Rappbodetalsperre. Here is double “flying fox” (MegaZipline, www.harzdrenalin.de) 1 km long.

Further on by bus 265, and we find ourselves in the the town of Hasselfelde. True, it is better to go here by car in order to be able to return to the place of accomodation. There is a Pullman City amusement park dedicated to the Wild West. Fans of Indians and cowboys can feel here like at home, visit the gold mining camp, look into the wigwam and watch various themed shows (www.westernstadt-im-harz.de).

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All seesightings on the map.

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