Bibione resort. 1. Beach, how to get, public transport

Bibione resort is especially popular with the residents of Germany – it is inexpensive and easier to get to than to other resorts. After all, a nightmare road through Innsbruck, Fernpass and the Brenner Autobahn can enter the book of records for the number of time wasted in traffic jams and the number of irreversibly lost nerve cells. But the road through the A10 is still not so busy.

Bibione Resort

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Bibione. 2. Accomodation, shops, entertainment

Usually they rent in Italy weekly – from Saturday to Saturday. But Friday also sometimes possible, so by searching, I advise you to look also at the Friday-Friday option. This day is clearly more convenient.

Apartments and villas in Bibione are managed by a dozen agencies. Most of the agencies are located on the main street (number 2 on the plan). You have to check-in and take the keys there. There is a parking, but it was clearly designed for fewer cars. On Saturday it is really difficult to take the keys.

In the first part, read about roads and public transport, beaches and plus and minus of this resort in general. In the next part – about excursions outside the resort.
Friuli Venezia Giulia region. What to see
Around Venice and Lido di Jesolo. Map of attractions
Venice. 2. San Marco
Venice. 3. Grand Canal, around the city, regatta

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Cividale old town and Lombard temple

The small town of Cividale del Friuli is located east of the relatively large city of Udine, almost at the very border with Slovenia. Our favorite size – the effortless half-day hike. Time in the Cividale old town stopped somewhere in the Middle Ages, and once it was large and significant, the capital of the duchy, a fortified city founded by Julius Caesar himself (Forum Julius = Friuli) on the site of a Celtic settlement.

Cividale longobard temple

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Cividale bridge, Duomo place and palio


So, in the first part, we stopped in a wonderful small chapel of the Langobards. Now we go to famous Cividale bridge and to the center – it’s time for shooting competition.

The central square is fenced off with stands with seating and metal fences. Good seats in the stands or good standing positions should be taken half an hour before the start.

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Friuli Venezia Giulia region. What to see map

Friuli Venezia Giulia region map is useful for those who rest in Bibione, Grado and Trieste (or of course in other cities of the region).

Bibione is a kind of a resort for those who prefer not to get off the beach. The sights are quite far away, only exit to the highway costs up to half an hour’s drive. This is especially difficult on a hot day. Nevertheless, there are plenty of attractions for a couple of weeks of holiday.

There are public transport option from Bibione here.

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