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This post is about Bibione accommodation and entertainment, we look at the Bibione map and where to find the shops. In the first part, read about roads and public transport, beaches and the pros and cons of the resort as a whole.

In the first part, read about roads and public transport, beaches and plus and minus of this resort in general. In the next part – about excursions outside the resort.
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Bibione accomodation tipps

Apartments and villas in Bibione are managed by a dozen agencies. Most of the agencies are located on the main street (number 2 on the plan). You have to check-in and take the keys there. There is a parking, but it was clearly designed for fewer cars. On Saturday it is really difficult to take the keys.

Usually they rent in Italy weekly – from Saturday to Saturday. But Friday also sometimes possible, so by searching, I advise you to look also at the Friday-Friday option. This day is clearly more convenient.

Some of the apartments appear in Most of them however are rented out directly. There are websites where you can also rent an apartment (google – “appartamenti Bibione”). As a rule, there are all the same agencies, that you can see in Bibione on Corso del Sole.

On these sites, as well as on, the name of the agency is indicated. That is, you can look at the offers, for example, at the booking, then look at the website of a specific agency that rents this apartment. There is a chance that it will be possible to rent directly cheaper.

I saw some people who just came to the city, went to the agency and chose an apartment for themselves. But they were in the city not for the first time and without children.

Via Costellazioni – the central shopping street of the city (highlighted in purple).

The apartments from sea to via Costellazioni can be considered close to the beach, especially that to Corso Europa. In this zone, there are mainly hotels and multistorey buildings with rented apartments. Five-star hotels are concentrated near the thermal baths. Villas nestled between hotels and multistorey buildings.

Bibione map / Bibione karte
enlarge Tourist flyer

The apartments that is from Via Costellazioni to Via Orsa Maggiore (highlighted in pink) is relatively close. You can’t go to the beach in one swimsuit. Сarrying things and small children without stroller are also not very easy.

Anything beyond Via Orsa Maggiore is already far from the beach. By the time you get back from the beach, you will already be warming up. Therefore some of the more distant villas offer free bicycles.

Bibione Pineda differs in that there are even more pines than in the main part. More greenery and the proximity of the lagoon – on the one hand, protect from the sun, but on the other hand, mosquitoes and dampness are included. The western end of the island is occupied by camping.

Bibione accomodation

Bibione shops

There are a lot of supermarkets, although you can not find them immediately. So it is better to look for the closest one in Internet in advance. In the search, you need to type “Bibione Supermerchati” to get the most complete selection on the map.

Those that are closer to the sea and the main streets, respectively, and more expensive. The cheapest in Bibione is Winner (Via Cellina, 3, number 5 on the plan), also a good Eurospar (number 3 on the plan, on via Orsa Maggiore). I marked the shops that I saw with crosses on the map.

Absolutely worth visiting the Tuesday food market (number 4 on the plan). The market is huge, but most of it is clothes. The things they sell are the same as on the shopping street, only the prices are not indicated. So before diving into the rows, check prices on Monday so you know what to bargain for.

You can also buy household items. If you are not satisfied with the equipment in the apartment, take a look here.

The food market occupies a third of the row closest to the Luna park. At the end there are fish shops, which are open not only on Tuesdays (see the brochure for the schedule). The prices are more than humane. I especially liked the shop near the fish, where you can put vegetables / fruits in bags, and then they are weighed at the checkout. For 3.80 euros, I took away two large packages.

Large supermarkets are closer to the Autobahn.

Nearest – Coop (Via Antonio Gaspari, 71, Latisana)
In Portogruaro – Cadoro (Via Palazzine, 91, Portogruaro), apparently for locals, so they promise cheap prices
Behind the autobahn – Carrefour (Centro Commerciale Adriatico, Via Prati Guori, 29) – expensive, far away, but there is McDonald’s and a cheap gas station, as well as other shops and everything looks very beautiful and varied.

Household items

Since our child on the last day guessed to break the plate, I had to run in search of a replacement.

Everything is in euro and generally cheap household items and plates – Corso del Sole, not far from Zenith square. The same store is located in the very center (either Piazza Fountains, or Piazza Treviso).
On Tuesdays – at the market.
Equipment and tools, dishes, items for the garden – Casalinghi (Corso del Sole, 9).


If you can not live without an outlet on vacation in Italy, then the network recommends Outlet Palmanova.

Entertainments in Bibione

The main entertainments are:

  • bicycles rides
  • marching down the main shopping street at nightfall
  • walk to the lighthouse on foot or by bike
  • visiting Luna park
  • beach animation
  • boat trips to the lagoon and canals (more information can be found at the pier by the lagoon in Bibione Pineda). In most cases, one route is carried out on one day of the week, and not every day, so you need to find out at the beginning of the week.


Bicycles are available in all parts of the city. The price is the same everywhere – set by the city. But the quality is different, we felt it on ourselves.

If the first four-wheeled bicycle creaked, slowed down poorly, was wobbly, then the second was oiled, there was a rain film, a city map and the owner’s phone in it. The second place on the Maya street, next to Copernicus square (on the plan number 6). There is also an ice cream cafe with delicious ice cream.

Like bicycles, ice cream can be bought all over the city, but not everywhere it tastes good.

Cycle paths are marked on the plan – solid red line. They are best suited for four-wheeled bicycles. Where there is no line, there is no road either, the map does not lie.

Broken lines are routes for regular bicycles. Not necessarily mountain bike, as it is written there, but four-wheeled vehicles will not pass. And if they pass, they will regret it. So we regretted of our desire to get to the lighthouse 🙂

To ride the entire bike path along the beach, you need to take a four-wheeled bike for 2 hours (10 km, if you have not forgotten, the entire beach line, the road, of course, is less, but six kilometers will be).

For walks along the lagoon and pine forest, choose regular bicycles. The cost for a week was 35 euros, a child seat was free. For a day or 3 hours – 15 euros.

Amusement park

Luna Park is located in the center of the island, where the market takes place. It works mainly in the evening, until midnight, on a market day also in the afternoon from 10 to 12 ( Prices, as usual, are not indicated, but discounts can be printed from the site, discounts are also available at the end of the city brochure.

A small amusement park Rio Blu is located near the Winner store (indicated on the map).

Bibione (orientation, transport, beaches) – part 1, Bibione (what to visit) – part 3

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