Nuremberg Zoo (Tiergarten Nürnberg)

Nuremberg Zoo Nürnberg Zoo

The Nuremberg Zoo (Tiergarten Nürnberg) is one of the two remaining in Germany, where dolphins are kept (the second is in Duisburg). In Europe, the number of such zoos is steadily declining, as the discontent of ecologists grows. They believe that animals with such high intelligence cannot live in such a limited space together. They become too aggressive.

The dolphinarium has problems with the survival of newborn dolphins and the leakage of the new pool, and continues to be under constant criticism from ecologists. But for now, the zoo would like to keep the dolphinarium.

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Nuremberg old town

Nuremberg old town / Nürnberg Sehenswürdigkeiten

Nuremberg (Nürnberg) is a great intermediate point on the way somewhere. Here you can not only spend the night, but also see something, limit yourself to half a day or spend a couple of days. It is easy to find attractions in the area for a week. But for a long stay, I would choose another city for the accomodation.

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Dennenlohe. Rhododendron Garden


Germany has magnificent botanical gardens. And many of the front gardens delight the eye with their continuous flowering. But the garden as an art is a rare phenomenon here. Garden exhibitions (BuGa), which are supposed to show garden art, demonstrate much more gardening here. And there are certainly few large picturesque gardens.

One such phenomenon is the garden of Dennenlohe Palace.

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Franconian Switzerland. Pottenstein. Town

Franconian Switzerland Pottenstein / Fränkische Schweiz Pottenstein

Pottenstein is one of the central locations in Franconian Switzerland. The amount of entertainment around him is off scale. We visited the climbing forest, toboggan and coaster, stalactite Devil’s cave (see part 1). But I would love to wander the surrounding mountains. I have already noticed one bench on the mountain overlooking the valley. I hope it will wait for my return. This post is about the town itself and Tüchersfeld nearby.

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Franconian Switzerland. Pottenstein cave

Pottenstein cave / Teufelshöhle Pottenstein

Pottenstein cave is located in Franconian Switzerland. This is the region south of Bayreuth, towards Nuremberg There, limestone dominates with all the consequences, including whitened shoes and a floor in a car and chalk stripes on clothes. Rocks of the most bizarre shapes suddenly grow here and there. Limestone also means karst and stalactite caves. There are already three of them opened for public.

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Bayreuth. Sanspareil Rock garden

Bayreuth Sanspareil rock garden Wonsees / Bayreuth Felsengarten Sanspareil

We continue the story about the creations of the Wilhemina of Prussia. This time about the Sanspareil rock garden in Wonsees.

The area around the castle Zwernitz served as hunting grounds for the margraves. The name Sanspareil comes from the words of one of the court ladies about the new rock park (Felsengarten) – “This is something incomparable!” The lady spoke in French, and these French words Wilhemina used to rename the place.

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Bayreuth Eremitage

Bayreuth Eremitage

The summer residence Eremitage Wilhemina was presented by her husband. There was already a palace and a park in a style reminiscent of the English landscape garden. Wilhemina expanded the palace, added more buildings and turned the park into a mixture of English and Baroque styles.

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