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Last Updated on 14/05/2023

Pottenstein is one of the central locations in Franconian Switzerland. The amount of entertainment around him is off scale. We visited the climbing forest, toboggan and coaster, stalactite Devil’s cave (see part 1). But I would love to wander the surrounding mountains. I have already noticed one bench on the mountain overlooking the valley. I hope it will wait for my return. This post is about the town itself and Tüchersfeld nearby.

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Pottenstein is a small half-timbered town between the rocks. On the Internet you can find very picturesque views of it. But you must first find which hill to climb for those views. It’s not obvious from below.

What can you see in Pottenstein?


Castle …

main, almost the only street…


and even a brewery

View from the middle of the mountain where the castle is located. I suspect that this is the most unfortunate slope for photos. Based on the map, most of the town is hiding at the top of this hill.


Before returning back to Bayreuth along the local curves and narrow roads, we looked into another, even smaller village, Tüchersfeld. And all for the sake of one view. Here is a village with a couple of dozen houses. And a lot of rocks around.

And here is the view. The region’s museum is nestled at the cliff. They usually shoot from a different, more advantage angle, but you have to look for this place.

Next – map of the sights of the region.

Franconian Switzerland and Bayreuth belong to Castle Road (Burgenstrasse) – #burgenstrasse

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