Bayreuth Eremitage

Last Updated on 14/05/2023

The summer residence Eremitage Wilhemina was presented by her husband. There was already a palace and a park in a style reminiscent of the English landscape garden. Wilhemina expanded the palace, added more buildings and turned the park into a mixture of English and Baroque styles.

Bayreuth City
Then we go to the rocky park (Felsengarten) and Pottenstein.
See the map for other attractions in the region.
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How to get there

It is better to visit the Hermitage in sunny weather in the second half of the day. In the first half it is difficult to photograph palaces normally.
You can get there both by car (free parking) and by bus from the center of Bayreuth.

The complex occupies a whole hill next to Bayreut. The main palaces and orderly alleys are at the top. And a landscape park goes down, smoothly turning into a forest.

The official general plan.

Through the park

Next to the parking there is a long pond and shorn bushes and trees all around.

Longest alleys in both directions.

The park-forest goes down behind this house.

A chain of ponds is arranged in front of the New Palace. But it is still not visible from here, “hidden”, like all the buildings in the park. There are no such perspectives and through alleys as in classic baroque parks. Each group of buildings exists separately, in itself and is hidden from prying eyes. The park is in the full sense of the “Hermitage” – “a place of solitude.”

The withered tree is another victim of an elm fungal disease that has existed since antiquity and is spread by bark beetles. Another outbreak has taken place in recent years in Europe, which has closed some climbs parks. And parks, like the Hermitage, are forced to cut down the affected trees.

The old palace is like a heap of stones in the bushes.

An artificial rocky slide hides the driveway.


The Hermit’s Chapel was built after Wilhemina.

The cascade descends to the Red Main. It is one of the two sources of the Main, which here is nothing more than a small rivulet – almost a stream. Most of the fountains are turned on only in the form of a small stream of water or do not work at all. They are turned on once a month for a special fountain tour.

Old Palace – you can visit it with a guided tour.

Observation deck above the grotto next to the New Palace.

The new palace has a standard conservatory shape. The interiors were lost during the war due to a bomb hit.

Many fine details here and there: a chariot on the roof, a dragon, reliefs and statues.

Chinese gazebo on the hill.

Another small palace of Mon Repos.

Lower grotto and lodge for the margrave. “Hermitage in the Hermitage” is an even greater seclusion in an already secluded park.

Then we go to the rocky park (Felsengarten). See the map for other attractions in the region.

Bayreuth an Franconian Switzerland is included in the Castle Road, #burgenstrasse.

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