Lake Constance (Bodensee). 1. Lake Überlingen

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Lake Überlingen is the most interesting part of Lake Constance: picturesque hilly shores, many attractions from natural to cultural, from parks to castles. This part has towns Überlingen, Uhldingen, Bodman, island Mainau and at the end of the lake Überlingen Meersburg.

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Lake Überlingen


Überlingen is a fairly large city. It stretches along the lake, merging with the neighboring village of Nussdorf. Like Meersburg, it is located on a slope, but the climb is not as steep.

Überlingen is a very good option for accommodation. Firstly, convenient transport network: train, buses, ships to Meersburg, Konstanz, to the Mainau island, along Lake Überlingen, tourist bus routes to local attractions (Erlebnisbus) and to Sigmaringen.

A little history

Überlingen is an old town. The first settlements date back to the Stone Age (Hallstatt culture).

In the 1st century BC, the region fell under the rule of the Romans. The next were the Germanic tribes of the Franks and Goths.

Überlingen was the seat of the dukes. It was first mentioned in 770 under the name Iburinga. In the 12th century, the city acquired the rights of a market city. And in the 14th century – the rights of a free imperial city.

Until the 17th century (until the Thirty Years’ War), the city flourished thanks to the production of wine and the source of mineral water. The cathedral and city fortifications were built.
At the beginning of the 19th century, the city lost its autonomy and was incorporated into the Duchy of Baden.
In the 20th century, Überlingen became notorious – a passenger plane crashed in front of it due to a collision with another plane.

Überlingen Sightseeing

The city fortifications have been partially preserved. They run along the edge of a deep ravine.

Near the first tower from the lake, Gallerturm (16th century), there is a very nice city park with flowers and rare trees. You can start exploring the city just from the city park. Then go up to the Aufkircher Tor gate (early 19th century) and go down from them.

On the way there will be (map is below):

  • Jodokkapelle with 15th century frescoes,
  • Franziskanertor gate (1495),
  • Franciscan church (14-15th centuries, Baroque features were given in the 18th century),
  • Salmannsweiler Hof (city representation of a large Cistercian monastery in Salem, 16th century).
  • Finally, in the heart of the old city: St. Nicholas (14-16 centuries, the largest late Gothic building on the lake), the town hall (14-15 centuries), the Renaissance building of the city archive (the former city chancellery, 1600).
Lake Überlingen Überlingen sightseeing
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Susohaus (claiming to be the oldest house in southern Germany), the Rosenobelturm tower (17th century) and the city museum in a 15th century building in the Florentine Renaissance style will remain a little aside.

In the collection of the museum there are archaeological finds, paintings, furniture, interiors of the 17-18 centuries, etc. The museum’s website contains photographs of the rooms, thanks to which you can determine how interesting it is to you (

On the road along the lake towards Stockach in the suburb Goldbach.There is the Sylvester Kapelle – the oldest church in the region (8th century) with partly preserved frescoes from the 9-10th centuries.

Thermal pool in Überlingen is very good.

Around Überlingen

In addition to Konstanz, Meersburg and the island of Mainau

Lindau, Meersburg, Mainau Island, Konstanz

there are

  • the Pfahlbauten open-air museum, very gut playground and small, but interesting adventure golf in Unteruldingen,
  • Reptilienhaus, tractor museum in Uhldingen
  • the palace and the monkey zoo in Salem (all four are accessible via the Erlebnisbus),
  • Birnau church halfway to Überlingen (bus 7395),
  • Bodensee zoo near Überlingen.

See map of sights.

Church in Birnau is a very beautiful baroque church located on a hill above the lake. We recommend going there for a concert.


On the other side of the lake, between the villages of Wallhausen and Bodman, is the Marienschlucht gorge.

This very narrow picturesque gorge can be reached:
– on foot from Walhausen (bus 4 from Konstanz or a ship from Überlingen, then walk 45 minutes),
– from Bodman (ship from Überlingen, then walk 7 km),
– from the parking above (from Langenrain)
– and finally, the easiest way is from Überlingen by boat on the Bodman – Ludwigshafen – Sipplingen – Marienschlucht – Überlingen route. Read more on the website.

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Map of attractions,
photo reports – #bodensee.

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