Lake Constance family holidays

Last Updated on 08/01/2023

Lake Constance family holidays is one of the best family holidays in Germany. The best in this sense is the section around Überlingen and Meersburg to Friedrichshafen. There is so much entertainment there that you can’t visit it all in one vacation.

The Swiss side is less interesting and attractions are further from the shore. Moreover, there are steep slopes and more depth. But in the Rhine Delta, the lake is shallow, and it is great for swimming with children.

Public transport around Lake Constance
Tourist and guest cards of Lake Constance
Lake Constance family holidays
German side:
Lake Constance map of attractions
Meersburg attractions, Mainau Island of flowers
Lake Überlingen, Konstanz
What to see in Lindau
Austrian side:
Vorarlberg attractions. From Bregenz to Ischgl
Swiss side:
Rhine Delta Bodensee, Appenzell attractions
Swiss side of Lake Constance
Sankt-Gallen, Stein am Rhein, Rhine Falls

All regions have a cycling and pedestrian paved road along the lake. Playgrounds, generally good to great, are common.

How to get to attractions with public transport see Public transport around Lake Constance.


Lake Constance is filled with mountain rivers. Therefore, the summer must be really warm for the water to really warm up. However, the temperature is still higher than in many Austrian or Swiss lakes where people swim. In the Rhine Delta, the lake is shallow, and in the hot summer water had 26-28 degrees.

Small free beaches are quite common. There are also paid ones, with a choice of where to swim – in the lake or in the pool, slides and a children’s pool. But in them, oddly enough, it was colder than in the lake: approximately 22-23 degrees.

Some pools promise to heat the water, but when you read the details, you find that they heat up to a maximum of 23.

There are thermal pools in Konstanz, Meersburg and Überlingen. Thermae have also recently been opened in Lindau.
Regular pools come across from time to time. For example, the updated Schwaketenbad in Konstanz with additional entertainment for children and the swimming pool in Friedrichshafen.

Lake Constance family holidays – near to Konstanz

I remind you that all attractions, not only children’s, are indicated on the map of Lake Constance.

Mainau Island

Mainau Island will be interesting not only for its flowers, but also for its extensive playground. There is a very large sandbox, slides, a playground with water, climbing equipment. You can also look at the trains running along the rails (if the trains do not run, throw a coin into the machine). Do not forget to set aside an hour in your schedule for the child to play enough, or try to bypass this children’s paradise.

On the shore opposite the new Kletterwald (Link). In addition to climbing, there is also archery.

More about Mainau Island

Allensbach leasure park

Another paradise for children 3-12 years old is Wild- und Freizeitpark Allensbach. You need to get there by bus 8 from Radolfzell or Markelfingen. It is recommended to avoid weekends and vacations to visit this park. Local residents are happy to go here in large companies for a picnic.

The park has two parts. The first is a large playground with slides, climbing frames, trampolines, and cars. For some rides you need to pay extra. For example, for the opportunity to work on an excavator or ride a horse.

Once every half hour, a locomotive leaves. It drives past the boar and bear paddocks, where it stops and the driver comments. The bear enclosure is a huge ground located on a very steep slope. The locomotive driver is a real enthusiast. To show his signature trick – bears standing on their hind legs – he runs upstairs after the bear every time, luring him with apples. One gets the feeling that the bear goes upstairs on purpose to give herself the pleasure of looking at the machinist tortured by the ascent. Extensive corrals are not only for bears, but also for wild boars, various species of ungulates. Deer walk freely and can be fed. A bird of prey show is offered as additional entertainment.


Teenagers in Singen will be interested in the Hohentwiel fortress.

Not far from Singen there are indoor playground (Tropilua in Hilzingen Those who have a car during their holiday can easily spend a rainy day there .

Swiss side

From Konstanz, you can also go to the Connyland leasure park.

In Neuhausen (part of Schaffhausen), next to the Rhine Falls, there is a model railway and a rope park.

Near Meersburg and Überlingen


Explore with older children the castle in Meersburg.


Houses on stilts in Unteruhldingen (reconstruction of ancient dwellings) – in the UNESCO list.

Next to the Museum of Prehistoric Houses, there is a wonderful playground, even better ice cream and the Bodensee AdventureGolf (small but interesting).

A little further from the coast is a tractor museum and a reptile house. The latter is located near the parking lot – you can’t park in the city, everyone parks at the exit. It is not far to go to the shore, but those who are not able can take a mini train.

Lake Constance family holidays

Zoos around Überlingen

With smaller children it will be perfect to go to Haustierhof Reutemühle, or, as it is also called in the flyers, Bodensee Zoo. It only half justifies its name Haustierhof (farm with domestic animals) – domestic animals are generously mixed with wild ones, and you will not find some domesticated ones on European farms.

The zoo is not very big. But the concentration of animals is quite dense and you can easily spend two hours on it. Presented: a variety of goats, geese, rabbits, rams, horses, very unusual breeds of chickens, nutria, guinea pigs … And also: beautiful unusual parrots, peacocks, pheasants, squirrels (European and exotic), a whole flock of chipmunks, armadillos, skunk, camels, kangaroos, llamas, deer, meerkats, mongooses …

Another unusual zoo is the monkey park in Affenberg Salem. More than two hundred Magot monkeys (Gibraltar macaques) roam freely in the park. They can be fed with free popcorn (and only that!).

You can see photos from second monkey park of this company in Selestat.

Near the monkey park there is a swimming lake with entertainment.

Near Friedrichshafen

Immenstaad – adventure golf near the coast, rope park further from the coast.

Mainly for boys, the Dornier Museum in Friedrichshafen may be of interest. The exposition includes airplanes and aircraft models, space satellites. Also nearby Zippelin Museum.

Ravensburger Spieleland

A large leasure park with different types of attractions – from ordinary playgrounds to high-speed roller coaster. If the visit is planned for the peak season, you can use the free service on the site – get a ticket for the most popular attractions with a time, which will avoid the queue. The best age to visit is approximately 6 to 13 years old. Located between Ravensburg and Friedrichshafen. You can get there by bus from these cities.

A bad weather option: The Lufti indoor playground is also there, next to Ravensburger Spieleland. A standard set for such establishments: slides, trampolines, climbing mazes, cars, table hockey, a playground for kids, etc.

Near Lindau

The closer to Austria, the number of attractions decreases, as well as the number of children’s entertainment.

The rope park in Kressbronn can be noted (Link)
Away from the lake Wildpark Sonnenhalde (Link) and two labyrinths in corn (link).

A range of activities around Scheidegg (not by the lake): rope park, including Niederseilpark (by the ground), treetop path, football golf, pony farm.

Swiss side

In Switzerland, the main entertainment is associated mainly with farms and a few museums.

All attractions with links you find on the maps:
Swiss side of Lake Constance

For older children, the Heldsberg bunker fortress in St. Margrethen can be interesting.

Next to St. Gallen is Säntis-park, where there is both a rope park and a thermal pool with slides. On the other side of the mountain Wildpark Peter und Paul.

The Maestrani chocolate factory in Flawil may be of interest to those who have never been to such factories. For the rest, I recommend trying chocolate before going to the factory. If you don’t like it, then you can skip it, you won’t see anything really new.

Technic Museums are in:

  • Dornbirn (Rolls-Royces)
  • Rheineck (small, FFA aircraft and vehicles)
  • Arbon (Sauer trucks)
  • Romanshorn (bigger museum, different cars)

Two zoos also deserve mention: Gossau and Frauenfeld and Connyland amusement park.

But the most valuable sight of this side of the lake is located relativ far in Winterthur – it is a science museum.

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