Lake Constance. Mainau Island of flowers

Last Updated on 08/01/2023

Mainau Island of flowers is a must see from late April to May and a good park for the rest of the time.

Photos of the three visits: the beginning of the tulip bloom, towards the end of the tulip bloom and in August.

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How to get to Mainau island

Mainau Insel is close to Meersburg (15 minutes by boat) and Konstanz. Überlingen is also not too far. You can get there by boat – from anywhere on the lake where there is a pier, in most cases with a transfer in Meersburg.

About Konstanz, Meersburg and Überlingen.

Or from the opposite bank – the island is connected to it by a dam. For example, you can take a ferry from Meersburg to cross the lake and from there take a bike or a bus (No. 4). It’s cheaper, and besides, you don’t have to come back on a crowded ship. There are so many people going in the opposite direction that there isn’t enough seating, not to mention a pleasant boat ride with views of the lake and banks and a breeze on your face.

In 1853 the Grand Duke of Baden, Friedrich 1, bought Mainau as a summer residence and built a park on the island. In 1881 his daughter Victoria von Baden married the Swedish Prince Gustav. In 1932, Count Lannart Bernadotte, Frederick I’s great-grandson, received the island from his father, Prince Wilhelm of Sweden, and turned it into an island of flowers. The island still belongs to the younger branch of the Swedish royal family. But of course you are not allowed to enter the private half.

Mainau island of flowers – millions of tulips

In addition to tulip fields, a greenhouse with orchids, a butterfly house and a playground deserve attention.

Greenhouse with orchids

A greenhouse with orchids differs from others in the amount of orchids and their variety. Without the cafe you would think you are in the jungle.

Butterfly house

Other places and Mainau island in sommer

In the second half of the summer the island will not appear particularly outstanding, especially after a good botanical garden like Munich or Wilhelma. There is a good collection of roses here, autumn flowers are planted in August. The butterfly house is interesting, but the impression is spoiled by the endless stream of people.

The cascade looks different depending on the season, but the slope next to it is always the same.

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