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Last Updated on 15/04/2023

The zoo-botanical garden, unique in Germany, was built in Stuttgart in the middle of the 19th century for King William (Wilhelm) 1 of Württemberg. Therefore the name Wilhelma. About 9000 thousand animals are represented. Greenhouses are open to the public: among the most important are collections of orchids, magnolias (March), camellias (winter).

It would seem that over the years we have studied Wilhelma inside and out. And nevertheless, each visit brings at least small, but discoveries.

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Wilhelma is a large park. It will take 3 hours to examine it at a fast pace. As it turned out, it also takes time to talk about it, so the topic was divided into botanical and zoological parts.

Wilhelma has been undergoing a global restructuring in recent years. A large complex for chimpanzees and gorillas was built, a pool for sea lions was renovated, and playgrounds were completely renovated. At the beginning of the renovation, there are now old pavilions for anthropoids and a aviary for bears.

At the end of the topic is a map with my favorite highlights.

How to get to Wilhelma

It is more convenient to explore the park if you come by train to the Nordbahnhof stop. However, the park itself is more difficult to find from this stop. In fact, if you look at the map in advance, it is not difficult: all the time in a straight line along the road. But the map should be looked at, since there are no pointers.

From the Nordbahnhof stop, you can walk from top to bottom. The park is on the steep hill.
From the city center, you can also take the U14. Its stop is in front of the main entrance below. There is also a parking.

The parking lot at the main entrance has the same daily price and is quite convenient. If it is busy, use the Mahle parking lot on weekends.

Note the ban on diesel cars in Stuttgart (plaque 5 or worse). Alternative parking is minimal, a system for changing to public transport has not been created, and the number of lines and buses has not been increased.

Camellia collection

When you see a camellia from a distance, it does not make any impression, even in full bloom. But when you look at her flowers, you understand that they are perfect. This is a grand lady among flowers: lush, stylish, well-groomed, petal to petal.

Wilhelma magnolia blossom

The favorite period of many visitors to Wilhelma: the blossoming of the magnolia garden. An old cozy garden, on one side of which there is a wall of an aquarium with a gallery, on the other – a slope. It is pleasant to sit here at any time of the year, but March is a special time.

Be sure to check out the Whispering Gallery next to the main entrance to the aquarium.

Stuttgart Wilhelma

Orchid collection

Orchids are found in the main conservatory at the main entrance.

Collection of rhododendrons and azaleas (May)

Not so impressive as in Dennelohe and München, but also good.

Other flowers in spring

Summer plants

The hit of the summer is the Amazonian lily Victoria, which blooms in the second half of July – August in the magnolia garden. In the central pond of the garden, not only Victoria, but also other lilies and lotuses around the edges.

Almost Monet


Each Victoria flower blooms for only 2-3 days, in the intervals between them going under the water and changing color from white to pink and crimson each time. This is clearly a second day flower

Fuchsias are exhibited in the long gallery, where camellias and rhododendrons reign in winter and spring.

Cacti also bloom in June-July.

Few other summer flowers.

Araucaria are the oldest trees. They can live up to 2 thousand years.

Wilhelma’s map and animals in the second part.
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