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Last Updated on 08/03/2023

Sahlenburg is a tourist village, a bit away from Cuxhaven in the direction of Bremerhaven. It did not extend along the sea, but perpendicular to it. Even in the high season it is easier to find accommodation here, there is also a large camping. This area is “pure nature”: clean beach, pine forest, moorland. As well as its outdoor pool, several riding stables and a rope park.

From here it is only about 10 km to the island of Neuwerk (on foot or by carriage).

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Sahlenburg is ideal with children, for a very relaxing holiday or for a riding holiday. Where else can you ride at full speed without worrying about roads, pedestrians or cars ?! All that remains is to learn to ride, but I think that with learning they can help here too.

There is a bus to Cuxhaven (7 km along the coast to Kugelbake), from Duhnen – a small train on wheels along the coast.

From Duhnen to Sahlenburg there is a strip of reeds, apparently a nature reserve. Sahlenburg has sand again and the best water in Cuxhaven. There is no silt strip, no jellyfish.

By bike to Sahlenburg

The last two days at sea we decided to use good weather and we borrowed four bikes. It costs as much as just one bike or two in other places. Excellent, almost flat path after our mountains is just a pleasure, although there are a bit too many bikes on the way there. The only disadvantage is that in the North Sea you can burn in the sun as imperceptibly as in the mountains, although not as painfully.

We walked along the excellent beach, envied the numerous riders who rode with full power on the Watt, met the carriages from the island of Neuwerk. We discovered a fairly large pine forest, an organic farm with milk and other products, and heather, although not as large and flower-rich as in Schneverdingen.

Heath and viewing platform between Duhnen and Sahlenburg

From the viewing platform in front of Sahlenburg.

One saw how carts were pulled one after the other onto the island, riders raced on the Watt. An off-road vehicle also drove at breakneck speed directly over a Watt from Duhnen to the wagons, did something there and hurried back. We assumed the wheel was broken.

There is a small heather next to the viewing platform.

Sahlenburg beach

These have already ridden enough.

And these are still riding.

The carriages are coming back. You can see also a number of carriages stretching out towards Duhnen (pimple points on the horizon).

There are also lots of crabs and still lots of fry here.

A disturbed crab runs in a circle into its hole. Unpleasant-looking worm heaps (many of which can be seen in the photos) are not worms, but piles of sand that they have left behind and are hiding in the depths.

The tide has not yet started, but there is a constant strip of water near Neuwerk Strasse.

And here is the road itself, trampled by wheels and hooves.

The tide and the seagulls came in a couple of hours.

Seagulls have long passed the shore with the tide.

Another heather

And finally a heather that is not by the sea, but a little further away (marked on the map with the word “Heide”, on Google it is called Cuxhaven Küstenheide, 2.5 km from Sahlenburg, 7 km from Kugelbake). There aren’t that many hiking trails, the heather doesn’t cover the ground as thickly as in the Lüneburg Heath, and the dimensions aren’t that endless, but it’s good to walk and meet Polish tarpan-like horses (they’re called Konik) as well as bison. They graze in the fenced area.

No animals were found inside the fence. Koniks walked today elsewhere.

That’s all with Cuxhaven und we go futher to towns and sights around.

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