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In the previous topic, it was said about what is to the right of Kugelbake, now let’s go left – to Döse and Duhnen. The Elbe already ends here, this is the coast of the North Sea.

And the further we move from the center and the Elbe, the watt is more pleasant, the water is cleaner, the coast is not so littered with algae, bird feathers and small jellyfish. Apparently, the proximity of the fairway near Kugelbake allows all these pieces to get to the coast.

See the map in the Cuxhaven Centre.
Cuxhaven Sahlenburg,
Attractions. Schleswig-Holstein. Map
You can find a map of the attractions of the Lower Saxony coast here.

The beach is sand everywhere. There is a silt strip 10 meters from the shore. Its depth and width are not the same, so you can find a convenient place to go.

For those who want to plunge into the water deeper than knee-deep, open pools are periodically found along the coast.


Döse is the district that is located on the very cape. There are many large inexpensive hotels and apartments here. A small forest separates the houses from the beach. Everything is very quiet and peaceful.

There are no streets of tourist shops. You also need to look out for restaurants in advance on the Internet, since you can walk for a long time and not meet a single one.

Fat rabbits live both around residential complexes and on a dam by the sea. The dam, by the way, is not in vain: it marked the places where the water reached in some years, and a couple of times it was very high.

Near Kugelbake there is a military fort, which is rarely visited with an excursion, and a small park with regular concerts and a very small free zoo.

Kugelbake is the best point for observing large ships: they pass very close here. The city’s website indicates online what is going on. Cruise ships are of the greatest interest, and they usually run on Saturday at high tide, as cruises in the region run from Saturday to Saturday.

The beach at Kugelbake in bad weather. Water is still warmer than air: 19 to 17.


Cuxhaven Döse Kugelbacke

Hunting for crabs is a separate pleasure (don’t worry, not a single crab was hurt). Usually they sit in a funnel, and at the top you can see only a lid like a flat shell.

If you dig them up, then they quickly bury themselves back, if you get them and put them on the sand, then they raise their claws and go in a circle. Large crabs do this in a very menacing manner. Once, three crabs attacked my bare leg at once. It became scary.

A disturbed crab tries to escape …

… or goes on the defensive.

Seagulls are looking for those who did not have time to hide with the onset of ebb or flow and follow the wave.


Duhnen is purely tourist. There are no forest and road separating hotels from the sea, but there are a lot of tourists, all kinds of shops and eateries. Döse, by contrast, looks more like a tourist sleeping area.

In Duhnen there is a adventure minigolf (very good) and the Ahoy thermal pool. The latter is criticized mainly for very slippery floors, insufficient cleanliness and too salty water.

Carriages also leave from Duhnen to Neuwerk Island.

One of the most important events of the year, the Duhner Wattrennen, is held in August in Duhnen. We left just the day before the races. It was impossible to find accommodation for the weekend.

Beach bei Duhnen

Cuxhaven Duhnen Strand

The tide. It comes quickly. But there is still no depth, except that the jeans need to be rolled up higher.

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