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Last Updated on 26/04/2023

In France, there is a special website that lists all available gardens and parks, down to the smallest amateur ones. It can be difficult to assess the level of the garden there. In Germany, there is no such site, and finding gardens and parks is not so easy: gardening farms will come up with a search.

In this topic I collect German gardens, parks and flower fields that I know. Gardens at palaces, if they are important as an independent unit, are also indicated.

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Most visited by me parks and gardens have two ratings: during the main flowering and in other months. Accordingly, 5/5* will mean that the park is worth a visit at any time, and 5/1* – that the park should be visited only during the main flowering period, which is indicated. 5 and 4 – international level, respectively, the smaller, the more local. The question mark means that I know about the park, but I haven’t been there, so I can’t evaluate it (yellow on the map, unlike the green ones visited and the blue ones suggested).

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South Germany gardens

Parks and gardens in Germany map
enlarge Map data ©OpenStreetMap



Wilhelma zoobotanical garden (www.wilhelma.de). In the top all year round: late March-April – magnolia garden, July-early August – Victoria lily, lotus, winter – camellias. Not to mention a big zoo.

Wilhelma – Flowers.
Wilhelma – Animals

Another botanical garden in Stuttgart – in Hohenheim.

Stuttgart parks


5/4 *
Park “Blühendes Barock” (www.blueba.de)

Best time: golden autumn (pumpkin competition). Also good in spring.
Especially interesting from a botanical point of view: a Japanese garden with an exhibition of bonsai.
Additional entertainment: fairy tale garden, events like musical fireworks.

Favorit Park is opposite: an ordinary park with one long-long allee, but with deer.

Read more about Ludwigsburg

Deutschlands parks und Gärten / Parks and gardens in Germany
Park Favorite


? (April – Kirschblüte)
Lots of cherry trees in the valley

Bad Überkingen

4* (March) / 0
Mass flowering of Märzenbercher – white flowers (looks like a snowdrop) (link trail)



The garden is defined as the only terraced garden of the late Renaissance in Germany. What should mean flowerbeds organized in various forms, creating a certain rhythmic pattern, with flowers, small bushes, medicinal plants, citrus fruits. There is such a large garden in Villandry in France.

In March there are 16 cherry blossoms in the garden.

Read more about Villandry


3* (April)
The small town advertises itself as a flower paradise and promises fields of tulips in the spring. There are tulips, but not so many yet for this city to become a destination of full value.


5* March / 4*
Best time: March (sakura garden), May (www.schloss-schwetzingen.de – link to the cherry blossom barometer). The rest of the time it’s just a very nice park with beautiful pavilions and ponds.

Read more about Schwetzingen


4* (May) / 2*

Leisure park uniting the park, thematic gardens, small aviaries with birds or turtles and leisure activities such as boating, maze or playgrounds. Its main drawback for city guests is its too high price. That is, tourists should go there only if they really have free time (and the region is too interesting, so it is unlikely to be) and if this is the maximum season, which usually happens in May. Residents can buy an annual cheap card.


Botanical garden (botgart.cos.uni-heidelberg.de). Very small in size and intended, apparently, mainly for students. The main interest for visitors are the greenhouses.


5* (May) / 3*
Schau- und Sichtungsgarten Hermannshof (sichtungsgarten-hermannshof.de/)
The park looks good from photos at different times of the year. In mid-May, the hit is the flowering of the alley of wisteria

Read more about Weinheim.


Palace and baroque garden (www.schloss-bruchsal.de). From the comments: park is uninteresting, the palace is good.


Botanical garden at the palace. Tiny botanical garden with a small greenhouse. Around the old park, where the townspeople rest. For children, a special attraction is a train going around the park. In addition, Karlsruhe has a good zoo, which also has a botanical section.

The neighboring city of Ettlingen can be interesting as an old town and a small Gatschina-park with a labyrinth can be added to the visit.


Collection of rhododendrons Jansen (rhododendronpark-jansen.de). Flowering time of rhododendrons: the second half of May – the beginning of June.


5* June
Rosenneuheitengаrten. Roses usually bloom the most in June, but in smaller numbers until August

Read more about Rose garden in Baden-Baden.


? (April)
Lots of cherry trees, making the small town look completely white from above.


Beautiful city park (by photos)

Bad Zavelstein

5 March /1*
Field of crocuses (www.teinachtal.de – current state of bloom).

Read more about Zavelstein


Rosenduftgarten. Rose Village in a out-o-the-way corner of the Black Forest. Estimated high season June.

Reichenau Insel

Natur park Wollmatinger Ried – iris fields (map).

Island Mainau

5 April – May /3*
Best time: April/May – tulips, rhododendrons (www.mainau.de). The rest of the time, the average botanical garden (overpriced and overcrowded). Additional entertainment: butterfly house, large playground.

Read more about Mainau



Lindauer Dahlienschau (link). Dahlias garden. Flowering from mid-August to mid-September


Botanical Garden: May – rhododendrons, in summer – lilies, June – alpine garden. Relatively small but very high quality botanical garden. An additional important bonus is the Nymphenburg park nearby (the park is an ordinary forest, but the pavilions are interesting (www.botmuc.de).

Read more about Nymphenburg und botanical garden.


Botanical garden

Franconian lakes

Garden Dennenlohe (www.dennenlohe.de). May / early June – rhododendrons. A beautiful creative garden and park – rare in Germany.

Read more about Dennenlohe Gardens

Märzenbecherwald (spring snowflackes) nearby Ettenstatt.

Schloss Ellingen the garden at the baroque palace at the end of March is strewn with Scilla.


Flowers park Dehner. Garden shop park. Seasonal flowers are planted + sculptures.

Würzburg Veitshöchheim

Veitshöchheim (link). Rococo garden with scultures. Additional bonus – boat from Würzburg.

Read about Veitshöchheim.

Bayreuth and around

Bayreuth – Fantasy Park, Eremitage Park and Palace (baroque park, pavilions). The parks themselves are not so valuable, but in combination with palaces and pavilions, they are very worth visiting.

Read more about Eremitage Park

rock garden Sanspareil and castle Zwernitz in Wonsees
An original park that combines forest and huge rocks. The rocks do not roll on their own, but are included in the composition of the park.

Read more about Sanspareil.

Botanical garden in Bayreuth


Magnolia garden Magnolienhain

Parks and Gardens in Germany map
enlarge Map data ©OpenStreetMap

Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland

From Bad Dürkheim to Bad Bergzabern

3* March /1*
Almond road (Mandelpfad) (link). Season – March (possibly February – depending from year).


Japan Garden (http://www.japanischergarten.de). From the comments: average.


Botanical garden. Ritterstraße – cherry blossom.


Rose garden, rosehip garden.


Wild orchids, many varieties. Flowering time May-June.


Freizeitzentrum (https://www.regionneunkirchen.de/finkenrech/). Themed gardens.


wild daffodils in the national park Hunsrück (Trauntal Höhenweg).



Palmengarten – botanical garden (www.palmengarten.de). A very good botanical garden, although not of the same level as other top ones, but still very pleasant to take a walk. The most valuable are very large greenhouses. An additional bonus for children is a train in the park.

Read more about Palmengarten.


Rose town

Bad Homburg

Kurpark – created by Lenne.

Bad Nauheim, Steinfurt


Rose village Steinfurt


Park Rosenhöhe. Rosary, pavilions.


Park Fürstenlager


? (end of April – beginning of May)
Klostergarten – a lot of tulips


Palace parks


The oldest botanical garden in Germany.


Sinntal (Obersinn). Meadows with purple snake’s head fritillary (Schachbrett Blume, flowering time – April-May).


Wilhelmshöhe park. The best time is May-June (flowering of rhododendrons and roses), but due to palaces and fountains (turned on twice a week), the park does not lose its attractiveness in other months. More details on a separate page.

Read about Wilhelmshöhe park.


Cheddar pink or clove pink bloom (Pfingstnelke, late May – mid June).


Fields of poppies from the second half of June (https://www.mohnbluetefrauholle.land/).

North Rhine – Westphalia


Botanical garden (http://www.botgart.uni-bonn.de)
Sakura alley on city streets.


Botanical garden (http://www.boga.ruhr-uni-bochum.de)


Grugapark – botanical garden, animals and other entertainment (http://www.grugapark.de).


Botanical garden

Eiffel National Park

wild daffodils south of Monschau (Olef, Perlenbach, Fuhrtsbach and other villages).

Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony, Thuringia

Bad Langensalza

Small theme parks and a botanical garden in a resort town.


Egapark – the territory of the former garden exhibition complex, with thematic gardens, a greenhouse.


A number of parks included in the “Classic Weimar” complex


Very small botanical garden in Dresden’s Great Park.

Dresden attractions

Pillnitz park (https://www.schlosspillnitz.de/de/startseite/). A park with two palaces containing museums and a small greenhouse with a camellia.


Botanical garden (https://www.bota.uni-leipzig.de/start/)


Botanical garden (http://www.fv-boga-chemnitz.de/).


Schloss und Park Lichtenwalde


European rose garden (https://europa-rosarium.de/). Full season in mid June.

Read more about European rose garden in Sangerhausen


Gartenreich Dessau-Wörlitz. A number of English-style parks and palaces along the Elbe. The complex is included in the UNESCO list.

Bad Muskau

Fürst Pückler Park (https://www.muskauer-park.de/). Landscape park on the UNESCO list.

German gardens and parks map
enlarge Map data ©OpenStreetMap

Lower Saxony, Hamburg, Bremen


5 (May) / ?2*
Botanical garden and greenhouse Botanika (https://www.botanika-bremen.de). The botanical garden is interesting mainly for rhododendrons, of which it has a large collection (flowering – May), but otherwise it is rather weak. I was not in the greenhouse (from the comment: and it’s not worth it).

Bremen itself is a very green city, the green ring around the center is a pleasant place to walk.

Read more about Bremen.


Park Planten un Blomen (https://plantenunblomen.hamburg.de/): themed gardens, greenhouse, entertainment.

Orchards along the Elbe to the Stade. bloom barometer

Lüneburg Heath

5* (August ) / 2*
Schneverdingen and other towns of the Lüneburg Heath, Fischbeker Heide – heather blossoms in August.

Read more about Schneverdingen.


Botanical Garden. Top in May – a lot of rhododendrons. Also a strong collection of orchids. Additional entertainment: Sea Life Aquarium nearby.

Park Herrenhäuser. Baroque park. In my opinion, baroque parks are generally a specific thing, but there are few worthy exceptions. This park does not belong to them and is interesting only as an addition to the botanical garden.
The gardens are opposite each other (https://www.hannover.de/Herrenhausen).

Read more about Botanical Garden Hannover and Herrenhäuser Garden.


Park der Sinne


Märzenbecherwald Schweineberg. Blooming spring snowflake (Märzenbecher)


Botanical Garden. From comments: local park.



Westerstede – Rhododendron park Hobbie link
Wiefelstede – Rhododendron park Grinstede link

Bad Zwischenahn

Park of gardens (www.park-der-gaerten.de). A park consisting of small themed “model” gardens.


Blumenreich link

Bad Nenndorf

Spa park with an alley of very rare dwarf beeches.


Jakobsberg Leberblümchen (liverwort bloom, March).

Berlin, Brandenburg


Botanical Garden. Season: spring, early summer. Advantages – an extensive garden of alpine plants and a large greenhouse. Link

? 5*
Gardens of the world in Marzan park. Theme gardens, including Japanese, Chinese, Italian renaissance. Link

? 5*
Britzer Park. Annual exhibition of tulips.


Potsdam Palace and Park Complex. Potsdam’s parks themselves, as an independent unit, are not so interesting, they are of value only in combination with palaces and pavilions. Sanssouci is the most interesting, the rest are average.

Read more about Sanssouci Part 1
Part 2 New Palace
Part 3 New Garden

Tropical greenhouse (https://www.biosphaere-potsdam.de/). The price-quality ratio is very poor. At a different price, the rating could have been a little higher. I have visited the more interessanter tropical greenhouses.

Werder an der Havel

Blooming orchards

Frankfurt an der Oder

Oderhänge Mallnow – flowering adonis (March – April).

Mecklenburg – Vorpommern, Schleswig-Holstein


Park Ellerhoop Arboretum (http://www.norddeutsche-gartenschau.de).


Palace Husum, lots of crocuses in spring (link).


Botanical Garden (http://www.botanischer-garten.uni-kiel.de/de)


Rhododendron park (https://www.graal-mueritz.de/rhododendronpark.php)


Botanical garden (https://www.garten.uni-rostock.de/)


Botanical Garden


Botanical garden Christiansberg (http://www.botanischer-garten-christiansberg.de)

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