Baden-Baden rose garden

Last Updated on 06/10/2023

Baden-Baden rose garden is called Rosenneuheitengarten – that is, rose’s novelties.

There is a garden above the Kurpark – straight from the Kurpark along the street, a rather steep climb. It is very difficult to get there by car along some strange narrow road. There is probably some more “human” road there, but newcomers to this city will have a lot of emotions trying to get to the garden and parks. You can park along the street near the garden, although this is not indicated anywhere. However, there are a lot of people who wish, and free places fly away immediately.

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Since roses prefer direct sun, there are no trees here. Accordingly, there is a really hot in the summer. Those who are not afraid of baking can enjoy roses almost alone in the middle of the day, when most people flee from the sun.

The garden is not very large, but the photo session can easily take a couple of hours. If it were not for the number of people and the sunshine, it would have been possible to enjoy even longer, since the smell is also attached to the sight.

Roses are planted for an international competition by the years. On the one hand, it was 2020, on the other, it was 2021. Visitors can also vote throughout the summer for the Public Choice Prize. To do this, you can take a form. True, the novelties of this year are fenced off, you cannot approach them, better see or smell. Therefore, the vote will not be too objective. You can walk freely between the roses of last year.

And even the fence is decorated with stunning roses.

And all this splendor against the backdrop of the high Baden mountains.

with many petals…

and extrem simple.

Bright as a flame

and as though scorched

Neon signs are not competitors – roses glow brighter.

Covered with flowers, so it is not visible leaves

Greek young ladies are quite difficult to photograph, as there are many who wish. From a distance, they look especially advantageous.

Every time I have the thought that she is looking at her mobile phone.

The air heats up – the visitors evaporate.

Baden Baden Rosengarten / Baden-Baden rose garden
Baden Baden Rosengarten / Baden Baden rose garden

We leave the garden and go to Kurpark. The walk along the river below was not very inspiring. Apparently, the most interesting thing in Baden-Baden is the surrounding mountains and forest parks along their slopes. But we have not yet seen the city itself.

A couple of photos of the garden we reached. After roses, of course, not so inspiring.

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