Chiemsee. Nearest mountains – Kampenwand

Last Updated on 13/05/2023

The first part is about the lake and its two islands – Herren and Frauen. Now let’s see what is in the area.

The nearest high mountains Kampenwand are just a stone’s throw from the lake. This is one of the few lucky places that combine the interests of water lovers and mountain lovers.

Part 1. Chiemsee
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The small single-car train departs from a separate platform from Prien to Aschau. There you can immediately change to a bus to the local cable car. You can reach the cable car from the railway station on foot, in 15-20 minutes. A bonus will be the opportunity to visit the local information center, which is located at the edge of the village and offers a wide range of different flyers.

Hohenaschau Castle can be visited a couple of days a week, guided tours in time. In addition, Falknerei Burg Hohenaschau is located here (link, bird shows 1-2 times a day depending on the season).

Further along the gorge there is a small waterfall and the Wildbichl local animal park.

Cable car Kampenwand

The Kampenwand gondolas cable car runs at a very high altitude above the gorge, which is rather a rarity for this type of cable car. Usually in such cases one large carriage is made. There is an intermediate station for hikers, but it does not offer any entertainment. At the very top, views of the Austrian and German Alps. And to the view of the lakes, you need to go higher and further along the path.

You can see Watzmann, the snow-covered Grossglockner (left and right, respectively). There is an orientation map on the telescope by the restaurant.

There are many paths up and down. But they are not very suitable for wheelchairs and strollers, although some people tried to go with them.

Climbing a small serpentine road, we go to the observation point, from where you can see almost the entire lake, with a large Herren island, a small Frauen island.

If you go further along the panoramic path, the lake will be better seen. But the weather was not good, a strong wind blew and rain fell, and one could see it approaching from the neighboring gorge. And the Kampenwand cable car turned out to be very scary. It is suspended much higher than the trees, and in the second half it literally crosses an abyss. Therefore, we urgently evacuated, otherwise there was a risk that I would refuse to go down at all.

View from cable car

Nearby attractions

There are a number of different attractions nearby: the thermal pool, cable cars, amusement parks and museums. Details on the map of Oberbayern

Part 1
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