What to see in Ravenna

What to see in Ravenna Mosaics / Was zu sehen in Ravenna Mosaiken

A long time ago, Ravenna flourished: under the Romans – the most important port, from the beginning of the 5th century – the capital of the Western Roman Empire, from the end of the 5th century – the capital of the barbarian kingdom. Then the Byzantines came and decorated it with mosaics. But the sea left, the old port was abandoned. The Byzantines were replaced by the Lombards, the Lombards by the Franks, the local feudal lords, the Venetians…

I love such fallen asleep great cities that have preserved something valuable.

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Torre Pedrera Rimini

Torre Pedrera Rimini

In general, Rimini is not as nightmare as it is sometimes written, but also not ideal for beach holiday. For a quiet lying on the beach in the form of a vegetable, it is better to choose another city. But for those who want to combine excursions, entertainment and swimming, this is a good, convenient place. If we say about Rimini, one should also not forget about the safety rules – this is not the quietest and safest place in Italy, you should not be too relax.

This part is about everything except the sights: roads, transport, the Torre Pedrera map, beaches, including a great wild beach towards Ravenna.

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Brisighella Sehenswürdigkeiten Esel Allee

Brisighella is considered one of the most beautiful small towns. The town is good, but it’s too small, literally two and a half streets.

I put it on the road from Garda to Rimini: the city is not suitable as an independent travel destination, only “on the road” and with something else or hiking in the hills.

The map of “something else” you can find here (around Rimini) and here (around Ravenna).

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Dozza street art and old town

Dozza street art / Dozza Freilichtgalerie

Dozza is another village on the list of the most beautiful in Italy. We stopped here on our way to Bologna.

The difference between Dozza and other similar villages with a fortress is that the houses of the city are painted by modern artists every two years. The tradition began in the middle of the 20th century.

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What to see in Gradara

What to see in Gradara Italy / Gradara Burg und Altstadt

Gradara is a hilltop castle with a small town within the fortress walls. It attracts not only with its medieval walls, but also with the romantic story of Francesca and Paolo that could have happened here (there are other competitors who claim to be the scene). Thanks to the authors – there is a tragic love story for every Italian city.

In short, it was like this. She was married for dynastic reasons and did not like her husband. But she liked his brother, who had the same literary taste. Finding a couple at the crime scene (obviously, reading literary masterpieces together), the husband stabbed both of them. This simple story received an advertisement from Dante – for him it was quite hot gossip, a hundred years had not passed. And therefore it was repeatedly mentioned in works of art.

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Lido Adriano. Ravenna beach resorts

Lido Adriano Ravenna beach resorts

Between Venice and Rimini is the Po delta. The Po is a rather big river, and its delta is vast and intricate. The main stream runs near Ferrara, but rivers / canals are often found near Ravenna. The vast (for a flat area, built up and plowed up) pine forests between the resorts and lagoons are called the Po delta park (at first I wondered – where is Po and where is Ravenna).

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