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Between Venice and Rimini is the Po delta. The Po is a rather big river, and its delta is vast and intricate. The main stream runs near Ferrara, but rivers / canals are often found near Ravenna. The vast (for a flat area, built up and plowed up) pine forests between the resorts and lagoons are called the Po delta park (at first I wondered – where is Po and where is Ravenna).

Rimini region map. What to visit
Around Ravenna. What to visit
Torre Pedrera Rimini

Geography, road and transport. Ravenna beach resorts

Ravenna is a large port, both cargo and passenger. Sea cruises depart regularly from here. But the city itself, once located on the coast, is now 10 kilometers from it. And along the coast there are several small Ravenna beach resorts (from south to north):

Lido di Savio,
Lido di Classe,
Lido di Dante,
Lido Adriano,
Punta Marina,
Marina di Ravenna,
Porto Corsini,
Marina Romea,
Casal Borsetti.

Of these, the first five, it seems to me, are better than the rest, and Lido Adriano is better from those that are closer to Ravenna.

Lido di Savio, Lido di Classe, Lido di Dante are small resorts, three streets wide. Especially the little Lido di Dante. Between it and Lido di Classe there is a large pine forest with wild beaches (but you have to walk to them). Lido di Savio is close to Cervia and should rather be seen with it.

Punta Marina, Marina di Ravenna, Porto Corsini are too close to the port.

Marina Romea is located between the sea and a shallow lagoon, there is a strip of forest, but remembering Bibione, I think that with so much water, swamp and forest, a mosquito is to be expected.

Casal Borsetti is a tiny fishing village with a big camping.

How to get to Lido Adriano

In order to get to Lido Adriano, you need to go around Ravenna or drive through it. Signs recommend a detour from the south, but this road was in poor condition and broken.

The navigator recommends a detour from the north. It’s more bequem, there are high-speed sections. But this road is loaded with trucks from the port, and there are also several circles slowing down the movement. But in any case, there are no such traffic jams as in the resorts from the north of Venice. That is, you can get to the autobahn quite comfortably (the question is whether the autobahn will go).

There are two (even three in fact) roads to the city itself:

  • from the north, from the port, the fastest, at the exit from the village it connects with the road from Punta Marina;
  • in the middle of the village – this is for those who drove around Ravenna from the south – quite convenient, but the road is narrow, local;
  • from the south – this is only for those who travel from Lido Dante – it is very narrow, it is necessary to fit into the bridge over the canal with jewelry.
Map data ©OpenTopoMap, ©OpenStreetMap

Public transport

For transport in the region, see the website

There is a bus
from Lido Adriano to Ravenna (half an hour – because it goes in Punta Marina),
from Lido di Dante the bus runs quite rarely.
From Lido di Classe, there is a bus to the nearest railway station, and there is rarely a bus to Ravenna.


Lido Adriano is a very small resort compared to such monsters as Lido di Jesolo or Bibione or Rimini. Accommodation is mainly condominiums, hotels are selten. Many houses are clearly residential – with flowers, paintings on the walls, etc.

The center of the village is opposite the middle entrance to it. It is difficult to call it a center – a wide but short street, several shops. At the end – the square where concerts are held, there is a roundabout and a tourist train stops.

The streets in the city are planned in an amazing way. This can be expected from an ancient city, whose streets are not changed for the sake of historicity and in order not to destroy buildings, but certainly not from a new resort. As if at first the houses were built, and then they decided to lay the streets.

The city is small, it’s impossible to get lost.

Supermarkts: Lidl, a small Conad store (a little expensive, as the “center”), a small grocery store (prices are lower, they sell fresh meat)

The products in Lidl are not German, but the selection is much better than in purely Italian stores. The prices are good. Italian strange custom with bread – sold by weight. Therefore, you need to put all the rolls in different bags by sort and master the weighing machine (put the bag, select the type, press the number of rolls in the bag, confirm, stick). The bread is good, not like the local one (in Italy it is better to buy crackers than local rolls, IMHO).

Advantages of Lido Adriano as a resort

  • a resort for their “local” people, a feeling of home, without a crowd (for someone, perhaps a minus)
  • the water is very clear, even after the storm. Feet are visible even at depth
  • there is a breakwater, so even in a storm there are no strong waves, dirt lingers
  • there are a lot of fish, crabs in the water – you regularly feel something alive under your feet. Walk carefully, don’t forget about dragon fish. No jellyfish were seen.
  • there is a wild free beach nearby, there are relatively few people on it (compared to Bibione)
  • close to many attractions and “cities of art”
  • the air is fresher (compared to Bibione), there is no such humidity
  • there were no mosquitoes
  • five to ten meters quite shallow, convenient for children. There are low tides – children adore them

Disadvantes of the resort

  • boring in the evening. You can’t ride four-wheeled bicycles – you must then ride on a road with cars. One spotted shop with bicycles is quietly dying. No demonstrations on the shopping streets in the absence of them. A very small local storage of old attractions, seemingly called Smile, works in the evenings
  • often on the shore there are fragments of sticks – because of the nearby forests? because of the breakwaters?
  • sometimes (not very often) debris is found on the surface of the water. I suspect there may be more of it closer to the port.
  • there is algae. Visually unpleasant, but no other negative consequences were noticed.
  • if they turn on music in the square or at the disco – it spreads to the whole city. This is not every day and ends by night. Locals generally lead an active nightlife. Children ride their bicycles until midnight, people dine on the balconies, laugh, discuss something with neighbors.

In general, I liked Lido Adriano more than others, it reminded me of the summer at my grandmother’s at the south spa town.

Lido Adriano beach

The beach near the central part of the city is made up of classic umbrellas. Not 25 rows, as in Bibione, but 10-15 rows. A free beach is located quite close.

The sand is gray with shells.

Part 2 – map of attractions around Ravenna. See also around Rimini map.
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