What to see in Gradara

Last Updated on 05/05/2023

Gradara is a hilltop castle with a small town within the fortress walls. It attracts not only with its medieval walls, but also with the romantic story of Francesca and Paolo that could have happened here (there are other competitors who claim to be the scene). Thanks to the authors – there is a tragic love story for every Italian city.

In short, it was like this. She was married for dynastic reasons and did not like her husband. But she liked his brother, who had the same literary taste. Finding a couple at the crime scene (obviously, reading literary masterpieces together), the husband stabbed both of them. This simple story received an advertisement from Dante – for him it was quite hot gossip, a hundred years had not passed. And therefore it was repeatedly mentioned in works of art.

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How to get to Gradara

Public transport: train to Cattolica, then bus 130.

Car. You can park at the bottom of the hill (free) or near the fortress (paid).

View from Gradara to Rimini and Cattolica

What to see in Gradara

Overall, I would rate Gradara as “quite worth a visit”, although this visit will not be too long (3 hours, without a hurry and with lunch).

The town is popular with tourists, as can be seen from the number of souvenir shops. Knightly theme prevails (swords, helmets, etc.).

In the absence of many sights, restaurants are mainly indicated on the map.

Gradara Castle

The castle was built in the 11-15th century. At first it belonged to the Malatesta family, then passed to the Sforza. Lucrezia Borgia was here for a while. Then the castle came under the control of the Pope.

There is a museum inside the castle – nothing stunning, but “watchable”.

Family tree

Separately, you can walk along a small part of the walls – the entrance to the information center at the central gate costs about 2 euros.

We climbed the wall.

The view to the sea and Rimini / Cattolica on the top of the page.

Other attractions around Rimini – map.

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