Around Ravenna. What to visit

Last Updated on 27/01/2024

There are more than enough opportunities to travel around Ravenna resorts (about Lido Adriano), you will definitely not master it in one vacation.

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around Ravenna what to visit / Rund um Ravenna Reiseziele
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The amusement parks on the coast are linked by BUS NAVETTA Costa – Parchi Edutainment. Its schedule and information about whether it still exists can be found on the sites of the amusement parks (for example, on the website of Italy in miniature).

The words “from the list” mean a list of beautiful villages ( or “orange flag” – a list of beautiful small towns (

For active travelers, it makes sense to look at the Romagna Visit Card, which give discounts for an insignificant cost (it was 12 euros, free for children). Link

1. Forli

Old town.

Transport – train

2. Terra del Sole, Castrocaro

Terra del Sole – city “from the list”, built in the 15th century at the request of Cosimo Medici as an “ideal” city.

Nearby is the town of Castrocaro, which has preserved its medieval look.

Transport: bus 91 from Forli.

3. Brisighella

Quite popular and visited, but a very small city “from the list” (it seems to be included in both).

Small castle of Brisigella – Rocca Manfrediana e Veneziana (Link)

About Brisighella

Transport – train from Faenza


4. Faenza

Homeland of faience. A small historical center and, of course, a ceramics museum (Museo internazionalle delle ceramiche, Link).

Transport – train

5. Dozza

A small village on a hill, surrounded by walls, with a small fortress. From the list. The main difference from other villages is that the walls are painted by modern artists.

Small castle of Dozza – Rocca di Dozza (Link)

About Dozza.

Transport – bus 101 from Imola.

Dozza street art / Dozza Freilichtgalerie

6. Bologna

An original city with endless arcades that not everyone will like, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. Besides the old center you can see two churches with sculptural masterpieces, two huge leaning towers and a couple of art and history museums.

Report on a separate page.

Citymuseums – Link
Torre degli Asinelli – Link
Museo Morandi – Link
Lamborghini Museum – Link
Ducati Museum – Link

Drivers need to be especially careful – the local authorities are catching strangers for big money, without warning that you cannot enter the center and it is very large area (everything is inside the ring). Prepare your route in advance.


7. Ferrara

The historic center is included in the UNESCO list.

Castle Castello, Historical apartments and history Link
Museo Archeologico Nazionale Link
Museum Casa Romei, Life of a wealthy family in the 15th-16th centuries century Link
Museum Palazzo Schifanoia (Villa of the Este family, the main value is a hall with 15th century frescoes.) Link

8. Abbey Pomposo in Codigoro

Old Benedictine Abbey – Abbazia di Pomposa. Link

Transport – train

9. Comacchio

An original town with canals.

Transport – train

10, 11. One of the parts of the Po Delta Natural Park – Valli Comacchio

Boating along the lagoon by water transport are indicated from the point Casone Foce (above, closer to Comaccio, 10) and below at S. Alberto (11). Flamingos promise. But it is not clear in what months they are there. The Internet says that flamingos spend the winter in Italy (that is, you have to wait for them there from October), but in some places they say, that flamingos began to nest, which means the spring-summer period (?). I saw information also about July-August.

Park site – link

12. Ravenna

The city of beautiful ancient mosaics included in the UNESCO list. Link

Report on a separate page

In addition to mosaics, there are museums:
TAMO – Mosaic Museum Link
Archaeological park, museum and basilica on the site of an old port on the outskirts of the city – Ravenna Classis. Link
Excavations under the church (Roman mosaics) Domus dei Tappeti di Pietra Link
Art museum Link (There are several famous names like Mantegna, but generally mosaics first and then this museum if there is time and desire)
Dante’s Museum and tomb Link
Mausoleum of Theodorico Link

13. Amusement park Mirabilandia and Zoo Safari Ravenna

About Safari Park on a separate page.

For public transport options see here:

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