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Rimini suits well for a holiday combining beach and excursions. Let’s show possible destinations around Rimini on the map. Most are also accessible by public transport.

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Of course, you can get to Venice and Florence from Rimini, and many people drive for one day. But it is very tiring both by car and by public transport and makes no sense. Another potential long-distance excursion is the Grotte di Frasassi stalactite cave (, but it is more suitable for those accomodation around Ancona.

Much more real are Bologna, Ravenna, Ferrara, which are easily accessible both by train and by car, and Urbino (train to Pesaro plus bus).

Around Rimini there are many village-towns with a medieval appearance (2-3 streets each), surrounding the fortress on the mountain (borghi). It is difficult to say which one is more beautiful. Look at the photos, select the route and add one or two “borghi” on the way. I think they are generally interchangeable.

Almost all of these “borghi” are either included in the list of “most beautiful borghi” (link), or to the “orange flag” list (link), or both at once. The towns from these lists are named further “from the list” or “listed”.

The most popular are San Leo and Gradara.

There is one tourist bus running through the amusement parks (see the parks websites for the schedule), but it is quite expensive. You can get there by public transport, but you need to find out its schedule in advance, since buses usually run once an hour.

You can buy a combined ticket to several parks, it is much cheaper. You just need to calculate in advance what is more profitable for children – this combined ticket, for which a single price for both adults and children, or separate tickets.
Also, tickets are often valid for two days: you need to link your ticket to your photo in the orange machine before leaving.

Map 1. North of Rimini

Around Rimini map of attractions
Map data ©OpenTopoMap, ©OpenStreetMap

The map can be enlarged.

1. Cervia

Butterfly house (Casa delle Farfalle, link). Rope park CerviAvventura (link).

Transport: bus

2. Saline

An extensive reservoir where salt is mined. It is a natural park where many birds live, including flamingos. I do not know in what months you can see flamingos, I did not find this information.

Transport: train to Cervia

3. Minigolf Belafonte

“Adventure” minigolf in the park ( Opens late in the evening in summer, check the timetable

Transport: bus

4. Cesenatico

Beautiful canal designed by Leonardo da Vinci. Maritime Museum. Aquapark.

Transport: bus 535 or train

5. Shopping Center Romagna

6. Forlimpopoli

Fortress, archaeological museum. The city is proud of the 19th century culinary specialist who wrote the famous book, so it tries to develop the culinary direction.

Transport: train

7. Fratta Terme

Rope park (link) with open swimming pool. Thermal bath

Transport: train to Forlipompoli + bus 122

8. Bertinoro

A picturesque old town on a hill with a fortress.

Transport: train to Forlipompoli + bus 121, 134

9. Cesena

Fortress, old town.

Transport: train or bus

Further on the road from Cesena will be Bagno di Romagna – far away and, according to the photos, deserves a separate overnight stay. It is not only a “listed” city, but there are still picturesque mountains and lakes around. You can get there by bus from Cesena or Forlì.

10. Longiano

Town on the mountain. Fortress.

Transport: train to Cesena + bus 141

11. Borghi

Town on the mountain.

Transport: train to Cesena + Bus 141

12. Santarcangelo

Old town. Fortress.

Transport: bus 90

14. Italy in miniatura

Park with models of Italian sights. Link.

Photos in a separate post.

15. Rimini

Rimini has traces of a Roman presence: the 2,000-year-old Tiberius Bridge, archaeological excavations, a small amphitheater, the Malatesta Church, a castle and its own Borgo San Giuliano with fishermen’s houses.

Along the coast towards Riccione, there are several “water parks” in the form of inflatable rafts.

Rimini also had its own dolphinarium, which appears to have recently switched to seals. (

About Torre Pedrera

16. Fiabilandia

Amusement park near the airport (, small attractions and other entertainment).

Transport: bus

Map 2. South of Rimini

Around Rimini map of tourist destinations
enlarge Map data ©OpenTopoMap, ©OpenStreetMap

17. San Leo

Fortress with museum ( Two old churches.
Further along the valley is another picturesque town – Pennabilli.
Only car

18. Republic of San Marino

About San Marino on a separate page.

There are:
a cable car,
three fortresses (the first is viewed as a fortress, the second is a museum of weapons, the third is only outside as an observation deck),
a historical museum of the republic
and an art gallery-museum of San Francesco.
A rope park is open below (

Regular bus 160 stops a long way from touristic places. But there are tourist buses from Rimini, for example, the company BENEDETTINI – BONELLI

19. Montebello

Fortress in the Valmarecchia valley, which is rich in borghi castle.

20. Verucchio

The town on the mountain is located in the Valmarecchia valleys. Fortress.

Transport: bus 160

21. Aircraft museum

Many different small planes. Link

Trasport: bus 7

22. Aquapark Aquafan and Oltremare

Aquafan is the largest water park in Europe, according to the Internet ( But, looking at how many people go there, I didn’t want to visit it even for free.

About Oltremar in a separate post.

23. Cattolica

The main attraction is the aquarium (, that doesn’t have the best reviews.

Transport: bus

24. Panoramic road

The flat part of the Po Valley ends in Cattolica. The first rock appears here, interrupting the beach line. A panoramic road runs along the hills – very narrow and with many bends.

You can go down to the sea – in a place called Porto Vallugola. There is a marina, a restaurant, a hotel with its own funicular and a beach. If you wish, you can go swimming for free, but the coast is rocky und not welcome: large stones along the bottom and large pebbles. Smells strongly of seafood. There are no breakwaters. The coast is short, bounded on both sides by rocks. People walk in shallow water from the side of Cattolica, although there are signs prohibiting walking.

From above


25. Gradara

Gradara – an old town with the castle and walls on the hill.

About Gradara in a separate topic.

26, 27, 28, 29, 30. San Giovanni in Marignano, Montegridolfo, Mondaino, Saludecio, Montefiore Conca

Towns on the hills. Fortresses.
In Saludecio, if the photographs do not lie, they paint on the walls, as in Dozza.

San Giovanni in Marignano – bus from Cattolica
Montegridolfo, Mondaino, Saludecio, – bus from Cattolica or Rimini
Montefiore Conca – bus 42 from Rimini

All maps along the coast – #adriatic

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