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In general, Rimini is not as nightmare as it is sometimes written, but also not ideal for beach holiday. For a quiet lying on the beach in the form of a vegetable, it is better to choose another city. But for those who want to combine excursions, entertainment and swimming, this is a good, convenient place. If we say about Rimini, one should also not forget about the safety rules – this is not the quietest and safest place in Italy, you should not be too relax.

This part is about everything except the sights: roads, transport, the Torre Pedrera map, beaches, including a great wild beach towards Ravenna.

Rimini Urlaub. Reiseziele
Ravenna Region Sehenswürdigkeiten
Lido Adriano. Resorts in der Nähe von Ravenna

Rimini is a big city, and if you take into account the neighboring cities, you get a continuous resort line from Lido di Classe to Cattolica. Towns are not the same, although the differences are not so significant. The hotel, plans for excursions, transport are more important for a standard tourist, who is not looking for fashionable discos.

How to get to Rimini

Public transport in Rimini

Rimini has a developed transport: trains run along the coast, there are buses, although they sometimes go along the crazy routes once an hour. The bus schedule is downloaded from the website The schedule of all trains can be obtained from the Trenitalia website.

There is a three-day (about € 11) and seven-day (about € 22) bus pass. Regular ticket prices vary by zone. The website has a calculation of zones, but no one writes, what if the site calculated one zone (1 hour on the way), and you were waiting for a second, transfer bus from this hour for 50 minutes, since it runs once an hour? In such a situation, I did not punch a new ticket and was preparing for a battle with the controller. There was no need to fight, since he was not there. How to find out in advance the number of zones without Internet access is a mystery to me.

Tickets are bought in tobacco shops. At the stops the address of the nearest store where tickets are sold is written. The bus has a ticket machine, but it’s more expensive.

In addition, the bus does not always run where it is drawn on the plan and where the stop sign is. We waited for a bus at a bus stop on the street by the beach for a long time, until kind Italians in Italian explained to us that buses run along the railway.


The SS16 Adriatic road is quite high-speed in some places, but in some places it is no different from any city street. Therefore, there is a nice traffic jam in the area around Rimini, and, most likely, it is always there. North side is better, but it stumbles periodically at circles and junctions.

If you go from Germany, then on the way there will be Fernpass – at least 2 hours of delay in the season, then the rusty and narrow Brennero – 6 hours from Innsbruck to Sirmione in the season. No further relief is expected: next needle’s eye – connect to the Bologna highway.

In general, I have long had a suspicion that the roads in Italy are planned by people of art – abstract artists, perhaps, or sculptors. Two lanes full of cars, the vast majority of which travel south, have to cross in one lane to the other hignway. The result is endless standing, starting from the Capri exit. Do not try your patience: if you are driving on Saturday, plan a detour in advance. On the way back, we drove around: we rested, refueled cheaply and drove out onto the road, empty after a traffic jam, like normal people. On the other side of the hignway, Modena is bypassed by the expressway.

Near Bologna, traffic jams appear chaotically, closer to the sea, they become global, and any trifle causes them, including a turn on the hignway. On the morning of Saturday in August, those who come from the nearest cities to swim for a day stand in the direction of Rimini, and in the afternoon there are those who have come from the border. In the opposite direction at lunchtime, a global jam along the entire length from Rimini to Bologna. But at 10 o’clock there is still every chance to slip through (you will stand then on Brennero).

Bologna can go around on the Tangenziale ring road, which runs right next to the motorway. You can bypass the traffic jam on the Autobahn on Via Emilia, but it is not too fast – on average, the speed is 50 kilometers due to the large number of traffic lights, especially on the Imola-Bologna section. Then it run better, but the highway is also gradually accelerating, as people begin to be distributed among the resorts.


Getting a rusty bicycle for free at a hotel is a common service in Rimini. Yes, your back hurts from it, yes, it has no speeds and he creaks. However, it is free and rides. There are some problems with “where to ride”. There are few special bike paths, but locals go right along the road, and even on high-speed roads. Nobody wears helmets. Bicycles are suitable for trips to supermarkets and amusement parks within 10 km.

Torre Pedrera as a resort

We lived in the northern part, Torre Pedrera. In fact, this is a small village. A mix of local houses and hotels and apartments is divided by one-car-wide streets with one-way traffic.

Near is the Viserbella (it feels like a very village) and further towards Rimini Viserba (and this is more fashionable, with a separate bicycle and pedestrian path and with a railway station). On the other side is Igea Marina and large resort Bellaria.

Advantage of Torre Pedrera

+ Quick exit to the autobahn. Considering the dreadful Saturday traffic jams, this is a big advantage.

+ There are not very many mosquitoes. But in general, I advise to take something after the bite for children.

+ Compact and not crowded with people, but there is also an evening life.

+ There is a train station.

Disadvantage of resort

– There is not a sidewalk everywhere on the main street along the beach, people walk, and bicycles and cars try not to run over them.

– There is no big supermarket, just a very small shop. The nearest one is 5 km away.

Map of Torre Pedrera

There is one store in the city with a minimal selection from each product category. If you are not pretentious and willing to eat a minimal choice, then it will be enough. If you want local specialties, you have to go to a big supermarket.

Conad, marked on the map, is approximately 5 km from Torre.

There is another very large Romagna shopping center with various shops and a huge supermarket, with groceries, cookery, pizza from a real oven – opposite the northern end of Bellaria.

The bus runs on the blue line. In the direction of Rimini, always along the railway, in the opposite direction, partly along the sea.

Torre Pedrera Rimini
Kartendaten ©OpenStreetMap, ©OpenTopoMap

Torre Pedrera Beach

All the beaches of Rimini have breakwaters. Shallow in all areas, but relatively deep at the breakwaters. The sand is brown, the water is muddy because people constantly lift the sand with their feet. The water at the end of August was warm even during the storm.

Price of sun loungers varies from beach to beach. Nearby can be 90 euros per week (two sun loungers + an umbrella) and 50 euros per week. We never needed sunbeds and umbrellas, so we threw things in a five-meter zone from the water and swam beautifully and dug in sand for free. There are absolutely free beaches, where you can put your umbrellas, are usually on the border of two villages, next to ports and river estuaries. But they are not pleasant.

On Sunday, tourists for a week are summed up with tourists for a day from cities nearby and this is such a terrible picture. This is the northern area of Torre Pedrera, which cannot be called something special or popular, here the width of the hotel zone is only two hundred meters.

It can be seen at the same time that when no one is hanging out nearby, the water is actually clear – you can see the waves of sand through it.

Beach between Lido di Classe and Lido Dante

If you want a real wild beach, this is the place for you.

The central part of this natural park is devoted to nature – it is forbidden to swim there. The next two areas are closed during the nesting and breeding season. But in August they are already open. The two outer zones are open all the time. Maps with zones hang at the entrance to the forest.

The pine forest seems to have survived since the creation of the world, there is such a dense air there. You enter like a sauna, cut through the layers of air and, accompanied by large mosquitoes, swim through the forest – this is purgatory. Further along a wide path through the forest along the sea, then along one of the side paths (just be careful, the forest is sometimes used for other purposes), across the dune, and voila – you are in paradise, in the wild (compared to Rimini, almost the wildest and in relation to some people even semi-nudist) beach. No breakwaters, only sometimes breakwaters perpendicular to the shore. The fragments of the pines carried ashore by the sea are used as props for blankets and towels. Someone comes with umbrellas.

The bottom is uneven: shallow – deeper – shallow – deep. There may be jellyfish behind the shallows, especially after a storm. It is wonderful to ride the waves: I advise everyone to use circles, or sticks, or boards, even for those who can swim – for the maximum dose of pleasure.

Next – map of attractions.

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