Brandenburg What to see. 1

Everything worthy to visit around Berlin. In the first part – south of Autobahns 10 and 12 (regions of Seenland Oder-Spree, Dahme-Spreewald, Spreewald and Lausitz).

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Dresden attractions

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Potsdam park Sanssouci

Potsdam, a satellite of of Berlin that smoothly turns into Berlin itself, is associated primarily with the Sanssouci park and palace. This is a very green city, with huge expanses of water around, there are not one or two palaces in it, although it is not necessary to visit all of them.

Potsdam can be a good base from which to explore Berlin and the surrounding area. It is cheaper to live here than in Berlin, you can rent a good apartment. But you need to settle either not too far from the station, or have access to highways, that is, do not go deeper into the city center.

Since the reunification of Germany, the complex of gardens and palaces of Brandenburg and Berlin is constantly being restored. For current openings and closings, see the site of the palaces.

Park Sanssouci

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What to see in Brandenburg on the map. Part 2

We go further with the topic what to see in Brandenburg. This time I describe the regions north of the A10 autobahn. The main place is here Potsdam.

Of course, apart from Berlin and Potsdam, Spreewald, there are not many truly interesting sights in Brandenburg left. There are several ruins of monasteries, many castles rebuilt and converted to other needs, there are a huge number of lakes, but the Brandenburgers were somewhat less fortunate with cultural trips for the day.

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South – Brandenburg What to see. Part 1
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