Attractions near Dresden. Bastei rocks, Königstein Fortress

The attractions near Dresden are no less curious than the city itself (read more about Dresden): these are natural attractions – the so-called Saxon Switzerland begins here, and palaces, castles, and museums. I managed to visit two places – the Bastei rocks and the Königstein fortress. About them in more detail, about the rest briefly with a map.

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Luneburg Heath. Schneverdingen

Before, I did not understand why tourists visit the Luneburg Heath in such an amazing amount. But now I know and I will always be glad to come back again.

Heath is something amazing. It would seem that it should be just depressing: swampy landscape, clusters of trees here and there. But instead, you have a sense of freedom. The smell of pines and heather, the buzzing of bees – you can walk endlessly.

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Cuxhaven. 1. Center

If someone wants to properly swim in the sea, perhaps you are not right in Cuxhaven. When the tide comes, the dragons guarding the beach entrance (you must pay) even leave their posts. Because the main attraction in the German North Sea is the Watt.

Watt – for endless ankle-deep walking in water, meditation of the boundless sky reflected in the endless water surface, calming the nerves, searching for small sea creatures and confronting crabs. Children can hang around on this shore for an infinitely long time, picking out someone, building castles and getting covered with a layer of mud as much as possible.

Watt – shallow water of sand and clay, in some places stretching for kilometers. Even at high tide, hundreds of meters offshore, you may lack depth for swimming. The bottom topography is clearly visible on satellite maps.

Cuxhaven Watt

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Cuxhaven Döse and Duhnen

In the previous topic, it was said about what is to the right of Kugelbake, now let’s go left – to Döse and Duhnen. The Elbe already ends here, this is the coast of the North Sea.

And the further we move from the center and the Elbe, the watt is more pleasant, the water is cleaner, the coast is not so littered with algae, bird feathers and small jellyfish. Apparently, the proximity of the fairway near Kugelbake allows all these pieces to get to the coast.

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Cuxhaven Sahlenburg

Sahlenburg is a tourist village, a bit away from Cuxhaven in the direction of Bremerhaven. It did not extend along the sea, but perpendicular to it. Even in the high season it is easier to find accommodation here, there is also a large camping. This area is “pure nature”: clean beach, pine forest, moorland. As well as its outdoor pool, several riding stables and a rope park.

From here it is only about 10 km to the island of Neuwerk (on foot or by carriage).

Cuxhaven Sahlenburg

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North sea Germany vacation. Things to do

The North Sea in this part is called Wattenmeer. This is such a sea-swamp – the ebb tide goes far, leaving a minimum amount of water and the ability to walk on the sand for kilometers. The watt is visible on the map – gray shading.

Adjacent map of Schleswig-Holstein

North Sea Germany attractions map
enlarge Map data ©OpenStreetMap

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Brandenburg What to see. 1

Everything worthy to visit around Berlin. In the first part – south of Autobahns 10 and 12 (regions of Seenland Oder-Spree, Dahme-Spreewald, Spreewald and Lausitz).

Next maps:
North – What to see in Brandenburg on the map. Part 2
South – Saxony North
East – Saxony Anhalt North
Dresden attractions

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Potsdam park Sanssouci

Potsdam, a satellite of of Berlin that smoothly turns into Berlin itself, is associated primarily with the Sanssouci park and palace. This is a very green city, with huge expanses of water around, there are not one or two palaces in it, although it is not necessary to visit all of them.

Potsdam can be a good base from which to explore Berlin and the surrounding area. It is cheaper to live here than in Berlin, you can rent a good apartment. But you need to settle either not too far from the station, or have access to highways, that is, do not go deeper into the city center.

Since the reunification of Germany, the complex of gardens and palaces of Brandenburg and Berlin is constantly being restored. For current openings and closings, see the site of the palaces.

Park Sanssouci

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90+ parks and gardens in Germany on the map

In France, there is a special website that lists all available gardens and parks, down to the smallest amateur ones. It can be difficult to assess the level of the garden there. In Germany, there is no such site, and finding gardens and parks is not so easy: gardening farms will come up with a search.

In this topic I collect German gardens, parks and flower fields that I know. Gardens at palaces, if they are important as an independent unit, are also indicated.

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