Baltic sea. Schleswig, Hedeby and Danevirke

Schleswig Hedeby Haithabu Danewerk Danevirke

Schleswig – settlement (or harbor according to other versions) on the Schlei (Sly). The location seems to be extremely advantageous: on the one hand, there is access to the sea, on the other, it is well protected. And the other sea is just a stone’s throw away. But the Sly Firth is not suitable for shipping, so Schleswig is more of a sleeping village rather than a large city.

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Baltic Sea. Kappeln, Eckernförde, Sly Firth and everything in between

Ostsee Baltic sea Schleswig-Holstein Kappeln Sly Firth Eckernförde Schlei

In this topic we will explore the Baltic Sea coast from Kappeln to Eckernförde and Sly Firth. The Baltic coast of Schleswig-Holstein is more interesting than the North Sea coast in terms of what to see. There are also more developed resorts here, as well as large cities and additional entertainment.

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Bergstrasse and Odenwald sightseeing

Odenwald sightseeing Rock sea

Odenwald is a forested and mountainous region between Frankfurt, Heidelberg and Heilbronn. The mountains are quite high in places. Every time we passed through Odenwald, it was a trip without confidence that we would get where we needed to go on time. The road stretched into infinity and led to completely unexpected places. In my opinion, ghosts from neighboring Spessart have long since moved to this enchanted place, namely to the village of Mudau, which, after two hits, we decided to avoid by any means.

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Donautal: Danube source, Danube Valley, Sigmaringen

The Danube Valley from Sigmaringen to Tuttlingen is not so widely known and is not as popular as the nearby Black Forest. But these stunning views are worth spending a day biking, hiking, or even just taking the train along. In this topic we will look at the Danube source and the Danube Valley (with maps) and get to Sigmaringen.

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Loire Valley Castles. Blois castle

Loire Valley Castles Blois castle

Blois Castle (Chateau de Blois) was actively used, unlike Chambord. 7 kings and 10 queens lived here. This is an impressive complex with premises from different eras and different styles. In the summer, theatrical performances are held in the castle courtyard. And in the evenings there is the Son et Lumiere light show.

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Lake Garda buses, roads, beaches, guest cards

Garda lake beaches

Lake Garda is very large. Its northern and southern parts are very different, and getting from one end to the other is not so easy: the roads are slow and congested. The north is more nature-recreational, the south is tourist and entertainment. This topic provides general orientation to the area: Lake Garda buses, tickets, ships, roads, beaches.

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Eiderstedt Peninsula. Sankt Peter Ording

Sankt Peter Ording (SPO) is the most developed resort on the shores of the Wadden Sea north of the Elbe. Only the island of Sylt is more known than it. This determines housing prices and a high resort tax, which is also levied on day tourists.

The resort occupies the tip of the Eiderstedt peninsula. In this topic we will explore St. Peter Ording and find out where it makes sense to stay, what you can see in this part of the peninsula, where are which beaches and where to ride a bike.

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Einbeck – half-timbered jewel


It would seem that half-timbered towns are nothing new for us. But Einbeck turned out to be a real jewel in our collection: here you don’t need to look for a couple old buildings on the map, you get the feeling that the city has hardly changed since the 16th century.

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