Venice Grand Canal, around the city, regatta

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The Venice Grand Canal is the second compulsory route in Venice after San Marco. We look what palaces and museums you can see along the Grand Canal, then we walk around the city and in addition watch the historical regatta. See the city center map below.

In the first part, read about difficulties and museums.
Part 2- San Marco (Bridge of Sighs, Cathedral, Doge’s Palace, Bell Tower)
In the fourth – the lagoon and islands
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Venice Grand Canal

So, we start from San Marco.

If possible, choose vaporetto 1, not 2. It comes from Piazza Roma, and not from the parking lot of buses and cars, and there – sorry for the unromantic detail in romantic Venice – it stinks much less.

Opposite the piazzetta is the Church of San Giorgio by Palladio.

We enter in the Grand Canal.

Santa Maria Salute is located on the Grand Canal near St. Mark’s Square. It was built in honor of the deliverance from the plague in 1630. The construction site turned out to be very unstable, it had to be strengthened for a long time, and in order to hold the dome, it was necessary to come up with original snails.

Ca’Dario (15th. century)

Palazzo Salviati


and Palazzo Barbarigo (16th century, but 19th century mosaics).

Cavalli Franchetti

Accademia Bridge

View from the Accademia Bridge towards Santa Maria Salute

Venice Grand Canal

And the other side

Ca-Rezzonico (18th century Venice Museum)

More about museums in Venice

and Palazzo Guistinian.

Palazzo Foscari

Grand Canal in front of Rialto Bridge

Finally, the Rialto Bridge (Ponte di Rialto). To get to it, as a rule, it is enough just to follow the mass of people, occasionally checking the signs. Rialto Bridge is the oldest in Venice, from which the development of the city began. The location for the bridge was chosen at the narrowest point of the canal.

The modern bridge was built on the site of a wooden one in 1592. There is a crazy souvenir market around the bridge. Here you will find all the traditional Venetian souvenirs – masks of all sizes, bell caps, etc. made in China. Local handmade masks are usually more elegant and original, but you should look for them in small shops in the surrounding streets. The price may not be much higher than the street price.

Venice Grand Canal

Let’s look a little further.

On the Rialto Bridge at night.

The next stop is Ka’d’Oro, the famous classic of classic of Venetian Flaming Gothic (15th century)

Fondaco dei Turchi (Turkish warehouse). 12-13th century.

The Scalzi Bridge – graceful and practically neu – 1934.

Through the city. Venice images

According to the general impression of the collected photographs from five trips of different people, the most picturesque parts lie on the route from Ca’d’Oro to Arsenal (green and light blue parts on the map).

Venice map / Venedig Karte
enlarge Map data ©OpenStreetMap

It is better not to enter in the orange “tongue” from San Marco to the Accademia Bridge – there are many uninteresting narrow streets and people and few picturesque bridges. It takes a lot of time without bringing the required aesthetic pleasure.

And I didn’t like the purple part at all.

From Arsenal

Let’s start with Arsenal. The exact locations of most of the photographs are difficult for me to determine.

Behind Accademia Bridge

Now let’s take a look at the other side of the Grand Canal. In my opinion, this area is not for a one-day tourist, but for those who stayed on the second or third day or not for the first time in Venice.

The oldest church in Venice (11th century), completely rebuilt, however, in the 17th century, – San Giacomo di Rialto.

The easiest way to get to Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari is from the bus station. Construction began in 1250 and finished in 1443. The great people of Venice (for example, Titian) were buried in the church. The entrance to the church is paid, and inside it looks more like a museum – paintings, paintings, monuments … You can see paintings by Titian and Bellini.

Venice regatta

If you have a holiday in Venice or somewhere nearby in early September, do not miss the historic regatta, which has been held since the 13-14th century.

This was the first version of this paragraph before I was in Venice on the first Sunday in September.

The second version is as follows. People, think well if you need it. The number of crowds in Venice triples, museums on the canal are closed. The city does not strain itself at all by taking care of tourists.

Normally, something good can only be seen by those who very much in advance took good places (not near bridges, not landing stages, not pier – they banish from all these places). The most successful places are purchased in the morning for a fee from local residents. Having received a “ticket”, you can continue to walk around the city at your pleasure, choosing the most distant area from the center.

For free, the pleasure in general is not worth watching the Venice regatta through the legs, ears, gaps between the closed shoulders.

What can you see from a paid place. For example, this one.


Venice regatta

Real races are held in small boats.

And what can you see from a good free place?

Doge boat

Venice regatta

Then we go to the islands.

In the first part, read about difficulties and museums.
Part 2- San Marco (Bridge of Sighs, Cathedral, Doge’s Palace, Bell Tower)
In the fourth – the lagoon and islands
Read about Lido di Jesolo as a place of accommodation here.
Sights around Venice on the map.

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