Around Venice and Lido di Jesolo. Map of attractions

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The first part is about Lido di Jesolo as a resort. Now let’s see where we can go to around Venice and Lido die Jesolo, if for us just lying on the beach is not enough. Lido di Jesolo is a very convenient place in this regard – there are quite a lot of interesting places around Venice within an hour or an hour and a half by car. Also bus or train (from Lido di Jesolo, however, there must be a bus first) are possible.

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Around Venice. Venice region attractions map
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1. Conegliano, Vittorio Veneto, Cison di Valmarino, Belluno

Wine hills region, listed by UNESCO. Conegliano, Vittorio Veneto, Cison di Valmarino, Belluno are old cities with a historical centerd. Belluno is located almost by the mountains and has also amazing views.

2. Asolo and Villa Maser

Asolo is an old town on a hill, one of the “most beautiful small towns” in Italy. It is also known for the fact that famous people lived here, in particular the English poet Robert Browning.

Villa Barbaro in Maser was built by Palladio in 1560, painted by Veronese. Link

In summer – bus from Jesolo. Or a bus from Montebelluna. But it is better to explore this region separately from the beach holiday and have accomodation closer.

3. Bassano-del-Grappa, Marostica

Bassano del Grappa is an old town on the river, especially famous for its wooden bridge, built (and rebuilt many times) by Palladio. The city produces grappa vodka, although the name of the city historically is not associated with it. It is also famous for his pottery.

Train from Mestre – 1 h 15/30 min.
During the “live” chess games (mid-September), it is worth visiting Marostica nearby, but for this it is better to settle somewhere nearby.

4. Cittadella, Castelfranco

Two fortified cities that have preserved the fortress walls. Medieval festivals take place there in early September.

Next to Castelfranco is the very famous Palladian villa, Villa Emo in Fanzolo. Link

You can get to Castelfranco by train from Mestre (40-50 minutes), by bus from Padua or Treviso.
You can get to Cittadella by bus from Treviso, by train from Mestre with transfers in Treviso, Padua (a little over an hour).
There is a bus between both cities. Bus lines:

5. Treviso

Quiet, calm, non-touristy city, which, according to reviews, is very similar to Venice without its crowds. Have not checked. I saw the bus to Treviso at the bus station of Lido di Jesolo.

6. Venice

More about Venice:
Part 1 (orientation, museums),
part 2 (San Marco),
part 3 (around the city, Grand Canal, regatta),
part 4 Venice lagoon islands to visit

Don’t plan too much! For one-day visit: San Marco (part 2), Rialto bridge, from Rialto to Arsenal (part 3).

For more than one-day visit: museums according your interests, islands and other parts of the city.

There are two main ways to get there from Lido di Jesolo.

1) By bus 5 to Punta Sabbioni, then vaporetto 14 to San Marco (Zaccaria pier). You can choose a one-hour ticket (it was 7 euros) or a travel pass, depending on your plans. Please note that the vaporetto leaves 5 minutes after the bus arrives and usually runs once every half hour. There is no need to rush to go to the pier with a single ticket if you are not sure that you can get on the ship in time. The time on the ticket is limited (the next ship is in 30 minutes, and it takes about 35 minutes to Venice) – that is, your one-hour ticket will expire before you arrive.

2) By bus from the bus station to Piazza Roma (it was 5 euros one way), then on foot or by vaporetto. If you do not know where is the stop on the way back, it is better to come in advance (there is a complete mess). It is also advisable to find out the schedule in advance, since the bus does not run very often, and there is absolutely no place to wait there.

The third, additional way, not so hectic – is a direct boat from Lido di Jesolo (leaves in the morning, returns around 19:00).

Venice images / Venedig Stadt

7, 8. Murano, Burano

More about Burano and Murano.

Murano is Venice in miniature. The island is famous for glass production.

Burano has its own character. It is known for its lace.

Take bus 5 to Punta Sabbioni, then vaporetto (arrives at the same time as the vaporetto in Venice, but stops at a nearby pier – they exchange passengers).


9. Villas Widmann and Contarini on Brenta. Villa Malcontenta

You can get there by bus 53 from Venice, which goes to Padua and passes Malcontenta through Mira, Dolo and Stra.

More about villas on Brenta

10. Padua (Padova)

You can get to Padua by bus to Mestre, then by train or bus. The fastest way is by car on the highway (the whole road takes about an hour).

More about Padua

Scrovegni Chapel Link and Eremitani Museum Link
Palazzo Ragione Link
anatomical theater Link
Museum of Diocesano Link
Scuola del Santo
Botanical Garden Link
MUSME (history of medicine) Link

11. Vicenza

Vicenza is the city of the architect Palladio. You can get there by bus from the bus station.

12. Arqua Petrarca, Euganean Hills

A number of attractions – old towns, villas and parks – are located along the Euganean Hills.

Read more about the sights of the Euganean Hills,
about Arqua Petrarca.

Arqua Petrarca Padova

13. Rovigo

The center of the province of the same name and the Polesine region, Rovigo is not as impressive a city as its famous neighbors like Padua or Venice. There is a historical center and an art museum, but it is not worth going for it from afar. The city is suitable for those who have accomodation nearby.

Nearby, in Fratta Polesine, is the UNESCO-listed Palladio Villa – Villa Badoer. The main interest is architecture. Frescoes have survived, but they are not very expressive.

14. Adria

Adria is the city that gave its name to the sea, on the shores of which it was once located. Since then, hundreds of years and 25 km of land have been added between it and the sea. It is a small town, the main advantage of which is a rich archaeological museum.

15. Po River Delta

Po River Delta is very extensive and stretches as far as Ravenna. There are various boat trips around the national park. More details, for example here. There is also a botanical garden Gardino Botanico di Porto Caleri in Rosaline (link)

16. Chioggia

Chioggia – “Little Venice”, one of the most important Venetian ports in antiquity. You can get there in the summer by boat from Venice.

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