Around Chenonceau: attractions map from Amboise to Loches

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The next map of attractions in the Loire Valley. This time we explore Amboise, part of the Cher River around Chenonceau and the region south of Tours to the town of Loches.

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Map of attractions around Chenonceau, Amboise, Tours to Loches
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1. Reserve de Beaumarchais

On a mini-train through a park inhabited, judging by the photographs, by at least deer, bison, ostriches, kangaroos and wild boars. The site, unfortunately, provides little information Link

2. Château of Valmer

Renaissance terraced gardens similar to those of Villandry. Link
Unlike Villandry, there is no visit to the castle, but there is a vineyard and free wine tasting. The gardens were laid out at the beginning of the 16th century. The castle was destroyed in the mid-20th century; the surviving buildings date back to the 17th century.
Garden Escape game.

Nearby, on the other side of the city of Chançay, there is another castle with a visit – Château de Jallanges, but it is more focused on services (hotel, hammam, events, etc.). Link

3. Parc de la Bourdaisière

The Bourdaisière Palace is used as a hotel and for events. You can visit the park. There is a national collection of tomatoes (700 species), a dahlia park and an orchard. Link

Nearby: Corn Maze Maïs Aventure Link

4. Aquarium de Touraine

Large aquarium Link. You can get an idea of what fish and amphibians are represented on the website in the section l’Aquarium / Especes.

5. Amboise

Amboise is not a small town (this is in case you are planning to explore everything on foot). In addition to the station, which is located on the opposite bank of the river from the castle (and it’s quite a long walk), there are also buses – for example, from Chenonceau.

In Amboise you find:

Chateau Amboise castle (Link) – royal residence. The museum has exhibitions dedicated to the Renaissance and the 19th century. Leonardo da Vinci is buried in the chapel.

Clos Luce castle – museum dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci. Link
The territory belonged to monks since the 13th century, and by the end of the 15th century it became a royal summer residence. The future king Francis 1 often visited here in his youth, who then started this whole massive castle development in the 16th century and invited Leonardo da Vinci to live in Clos Luce. In addition to the museum, you can see the chapel built in the 15th century for Anne of Brittany. Models created according to Leonardo’s plans are exhibited in the palace park.

small palace in Italian style Chateau Gaillard with garden and park. Link The palace was given to royal gardener. The first citrus plants in France were planted here.

candy store with production demonstration and small museum on the way to the train station on the other side of the river. Link

Parc Mini-Chateaux Link
Here you will find 41 models of Loire castles, an attraction with horses and a garden. The park is located not in the city center, but outside it. You can get there from the station or from the center by bus ligne C in the direction of Montrichard.

Chanteloup Pagoda is located on the same road as the miniature park. These are the remains of a ducal estate with an extensive park and pond. The only building that survived was the pagoda, but the palace was destroyed. You can climb the pagoda. Link

6. Chateau Chenonceau castle

One of the two most famous castles in the Loire Valley. Link
You can get there by train from Tours, and from Amboise by bus. There is a cycling route along the Cher River.

More about: Loire valley Chenonceau castle

Chenonceau Castle / Loire Schloss Chenonceau

7. Château de Montpoupon castle

The original medieval castle was converted into a palace in the 15th century. Interiors from different eras. Link
Small hunting Museum, stables

8. Montrichard

On the list of “towns with character”. There are old town, a castle with a regional museum, two churches from the 11th century.

In the neighboring village there is a settlement of “troglodytes”. Life in rock dwellings can be seen with a guided tour. Link

9. ZooParc de Beauval

A large zoo, considered one of the best in the world. Link
A large glass pavilion, pandas, a cable car over the territory, performances with sea lions and birds, a promenade above the enclosures.

How to get to ZooParc de Beauval:
navetta from Blois (6 euros return, onсe a day), discount at the entrance
The nearest station is St Aignan, on the line along the River Cher. However, this station is 8 km away and there is no bus
For such a top zoo, the lack of proper public transport is surprising. The Loire Valley is visited by a very large number of tourists without a car, and the option of getting there from Blois (1 hour by bus once a day) is not suitable for everyone.

10. Montresor

Montresor is on the list of the most beautiful villages in France.
The castle, converted from a medieval fortress, is now a museum Link
Gothic church. In summer – a special evening route

monastery-castle de la Corroirie Link
monastery ruins Chartreuse du Liget 12th century Link
rope park Link

11. Loches

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City of “art and history”
Old town, castle with a museum.
12th century Romanesque church, tomb of Agnes Sorel
Caravaggio’s works in the gallery of religious art Galerie Saint-Antoine

Beaulieu-les-Loches town – on the list of “towns with character”. 13th century church, gardens, old mill

12. Chedigny

The only village in France to receive the title of “remarkable garden”. The streets are lined with roses, so the best time to visit is June. Link

13. Montbazon

Montbazon is a medieval fortress, one of the oldest in France (late 10th century). A powerful donjon and a significant part of the walls and towers have been preserved from the fortress. The museum operates on the principle of an open-air museum – with a demonstration of medieval games, etc. The price includes a tour. English text is provided. There is also a performance in the afternoon. See the website for schedule.Link


Arboretum de la Martiniere – forest botanical garden. You can see what it looks like at different times of the year on the website. Link

on the other side of the highway there is a park and a palace Domaine de Cande Link
This palace is of a different kind than all those considered so far. It represents the life of wealthy aristocrats in the first half of the 20th century. The owners were distinguished by their engineering thinking, so the most advanced amenities for that time were installed here (for example, a pumping station, a lift, international telephone communications). The wedding of the Duke of Windsor (the future King Edward 8, who abdicated the throne) and the American Wallis Simpson took place in the palace. There are several thematic excursions, including for children.

14. Tours city

Tour has preserved only a small part of the old city, but the city itself is very pleasant and convenient for overnight stay. It’s definitely worth a visit, if only for the cathedral.

Museums of Tours:
Cloitre la Psalette Link
art museum Musee des Beaux-Arts Link
archaeological museum Hotel Gouin Link
Crafts Museum Musée du Compagnonnage Link

Priory ruins and rose garden Prieure Saint Cosme Link

More about Tours city: Attractions of Tours city

Please note that there are two stations in the city: the one closer to the city center is a dead-end station. The larger one, where high-speed trains usually stop, Saint-Pierre-des-Corps, is not located near the center, you still need to get to it.

Prieure Saint Cosme Tours

On the outskirts of Tours there are two Gadawi rope parks (in the north and in the south), indoor playgrounds, and a jumping center (Link).

In the suburbs, the “town with character” Rochecorbon may also be of interest. The vineyards of this town were famous – Rabelais, for example, wrote about them. In addition to the vineyards, there are two 11th-century churches and the noted garden of le Manoir des basses Rivieres Link
There is also park of attractions Lulu Parc Link

To the west in the village of Luynes is a Gallo-Roman aqueduct.

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