Attractions around Frankfurt am Main, along the Rhine to Koblenz

Last Updated on 15/03/2024

Map of attractions around Frankfurt am Main and along the Rhine from Frankfurt up to Koblenz.

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Map of attractions around Frankfurt along Rhine
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Rhine valley boat tours, public transport and welcome cards

Attractions around Frankfurt

1. Bad Nauheim

Resort. Drinking pavilions Sprudelhof in Art Nouveau.

rope park,
castle Burg Friedberg (there are various organizations)
Wellenbad pool,
rose village Steinfurt and rose museum.
Amber Museum Link

Historic railway (Link) through the rose village of Steinfurt to the castle Münzenberg Link

2. Bad Homburg

The resort park by Lenné is, besides the Berlin-Potsdam parks, the only work of this master that has survived in its original form.

Orthodox church by Benois.
Two Thai temples.
Palace of the Landgraves of the 17th century (since the 19th century it was used by the Prussian Kaisers as a summer residence), inside a museum with a demonstration of living quarters. Link
Small private car museum. Link
Thermal pool.

Saalburg – Roman fortress reconstructed in 1900 at the request of the Kaiser, part of the limes (archaeological park, Link).
Hessenpark – open-air museum (Link)
Lochmühle – amusement park in a rustic style Link

3. Oberursel, Kronberg, Königstein im Taunus, Eppstein

A number of cities along one road, with historical centers and fortresses.

Zoo Opelzoo (Link).
Adventure golf (Link).

4. Frankfurt am Main

The city was bombed during the war, so as a old city it is of no interest, although a small piece was restored along with the cathedral.
On the other hand, there are:
a decent number of skyscrapers,
a significant number of museums,
a good botanical garden with large greenhouses Palmengarten Link
and a mid-level zoo.

Among the museums museum Senckenberg (Link) was checked – lots and lots of dinos and fossils

Other museums:
archaeology musem Link
cathedral museum Dommuseum Link
Museum of money, gold – closed (2023)
Filmmuseum – Link
Experiminta (museum of science) Link
architecture museum, caricature museum,
sculpture museum Liebieghaus Link
Städelmuseum – a rich banker’s collection (Cranach, Dürer, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Picasso, etc.). Link
Timeride – new multimedia historical exposition.
Maintower – skyscraper observation deck.
You can also climb the cathedral.

5. Darmstadt

Parks Rosenhöhe (roses), Mathildenhöhe (Art Nouveau complex in an artists’ colony, claims to be in UNESCO list).

House of Hundertwasser Waldspirale. Unlike another such house in one of the cities neighboring Frankfurt, as far as I understand, it was built by the architect himself before his death, and not by someone “based on the”.

Museum of Industrial Culture Link.
Museum of the region Link.
Palace-museum Link.


Attractions along Rhine

6. Rüsselheim

The main theme of the city is Opel. History of production, the opportunity to visit the production (no official webseite this year – 2023).

7. Hochheim (Taunus)

Old town, wine museum, thermal pool.

8. Mainz

Restored part of the old town (very small).

The main attraction is the 11th-century cathedral where seven kings were crowned. A bronze door from the 11th century has survived.

natural science Link
new archaeological museum Leibniz-Zentrum für Archäologie (LEIZA) (since 2024) Link
museum of ancient shipbuilding (2 reconstructed Roman warships and archaeological finds) Link
Carnival Museum in Mainz Link
Roman-Germanic Museum,
Gutenberg Museum Link
Cathedral Museum (works of religious art from 500 BC)) Link
museum of the region Link
Museum Kupferberg (wine storage on several underground floors) Link

Fortress Citadel (17th century).

church Augustinerkirche – one of those untouched by the war (built in the 13th century, baroque interior).
church St. Stephan has interesting stained glass work by Chagall.

9. Wiesbaden

Old Town Hall (17th century).
Ruins of a fortress (13th century) in the suburb of Biebrich am Rhein.
Many Art Nouveau villas on the slopes, typical spa town buildings in the center. But in general, the city did not impress at all. Feel free to skip it.

Funicular up the mountain overlooking the Main. Orthodox church built in 1855 by Duke Adolf I to commemorate his young wife who died in childbirth.

Small Zoo Fasanerie.

Rope park is the main attraction of the city in my opinion. There are routes for toddlers and many routes for all levels.


10. Eltville

Town of roses
Small castle

Cistercian monastery Eberbach of the 13th century, where the film “The Name of the Rose” was filmed. Link

More about Eltville and Eberbach

Eltville Rhein

Nearby – amusement park Taunus Wunderland Link

Mittelheim – basilica St. Agidius

Kiedrich – Gothic Basilica of St. Valentine (Basilica Minor)

11. Ingelheim

Little-preserved remains of the imperial Pfalz (travel palace).
Thermal pool.

12. Bad Kreuznach

Spa town (plus another town very close – Bad Münster).

Picturesque valley, red rocks, castle ruins. Observation platforms (one you can reach also by car – Traisen)

Old city. Parks, including rose park. Yet another Little Venice.
Roman mosaics Link
Palace Museum (19th century interiors) Link
Puppet Theater Museum Link

Mercury mine Link
Thermal pool.
Rope park Hochseilpark.

Hand-drawn ferry.

Bretzenheim – monks’ dwellings in the rocks (Felseneremitage).

13. Meisenheim, Obermoschel, Bad Sobenheim

Meisenheim – old town.

Obermoschel – the smallest town of Palatinate. Castles ruins.

Bad Sobenheim – open air museum of Rhineland-Palatinate Link

14. Kirn

Leather manufactory. Outlets.
whiskey museum Link

15. Bingen, Rüdesheim, Assmannhausen, Lorch, Bacharach

Rhine castles and other attractions with the maps and links: Castles on the Middle Rhine on the map. 1. From Rüdesheim to Bacharach

Castles of the Middle Rhine Rüdesheim Mouse Tower

16. Kaub, Oberwesel, St. Goar, Boppard, Lahnstein, Koblenz

Next part: Rhine castles from Kaub to Koblenz and Lorelei rock

Rhine castles / Burgen am Rhein Sankt Goar

17. Gondershausen

Ehrenbachklamm Gorge

18. Kobern-Gondorf

The old town, several castles, in one of them (von der Leyen) there is a museum of winemaking Link

Oberfell – castle Thurant (Link)

19. Bad Ems, Dausenau, Nassau

Bad Ems – castle’s ruins, mining museum Link
Orthodox Church
funicular, thermal pool

Dausenau – picturesque old town with fortified walls.

Нассау – Nassau fortress Link

Upstream there is monastery Kloster Arnstein Link
Gackenbach – zoo (

20. Diez, Limburg

castle Oranienstein – baroque interiors,
castle Grafenschloss – museum of the region Link
rope park

Limburg – very well preserved old town

21. Bad Camberg, Idstein

Bad Camberg – resort, old town

Idstein – old town, thermal pool

22. Weilrod, Schmitten

Weilrod – birds park Vogelburg Link

Schmitten – mount Große Feldberg

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