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Last Updated on 20/04/2023

Technik Museum Speyer (link), one of two in this region (second – in Sinsheim). There are more cars and military equipment in Sinsheim. There are also planes and a couple of steam locomotives, but the rest of the set is more interesting for those who are fond of cars. Speyer has a more varied exhibition.

Town and Technik museum Speyer can be: included in the route along the Castle road
part 1 from Mannheim to Eberbach,
part 2 from Zwingenberg to Bad Wimpfen),
along the Rhine routes
visited from Heidelberg.
About Speyer itself – here.

In the first building there is a large cinema IMAX with a dome screen. Dome cinemas are even more immersive than 3D (in my experience), even to the dizziness.

How to get to technik museum Speyer

Train to Speyer station, then 30 minutes on foot (2,5 km) or bus 565, 564

Next, we go to the indoor exhibition complex called Liller Halle.

Steam locomotives are the first to meet us. The one right at the entrance spins the wheels for a coin of 1 euro. You can climb into the next one and imagine yourself as a train driver. It’s a pity for visitors (but eventually good for employees), there is no horn.

In the center of the hall there are a series of oldtimers and sports cars (not too many), various useful cars and especially a large collection of fire trucks. There is even a raft.

On the second level, two large railroad models, one smaller and one larger – are another small bloodletting to the wallet. Even higher – a small household exposition on the topic of how our ancestors washed and several old agricultural machines.

The largest and most interesting is the thresher, which can be started by pressing a button without any additional coins. The thresher threshes for a long time and you can get a good look at how all of its parts work.

We leave for an open area. There are some interesting planes and helicopters that you can climb into. I especially liked the AN-22 cargo plane – the largest propeller-powered aircraft in the world.

Also in the open area are the rescue ship JOHN T. ESSBERGER and the U9 submarine.

One visit to the submarine was enough for me, I don’t want more. And how they swam there for a long time, I can’t imagine.

Behind the submarine, quite unnoticed, is the living boat of the very popular in Europe family music group Kelly. You can go up there too.

Another plane is the Boeing 747, an absolutely huge plane that was the largest in the world for 37 years before the A380. For me, it’s already too large, and I would think so ten times before flying on this monster. Visitors can climb into the cargo hold, step onto the wing. I liked that they removed most of the seats so that you can walk freely on the plane, unlike the planes in Sinsheim, where people are gagging in close lines.

On the other side of the Liller Halle showroom, there are also two climbable planes, the smaller medium-sized cargo An-26 and the French passenger plane Dassault. There are also a couple of steam locomotives, including the only large Chinese steam locomotive in Europe, Qian Jin.

Another hit of the museum, one of its main attractions, is the space exhibition, headed by Buran.

In addition to Buran, there are many interesting things. For example, a real lander and a copy of Vostok. A significant part of the exposition is devoted to the flight to the Moon, there is even a small cobblestone from the Moon.

technik museum Speyer

Quite a lot of original space suits.

Outer space suit and toilet.

In addition to the space theme, a small number of airplanes and helicopters, motorcycles and the first bicycles are exhibited in the same hall. There is one more railway model, which seemed to me the most interesting of all.

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