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Last Updated on 20/04/2023

There are two large technik museums in the region: Technik museum Sinsheim (Link) and Technik museum Speyer. They have different content, but if there is a lack of time, it is quite possible to choose one.

We like museum in Speyer better: that set of exhibits is more interesting to us. But this does not mean that there is nothing to watch in Sinsheim.

Technik museum Speyer
Castle Road. 3. From Sinsheim to Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Castle Road. 2. Neckar valley cycle route. From Zwingenberg to Bad Wimpfen
Castle Road (Burgenstrasse). 1. Neckar cycle route Mannheim – Eberbach
Schwäbisch Hall. 1. What to see in old town

The main differences are as follows. Speyer has more large technik, an entire pavilion is dedicated to space, steam locomotives are better represented, there are two ships and a submarine.
There are a lot of cars in Sinsheim, whole lines of Mercedes from the very first car, a lot of military technik, which Speyer doesn’t have. But in Sinsheim there are no ships and space.
Nevertheless, in Sinsheim, there are several locomotives stuck in the corners. And in Speyer there are some vintage cars.

Technik museum Sinsheim

With the help of the red round button, a screen with a film, where object is shown in action, is switched on at many of the exhibits. Or for 1 euro you can start its wheels.

A motorcycle with one wheel and the first car model. I am fascinated by this story of Benz’s wife Bertha. Unknown to her husband, she with two sons went on the first ever 106-kilometer advertising trip in a freshly invented car that no one wanted to buy. On the way, she reinvented something, and made one pharmacy the first gas station in the world. You can also follow the steps of this stunning woman on the route of her name from Mannheim to Pforzheim.

Supersonic planes – Tu-144 and Concorde.


And huge American cars.

Vintage racing cars.


Hall of military technik and tractors. The striped beast is a train.

For 1 euro, this terrible colossus will move above you with a sound, directing the muzzle at you. Really unpleasant and realistic.

Exposition on the street – a lot of all kinds of tanks.

Technik museum Sinsheim

Cinema IMAX in Sinsheim is a huge screen that shows 3D films, mostly popular science. You need to look through glasses that give the effect of presence: it seems that the cliff is under your feet, the grass is in front of your eyes, and the marmot is poking its nose right in your face. But with the plot, the situation is very bad and boring (this is in the film about the national parks of America, I don’t know others).

In Speyer, the cinema is made in the form of a dome, we have not been there yet. But we were in the dome cinema in the Experimenta in Heilbronn – in some places it is even cooler than 3D. Gives a full effect of presence, sometimes to dizziness.

Sinsheim can be included in the route on the Neckar or on the Castle Road or as day trip from Heidelberg.

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