Loire Castles. Blois region attractions map

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One part of Loire castles and the most interesting Blois region attractions on the map. Since the region has an excessive number of Loire castles (Cher castles, Indres castles…), you should study in advance which ones to visit. It is better to limit yourself to two castles per day, although some routes allow you to visit more. To attract visitors, some castles organize themed exhibitions. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a couple of the most famous castles to visit and add to them those whose thematic exhibitions are of interest to you.

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Loire valley Chenonceau castle
Loire Valley Castles. Blois castle
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Loire Castles. Blois region attractions map
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Blois region attractions map

Loire castles Blois region attractions map
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Everything important that you can see in the region – with notes and links.

  • 1 – top
  • 2 – very good, although not so well known
  • 3 – good for a short vacation or a layover. Several medium-level interesting places
  • 4 – local or specific, not for everyone

Marks without brackets – I was there (there are links to the posts). With brackets – I wasn’t there. Of course, the notes are subjective

During the summer season there is a tourist bus Blois – Chambord – Villesavin – Cheverny – Beauregard – Blois.
The bus leaves from the Blois railway station, it goes to Chambord in 40 minutes. Then you can visit other castles (Villesavin, Cheverny or Beauregard). More detailed timetable can be found on the website www.remi-centrevaldeloire.fr.

1. Chateau de Talcy

The current appearance of the palace dates back to the 16th century, when it was rebuilt by a new owner, a Florentine banker. The peculiarity of the palace is the original interiors of the 18th century. (Link)

Bus 11 from Blois

2. Blois

Blois Castle (Link) – architecture of several centuries, historical rooms, art museum. In summer there are theater performances and a visit to the illuminated castle (Son et lumiere)

Read more about the castle of Blois: Loire Valley Castles. Blois castle

Museum of Magic. Link

Old town.

How to get: train, by foot from the station

3. Chambord

Chambord – a castle with a very unusual architecture. Link This is what attracts a lot of tourists. There are practically no interiors, no garden. But there are horse shows.
In summer, you can visit the castle in the evening when it is illuminated.

Read more about Chambor Castle.

The castle is part of the castle tour of the Remi tour bus from Blois.
Or regular bus 2 von Blois

Loire Valley Chambord Castle / Loiretal Schloss Chambord

4. Chateau de Villesavin

The palace was built for the finance minister of Francis 1, who also owned Villandry, in the 16th century, at the same time as Chambord. It was later resold several times.

Read more about Villandry Castle and Gardens: Loire cycle route. Tours – Villandry

Despite the careful restoration of the 19th century, the owners of the palace could not save it from decay. To return it to its normal state, since the beginning of the 21st century, the palace has been reopened to the public. You can see several historical rooms, a wedding museum and a mini-farm. (Link)

The castle is part of the castle tour of the Remi tour bus from Blois.
Or bus 3

5. Cheverny

The palace was built in the 17th century and, with short interruptions, was in the hands of one family – Hurault de Vibraye. You can see interiors and furniture from the 17th to the 19th centuries.
In addition to the palace, there is also a park. A feature of Cheverny is dog hunting. Despite a general ban in France, the owners of the palace have the right to herd up to 25 deer per year. Tourists can watch the feeding of dogs. Link

The castle is part of the castle tour of the Remi tour bus from Blois.
Or bus 4

6. Beauregard

The main part of the palace was built in the 16th century. The main interest is the portrait gallery, created in the 17th century: it is decorated with 5500 Delphi tiles and portraits of 327 famous people who lived in the 14th-17th centuries. Other interesting rooms include a library, an office and a kitchen of the 16th century. There is a park around the palace, also protected as a historical heritage. (Link).
There are several tours per day, one in English.

The castle is part of the castle tour of the Remi tour bus from Blois.

7. Troussay

Building of the 15th century and it was rebuilt several times. One of the smallest palaces of the Loire.

The owners continue to live in the palace, so only a part is open to the public – the rooms are shown only with a tour, which is held 1-2 times a day. Rooms for rent and events.
English park (Link)

Line 5 to Cormeray, then walk

8. Chateau de Fougeres sur Bievre

Palace-fortress of the 15th century, Gothic. Inside is a museum dedicated to building over the centuries – materials, tools, etc. There are also special exhibitions for children. (Link)

Bus 55 (intended for students, so only runs 2-3 times per day)

9. Chaumont sur Loire

This castle has an eventful history: it was in the hands of Catherine de Medici and Diane de Poitiers, Madame de Stael and other people. Of the interiors, the council hall with majolica of the 17th century and tapestries of the 16th century are especially interesting. (Link)

Gardeners present their compositions on the territory of the castle.

You can get there by train to Onzain station, then 2 km on foot or by Azalys bus

leisure Park (rope park, barefoot path…) Link

10. Botanical park Prieuré d’Orchaise


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