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We explored Lake Neuchâtel from the north, now let’s go to south of Lake Neuchatel map. The major cities here are Estavier and Yverdon. From the southern end of the lake, it’s a stone’s throw to Lake Geneva.

Around Lake Neuchâtel – what to see: Neuchatel, Biel, Murten
Neuchatel Lake. 1. Estavayer
Vallorbe Caves
Canton Valais. Sion – castles and bisse canals

South of Lake Neuchâtel map

South of Lake Neuchâtel map
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1. Yverdon-les-Bains

Yverdon is part of the canton of Vaud and is the second largest city in this canton.

The first settlements arose here during the Neolithic period, the Romans built the first fortress. Until the 13th century the city passed from hand to hand, often ruined during wars. In the 13th century the Savoy rulers came to power, gave the city market rights, and populated it with people. From this moment begins the economic prosperity of the city, which continued even when it was conquered by Bern.

Already under the Romans, local thermal springs were known. The thermal pool is one of the main attractions of the city. Link
If you are with children, be sure to check the rules: they do not allow children of any age and there are restrictions on the use of swimming facilities.

The second main attraction of the city is Yverdon Castle, built by the first Savoyard ruler in the 13th century. Already in the 18th century. it opened a museum. Archaeological finds are exhibited here, including Celtic jewelry, Roman boats. Link
In addition, the Swiss Fashion Museum with costumes from the 19th and 20th centuries is located here.

2. Grandson

The small town of Grandson is located near Yverdon. It has retained its medieval center and castle. Grandson Church was built in the 12th century in the Romanesque style.

The castle, the second largest in Switzerland, was built between the 11th and 13th centuries. In the castle you can see weapons and armor. The second part of the exposition is a collection of oldtimers. Link

In addition, the town is the center of the wine region, and here you can taste local products.

3. Concise

The village of Concise next along the shore is considered especially picturesque. You can also taste local wine here.

4. Chateau de Joux

Ancient military fortress (11th century, is already in France.

5. Vallorb

The caves of Vallorbe are worth a visit.

More about the Vallorbe caves and how to get to them

In addition to the caves, the city has a museum mill, and above the Jurapark with bison, bears and wolves.

Vallorbe Höhle

6. Orbe

At the exit of the city on the A9 motorway (Orbe-Bosceaz), you can see the most beautiful (according to the museum) Roman mosaics north of the Alps. Link

In addition, 2 kilometers from the city in the village of Montcherand, you can visit the church of the same name and see the oldest frescoes in Switzerland (12th century).

Train + bus 680

7. Romainmotier

Another destination for lovers of ancient architecture. Here is the oldest Swiss Romanesque church.

The Benedictine monastery was founded in this place in the 5th century, according to legend, by the local Saint Romain. It was the first monastery in Switzerland. In the 10th century the monastery was transferred under the control of the monastery in Cluny. A new church was built. In the 16th century the monastery was secularized and partially destroyed. The church served as Protestant. The prior’s house was turned into a castle for the Vogt.

You can get there by train, from the station it is still approx. 25 min walk or local bus.

8. Sarraz

Of some interest are the old town, the castle (presumably the 12th century), the horse museum. Link

Can be reached by train

9. Moudon

The picturesque old town, well preserved its medieval appearance.

Can be reached by train

10. Romont

Old city. Museum of Stained Glass Vitromusée Romont. Link

Can be reached by train

11. Estavayer

Old town

More about Estavayer le Lac

Can be reached by train

Neuenburgersee Neuchatel lake Estavayer

12. Reserve Grand Caricaie

The bird reserve stretches along the entire eastern shore of Lake Neuchâtel. Link

In the central part of the reserve, in Chevroux, there is a wooden path created for family walks. There is a information point in Champ-Pittet.

The reserve consists of several large wooded and swampy areas along the banks between settlements. The banks are heavily overgrown with reeds. A few overgrown paths lead to the shores through the forest. In the reserve you can see more than 220 species of birds, numerous amphibians and insects, wild boars, beavers.

13. Vallon

Two well-preserved Roman mosaics (25 and almost 100 sqm) can be found in the small village of Vallon. The local Roman museum also exhibits finds from the Roman period. Link

14. Museum of Military Aviation Musee Clin d’Ailes

Relatively close to Payern (via the autobahn) is a large military airfield. Planes fly very often – either they train for the air show, which takes place in late August – early September, or it is customary in the usual way. The museum is small but full of exhibits. Link

In addition to the fighters, you can see various devices, parachutes, dispatching devices. Those who wish can try themselves on the simulator (it looks like a computer game, it is controlled by a joystick).

bus 560 from Payerne or bus 551 from Estavayer to Morens stop

15. Payerne

Payerne can be reached by train.

The development of the city of Payerne is connected with the history of the abbey built here in the 10th century by the royal Burgundian family. It was the first abbey subordinate to the Cluny abbey. Along with the abbey, the city also developed. By the 14th century the decline of the monastery began, the city received city rights and often clashed with the abbey. In the 16th century the city converted to Protestantism and the monks were forced to leave.

The abbey church is the main attraction of the city. After the Reformation, it served as a bell-casting, grain storage, barracks and prison. But this allowed her to partially preserve the medieval interiors. At the end of the 19th century Restoration has begun and is still going on.

lake Neuchatel attractions Payerne

16. Fribourg

A very unusual city, interesting primarily for its location on a hill at the turn of the river. Here you should walk along the narrow lanes, climb the tower of the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, look at the numerous bridges and city fortifications.

Read more about Friborg

There are some museums:
puppet museum Link
Firemen’s Museum (Le Galetas des Pompiers de Fribourg) Link
Espace Jean Tinguely und Niki de Saint Phalle Link
Gutenberg museum Link

But the most interesting is probably the model of the railroad in the suburbs – Chemin de fer du Kaeserberg ( In addition to the model, there is also a railway simulator. You can choose between a short trip of 40 minutes and a long one of three hours. The simulator is reserved in advance.

17. Gruyeres

A small fortified settlement on a hill topped with a castle (Chateau de Gruyeres, Link). The Gruyeres is quite an intensive trip. The place is extremely popular, so there is not only a castle, but also various museums and a cheese factory.

Read more about Gruyeres

Can be reached by train

In the vicinity of Lake Gruyere – it can be seen from the autobahn, but it is not so easy to get close to it. The most accessible place from the autobahn is the beach near the village of Morlon. On the lake there is an island with ruins, which can be reached on foot in spring, during the period of low water.

Bulle has a large historical museum of the region. Link
In Broc power station and chocolate factory

Near Gruyeres there are also cable cars to the mountains – Moleson and Charmey

In Moleson: funicular and cable car, coaster, go-cart, cheese dairy. Link

Read more about Moleson

In Charmey: thermal pool, cable car, cheese factory, playgrounds, rope park. Link

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