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It’s not hard to find entertainment for a 2 week on the lake Lucerne. From here you can go on day excursions to the mountains and other cities. See on the Lake Lucerne map, where there are attractions and cable cars.

Swiss side of Lake Constance
Jungfrau region Map
Lake Brienz attractions. Giessbach falls
Ballenberg open air museum

There are a lot of cable cars in the region. Most of them serve local residents, but at the same time they bring up mountain hikers. Some of them work automatically, others have a service employee, others are controlled from a hotel or restaurant on the top, for the fourth you need to call the caretaker or look for him in the nearest houses. Check the conditions in advance.

Lake Lucerne map
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Everything important that you can see in the region – with notes and links.

  • 1 – top
  • 2 – very good, although not so well known
  • 3 – good for a short vacation or a layover. Several medium-level interesting places
  • 4 – local or specific, not for everyone

Marks without brackets – I was there (there are links to the posts). With – I wasn’t there. Of course, the notes are subjective

1. Wassen, Gurtnellen, Silenen, Erstfeld

Hiking region of varying difficulty. High mountains, emerald lakes, flowering meadows. The popular Maderanertal valley. The popular long route is via the Sustenpass on the old road from Wassen. Routes can be viewed here.

The valley’s second theme is the Gotthard Railway, with Switzerland’s highest railway bridge. If you organize a group of 6 people or more, you can book an excursion dedicated to the Gotthard Tunnel. There are Gottards themed trails along the railway in each town.

There are a number of cable cars, from old ones with 4-8 seats, to no less old ones that look like carts suspended from a cable:

  • 2 cable cars Intschi, Amsteg on one mountain with different walking routes and two lakes (Leutschachtal, Arnisee).
  • Golzern – leads to a terrace with a lake (link)
  • cable car Waldiberg 
  • funny cable car-cart takes you to the waterfall and lake Seewlialp
  • Schwandi
  • Hofstetten – Wilerli
  • Attinghausen-Brüsti

2. Flüelen, Altdorf

Altdorf – cantonal history museum, Capuchin monastery, swimming pool

The old Eggberge small cable car. Based on the photos, only one end of the lake is visible. But there is a hiking route towards Bürglen.

The cable car Flüelen-Oberaxen looks more promising in terms of views of the lake (link).

Bürglen – the place where, according to legend, Wilhelm Tell was born. Museum dedicated to him. Biel-Kinzig cable car and numerous other cable cars in the valley. At the top there is an extended hiking route with the ability to cross the ridge to Muotatal along the path of Suvorov. Look at the routes here.

3. Swiss trail around lake Uri

The complete Swiss trail route with a separate map

Let’s add some cable cars here.


  • Turmmatt-Gitschenberg from Seedorf
  • cable car Bolzbach-Bodmi – link
  • side valley from Isleten – Isenthal. Walking trails, cable cars (
  • cable car from Seeli Lake –
  • Treib – Seelisberg funicular from pier


  • Eggberge
  • Giebel
  • Oberaxen

4. Brunnen, Morschach

Brunnen is not distinguished by any special sights, except for the Bundeskapelle (16th century). But it is a good base for exploring the region, with great views.

Cable car near to Brunnen: Urmiberg.

Read about Brunnen, Schwyz and Muotatal

Morschach – village above the lake. A range of activities at Swiss Holiday Park (full list), for example the thermal pool and the Flying Fox. There is an observation deck overlooking a part of the lake.

The lower cable car station is even higher – in Platten. It’s a long way to go on foot, it’s better to take a bus. The cable car leads to the village of Stoos. From there, you can reach the Fronalpstock summit using a chairlift. The way is quite long, but the views from above are the best as not only Lake Uri can be seen, but the rest of Lake Lucerne as well.

In addition to the Fronalpstock chairlift, Stoos offers another chairlift to Klingenstock. Between the two chairlift stations, along the very edge of the ridge, there is a walking route suitable, according to the local site, even for children. I do not know what age schould be the children. I know of two cases when childrenf fell out of the chairlift. When we used such chairlift (only one time – it was enough!) with our 8-year-old, I only felt scared for the whole trip because he was too small and therefore wasn’t fixed at all. That’s why I recommend chairlifts only from 10 years of age (and later depending on height).

On the other side of the mountains, in Muotatal, the funicular descends – the steepest in the world. The boring old wagons were replaced with fashionable ones in the form of several connected barrels.

5. Muotatal

Muotatal leads to Glarus. This is a rather narrow valley along which the long-distance cycling route Suvorov Road runs. Suvorov’s troops on the way from Gottard crossed the ridge near Flüelen and ended up in Muotatal.

Sights closest to Brunnen and Schwyz:

  • Suvorov bridge in front of Schlattli
  • funicular Schlattli – Stoos
  • cave Höhlenerlebnis Hölloch behind the village Muotatal (link)
  • cable car Illgau

Read about Brunnen, Schwyz and Muotatal

6. Schwyz

Sights: Confederate Charter Museum, Ital Reding Museum, featuring the interiors of a typical well-to-do family of merchants. Victorinox Factory Visitor Center (not in the city center).

Schwyz’s “Home Mountain” – Grosser Mythen. There is no cable car to the mountain itself, but people go there on foot. Pretty steep, but fenced off in dangerous places.

There is a cable car to the neighboring Rotenflue mountain. There is another lift on the other side of the mountain, from Brunni, but to get there, you have to go around the entire massif.

The Sattel-Hochstuckli cable car rises from the side. There is also a Raiffeisen Skywalk suspension bridge and a summer toboggan run. link.

Read about Brunnen, Schwyz and Muotatal

7. Goldau

Very nice zoo with European animals. Deer can be fed.

Read about Rigi and Goldau

Tierpark Goldau

8. Rigi

Rigi is a vast mountain massif with several cable cars on all sides, two branches of mountain railways.

In addition to the view and numerous hiking trails, there is a swimming pool in Rigi Kaltbad and a rope park in Küssnacht.

More about Rigi with a more detailed map

Rigi Kulm

9. Lake Zug

The city of Zug is the most interesting here.

About Zug.

10. Lucerne

Relatively small historical center with two covered wooden bridges over the Reuss, a few old churches, old houses and a town hall, a city wall.

Historical museum, natural science museum, glacier garden museum, Alpineum – 3D panorama of the Alps.
Rosengart Museum, which exhibits a collection of 20th century art, Villa Wagner am See.
Transport Museum Verkehrshaus
A few chocolate manufacturers with guided tours, such as the Aeschbach Chocolatier.

About Lucerne

11. Biosphere Reserve Entlebuch under UNESCO

20 years ago, the valley was considered the poorest place in Switzerland. The residents decided to turn the underdeveloped infrastructure and the marshland into an advantage out of a disadvantage, and at the same time save the swamps. They announced a biosphere reserve, began to develop ecological energy, regional bioproducts.

A relaxing bio / eco holiday awaits the tourist here. Hiking trails including route for stroller, theme trails, playgrounds.

From the most interesting sights:

  • Chessiloch waterfall and suspension bridge in Flühli village
  • Historical Museum Entlebucherhaus in Schüpfheim
  • gold search in Romoos
  • and a whole complex of entertainment at the very end of the valley in Sörenberg with a toboggan run, a rope park, a large playground and a cable car to Rothorn, where the historic railway from Brienz rises on the other side.

More about Brienz and the Jungfrau region

12. Lungern

Emerald lake Lungern and cable car Turrenbahn.

13. Melchtal

The Melchtal Valley is a side valley from Sarnen. Near Sarnen, the Aquacenter Obwalden thermal pool, rare in Switzerland, should be mentioned.

The most interesting is the end of the valley, where the Melchsee-Frutt cable car rises to a plateau with two lakes, a rope park and numerous routes. You can go over the ridge to Engelberg or Gadmen (see a good map here (Info – Panoramakarte)).

14. Pilatus

Pilatus is the main attraction of the region, must-see. There is no point in advertising it. But Lake Lucerne is not the only Pilatus: when going to the lake, include other places of it in the program, at least Lake Uri or Bürgenstock.

Read more about Pilatus, with a separate map.

15. Bürgenstock

Bürgenstock is a resort for the elite and a wonderful observation deck.

Read more about Klewenalp, Bürgenstock and Stans


16. Klewenalp

Base for exploring the region and hiking routes.

About Klewenalp, Bürgenstock and Stans

17. Stans

The historic center of the canton. Funicular and open top cable car at Stanserhorn.

About Klewenalp, Bürgenstock and Stans

18. Dannewil, Wolfenschiessen, Bannalp

The valley leading to Engelberg is mostly small cable cars and hiking trails. Routes can be viewed here.
The Bannalp cable car leads to the lake.

19. Engelberg, Titlis

In my opinion, the Jungfrau climb is overly popular, and Titlis is underestimated. Here you will get the same entertainment, only it is easier to get to them. There is an ice tunnel, a glacier, and also the highest suspension bridge over the glacier. And the summit of the characteristic triangular shape looks expressive.

In addition to the main cable car to Titlis, there are other cable cars to the side slopes, a rope park, summer toboggan, lake, Flying Fox.

And even a cultural program is available: a Benedictine monastery, a cheese factory and a museum of the region.

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