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Last Updated on 14/05/2023

Rigi is an imposing mountain massif along the northern shore of the lake Lucerne. On the another side of it is Lake Zug.

Note that there are several different ways to climb. The seemingly obvious climb to the summit (Rigi Kulm) is not necessarily the best in terms of views. From there you can clearly see Lake Zug, but poorly Lake Lucerne. Explore all the possibilities in advance. In addition, it is better to leave in the morning so that the sun does not light up Pilatus.

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Rigi cable car and Rigi train

At the foot, tourists usually settle in the villages of Gersau, Vitznau, Weggis. The only disadvantage of this accommodation is that you need to get to the train by bus to Brunnen or to Küssnacht.

  1. A cogwheel railway (by the way, the first in Europe) rises to Rigi from two points – Vitznau and Goldau (on the other side of the mountain). Both options are quite picturesque. So you can combine climbing the mountain with a visit to the Goldau zoo.
Rigi Karte / Rigi Map
enlarge Map data ©OpenTopoMap, ©OpenStreetMap
Rigi Railway

A couple of times a day (see the railway site) there is a historic steam locomotive.

It is interesting to climb, of course, in clear weather. Otherwise all the peaks will be in fog. In addition to the summit itself, you should definitely visit the Känzeli observation point. From the Staffelhohe stop – down the serpentine. Or from the Kaltbad-First stop – along the flat road for about seven minutes.

Views from the top. There was a haze. Plus we were in the afternoon after the zoo and the sun was in the way. It is better first up the mountain, then the zoo.

Unlike Pilatus, the ascents here are mostly smooth, only abruptly at the end, but still you cannot compare with Pilatus.

Rigi Railway / Rigi Bahn

View to Schwyz.

Rigi Kulm

Goldau and a little lake Zug on the left.

Rigi Kulm

Lake Zug

Lake Zug from Rigi Kulm / Zugersee von Rigi Kulm

Part of Lake Lucerne from Küssnacht to Lucerne. Pilatus is lost in the haze.

Rigi Kulm Zugersee / Lake Zug

The summit – Rigi Kulm.

Rigi Kulm

The best view of Pilatus, which we managed to pull out in such weather.

Lake Lucerne

By good weather it looks like this.

Lake Lucerne Pilatus

Bürgenstock from the train’s window.

Lake Lucerne Burgenstock

2. Since we started with Vitznau, we will stay here. In addition to the train, there are two more cable cars – Wissifluh and Hinterbergen.

Wissifluh – the first Swiss cable car, rises to a height of almost 1000 meters without intermediate supports. Upstairs restaurant and beautiful views. The cable car is operated from the restaurant and is available upon request.

Hinterbergen is also open on request, although it is often serviced by a train driver during peak season. The lower station of the cable car is open even at night, so it can be used for night ascents.

3. Cable car from Weggis to Kaltbad. The most interesting here are the Känzeli observation deck and the Mineralbad Kaltbad pool.

4. The cable car from Küssnacht rises to the middle of the mountain – Seebodenalp. There is a rope park in Küssnacht.

5. The Kräbel – Rigi Scheidegg cable car ascends from the Kräbel cog railway stop to the top of Scheidegg. The cable car has recently been completely renovated. Upstairs there is an observation deck and a 7 km panoramic trail, which is also suitable for wheelchairs, to Kaltbad.

Lake Lucerne Vierwaldstättersee

6. Urmiberg – cable car next to Brunnen, with a beautiful view of Lake Uri.

7. Gersau Obergschwend – Burggeist – cable car with an old small cabin. Popular for walking and especially in winter as insider tip, because few people get here.

Zoo (Tierpark) in Goldau

This zoo is located at the site of a large landslide. In general, more than 20 landslides are known in this place, the most catastrophic was in the 15th century. Actually, the name Goldau is not from Gold, but from Golet – on the talus. The most known is the landslide of 1806, which killed 450 people. The Goldau Tierpark Zoo is located on the site of the part of the mountain that had moved down.

This is a zoo with “local” animals – bears, marmots. Deers walking freely and can be feeded.

Goldau zoo
Zoo Goldau
Zoo Goldau
Goldau zoo
Goldau zoo
Goldau zoo
Tierpark Goldau

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