Upper Normandy tourist attractions. Rouen region to Dieppe

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In this part there are Upper Normandy tourist attractions – everything interesting east and north from Rouen region to Dieppe and Treport.

Part 1 – west from Rouen and south from Dieppe (Fecamp, Etretat, Seine, etc)
Calvados and Orne
Eure map

Everything important that you can see in the Rouen region – with notes and links.

  • 1 – top
  • 2 – very good, although not so well known
  • 3 – good for a short vacation or a layover. Several medium-level interesting places
  • 4 – local or specific, not for everyone

Marks without brackets – I was there (there are links to the posts). With brackets – I wasn’t there. Of course, the notes are subjective

Lable “the most beautiful village” – link
Lable “small town with character” – link
Lable “special” garden (Jardin Remarquable) – link

1. Around Dieppe and Treport

From Dieppe to Treport map
enlarge Map data ©OpenTopoMap, ©OpenStreetMap

1. le Treport

Funicular, old town. Sea excursions. Wildlife observation park Sainte Croix Wetlands.

Glassblowing workshop L’Atelier du Verre

Train. Bus 68 from Dieppe.

2. Eu

Royal Palace Chateau d’Eu (link)

Ferme de Beaumont.

Garden Jardin Jungle Karlostachys (link).

Museum of glass production Musée des Traditions Verrières (UPD closed?)

Train. Bus 68 from Dieppe.

3. Petit Caux

Everyday life Museum – Musée d’Histoire de la Vie Quotidienne

Nearby: information center at the nuclear power plant Penly

4. Dieppe

Museum in the castle of the 15th century Link, the coastal museum with an aquarium link

Old churches, le Pollet quarter.

5. Offranville

Parc floral William Farcy dedicated to old varieties of roses. This is a new park that is gradually developing. (link)

Bus from Dieppe

6. Tourville sur Argues

Chateau Miromesnil – palace of the 16th century, with interiors of the 17-19th centuries. Known for its garden and the fact that Guy de Maupassant was born here. Link


7. Saint-Nicolas-d’Aliermont

Clock Museum (Musee de l’Horlogerie) (link)

2. Rouen region

Rouen Region Upper Normandy
enlarge Map data ©OpenTopoMap, ©OpenStreetMap

8. Neufchatel en Bray, Mesnieres en Bray

Neufchatel houses the Museum of Art and Traditions (Musee Mathon-Durand) link. And also cheese with the name of the city.

Nearby: Renaissance castle Chateau de Mesnieres (http://www.chateau-mesnieres-76.com)

9. Agapanthus Garden

Grigneuseville: Agapanthus Garden – from list of “special” gardens. The author is experimenting with various plants and designs, so, as they say in the guide, people come to him in search of new ideas. (link)

Nearby: museum of cider in Rosay (link)

10. Jardin de Mesnil

Monterolier: Jardin de Mesnil – “special” garden (link)

11. Cleres

Zoo Botanical Garden (link)


12. Rouen

Old town, half-timbered houses. The famous cathedral.

About Rouen

Museum of Art (including Velazquez, Ingres, Poussin, Rubens, a significant collection of the Impressionists) Link
An archaeological museum. Link
Museum of Ceramics. Link Museum of iron (Le Secq des Tournelles) Link.
Natural Science Museum (the second largest after the Parisian) link.
Jeanne d’Arc Museum Link .
Museum of the Sea, River and Port.
Science Museum

Rouen old town / Rouen Altstadt


Notre-Dame-de-Bondeville: production of ropes Musee de la Corderie Vallois (link), rose garden, japanese garden

Train from Rouen

Preaux: rope park

13. Several castles and gardens east of Rouen

Château de Martainville – Museum of Norman Traditions and Art (link)

Bus 73 from Rouen

Chateau de Vascoeuil – modern sculpture (link)

Bus 73 from Rouen

Montmain: Les Jardins d’Angelique – gardens from the list of “special” (link)

Bus 38 from Rouen

14. Lyon-le Foret

From “the most beautiful villages in France”. Old houses.

Bus 500 from Rouen

Other Normandy Topics – # Normandy.
Adjacent Maps: Manche, Calvados, Orne, Seine-Maritime (Part 1)

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