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Last Updated on 11/08/2023

Friuli Venezia Giulia region map is useful for those who rest in Bibione, Grado and Trieste (or of course in other cities of the region).

Bibione is a kind of a resort for those who prefer not to get off the beach. The sights are quite far away, only exit to the highway costs up to half an hour’s drive. This is especially difficult on a hot day. Nevertheless, there are plenty of attractions for a couple of weeks of holiday.

There are public transport option from Bibione here.

Bibione. Part 1- transport, roads, beaches.
Part 2 -map of the city, housing, shops, entertainment in the city
Venice Grand Canal, around the city, regatta
Venice tips. How to get to Venice, Venice museums
Venice San Marco, Doge palace, Basilica of Saint Mark
Sights around Venice on the map.

The towns from these lists are named further “from the list” or “listed”:
the list of “most beautiful borghi” (villages, link),
or to the “orange flag” list (the most beautiful small town, link).

For those who decide to thoroughly explore Friuli Venezia Giulia, there is the FVG Card discount card (read more on the website:

First map – west from Udine

Friuli Venezia Giulia region map of attractions
enlarge Map data ©OpenTopoMap

1. Lignano, Bibione

Lignano is almost a copy of Bibione, only perhaps more fashionable. You can go there for entertainment:

Public transport – bus.

Bibione. Part 1- transport, roads, beaches.
Part 2 -map of the city, housing, shops, entertainment in the city

2. Cordovado

From “most beautiful village”

Near: Abbazia Benedettina Santa Maria in Sylvis

Public transport – train, bus 62, 370 from Portogruaro

3. Codroipo, Bertiolo

Codroipo: Villa Manin (link) – one of the largest villas in Italy, hosts international exhibitions, Parco Le Risorgive

Bertiolo – known winery

To the north is Valvasone – from “beautiful villages” (but not very impressive from the photos)

Public transport – train to Codroipo, no public transport to Bertiolo or Valvasone

4. Pordenone

Historical center, archaeological museum

Public transport – train.

5. Sacile

Picturesque city

Public transport – train.

6. Valcellina

Cellina River Gorge – walking trail and a wheeled train along the old road along the gorge. Above is the Barsis reservoir.

A village in the trees, a suspension bridge over the gorge.

Near: Piancavallo – coaster, rope parc, Fun Park Nevelandiy

Public transport – train.
To Piancavallo there is no transport

7. Maniago, Poffabro

Ecomuseum Lis Aganis link

Poffabro – picturesque village from the list

Public transport to Maniago train.
To Poffabro there is no transport

8. Spilimbergo

Picturesque old town, mosaic school.

No transport

9. Gemona del Friuli

The old town, picturesquely located by the mountains. It was badly damaged by the earthquake and was rebuilt.

Public transport – train.

10. Tarcento

A city on the hills,
further along the gorge stalactite caves and an underground lake Grotte di Villanova (link)

Public transport – train.

Second map – east from Udine

Friuli what to see
enlarge Map data ©OpenTopoMap, ©OpenStreetMap

11. Cividale

An excellent option for a day excursion is the old town, the archaeological museum, the Lombard chapel.

Cividale. Town and palio
Cividale bridge, Duomo place and palio

Travel time by car – 50 minutes – 1 hour. The cost is 3.50 + 3.50 euros for the Autobahn.
By public transport is difficult: by bus to Latisana, then by train to Udine, then by train to Cividale.

12. Udine

Udine is a fairly large city for the area, with a compact historical center. It is good to visit it in transit. In addition to the historical center, you can look into the local museum.

More about Udine

Road: travel time by car is 35-40 minutes, if there are no traffic jams. The cost is 3.50 + 3.50 euros for the autobahn. You can take a short road, cutting off the corner by crossroads of highways – it is quite good.

13. Gorizia

You can see the fortress, the historical center.

The road by car is about 1 hour 10 minutes.
Public transport (train) from Bibione takes too long.

14. Palmanova

A walled city in the shape of a star.

The road is 30 minutes by car.
Public transport is train (unrealistic from Bibione).

15. Aquilea and Grado

Aquileia was once a large ancient city, very significant. But it was destroyed by Attila in the middle of the 5th century, and the inhabitants left it. Now it is a vast archaeological site. You can see the excavations and the cathedral with mosaics.

Grado also has a known church and historic center.

The road is 40-50 minutes by car.
By public transport: to Latisana by bus, then train to Cervignano, then by bus of the company Apt. You can then use the same bus to get to Grado.

16. Duino

There are two castles in Duino – one is old, which is not always open. The other is the property of the Thurn und Taxis family (

In addition, there is a rope park at the top of the hill.

Cave-sanctuary of the goddess Mithra (excavation)

Stalactite cave Grotta delle Torri Slivia (link)

The road is over 1 hour.
By public transport: to Latisana by bus, to Monfalcone by train, then by bus to Duino (

17. Castle Miramare and the grotto of the Giants

Miramare Castle is the most famous castle in this area. Built in the 19th century the palace, stylized as a castle, picturesquely rises on a cliff above the sea, attracting many tourists. The Austrian Archduke Maximilian (future emperor of Mexico) and his wife lived in the palace. After the death of Maximilian, his wife went crazy, the palace became the summer residence of the Habsburgs. The original interiors have been preserved.

Grotto of the Giants ( – the largest cave in the world, open to tourists. According to the description, inside you can place the Cathedral of St. Peter. Located on the other side of the Autobahn, almost opposite the Miramare Palace.

By car – about 1 hour and 20 minutes.
By public transport – long, but theoretically possible: bus to Latisana, train to Monfalcone, train to Miramare.

18. Trieste

The capital of the region, located by the sea. Look – beautiful squares, a castle.

The road is almost an hour and a half. By public transport – a little over two hours (bus to Latisana, then by train).

19. Muggia

Old center, fortress, remnants of walls, 9th century basilica, picturesque harbor.

Public transport – bus or train.

20. Škocjan Caves

The Skocjan Caves are located a few kilometers away in Slovenia.( They are included in the UNESCO list.

21. Postojna

Postojna would not have caught my eye if it hadn’t been for the advertising posters everywhere in Bibione.

A cave and Predjama Castle are offered to visit. link

The road is just over an hour and a half. Guided tours – see posters.

Towards Venice

Of course, we will not forget the Venetian sights, although most of them are far away: apart from Venice and Treviso, one can name Villa Emo, Belluno, Asolo, Vittorio Veneto. See the map for attractions around Lido di Esolo.

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