Pink granite coast (Cote de granit rose)

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The pink granite coast got its name because the coast and islands are made of pink granite of various shades, from very light, almost gray, to dark, almost brown.

The entire coastline is practically one continuous developed resort. There is where to walk, there are beautiful beaches and there is something to see.

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How to get to Pink Granite Coast

The cities of the Pink Granite Coast can be reached by bus from Lannion, to Lannion – by train.

There are some buses:
line D (Ile-Grande, Trébeurden, Pleumeur-Bodou),
line E (Trégastel, Perros-Guirec, Saint-Quay-Perros),
bus Le Macareux along the coast (Trégastel, Perros-Guirec, Saint-Quay-Perros)

Pink granite coast map

Pink granite coast map
enlarge Map data ©OpenTopoMap

1. Perros-Guirec

It is a popular resort with beautiful beaches and capes. There are several old churches in the city (for example, the Church of St. Jacques 11th century). A panoramic trail runs along the coast.

From the port of Perros-Guirec, you can go on boat excursions to the Sept-Iles archipelago. This is a bird sanctuary where 20 thousand birds live and breed, including cute puffins. Of the seven islands, only one can be reached, so no one bothers the birds. The same company offers excursions to the Brea Island and along the coast.

2. Ploumanach

The most impressive are the pink cliffs in Ploumanach. It is a small settlement between Perros-Guirec and Tregastel, closer to the latter, although administratively belongs to the former.

There is a very good walking path along the coast. The entire route can be walked around in one and a half to two hours. The development of hiking trails, in particular the trails along the GR34 coastline, began from Lannion region. Therefore they are much better here than in other places where we have been.

Huge boulders of various shapes are piled everywhere. Heather and other flowers bloom around them.

In the middle of the way there is a lighthouse. It was built in 1860, destroyed during the Second World War and rebuilt. Another building further along the trail is the 17th century customs officers’ hideout.

You can finish your walk in one of the cafes in the center of the village. They offer seafood cuisine at reasonable prices.

Another interesting place is the 14th century tidal mill between Plumanash and Tregastel.

3. Tregastel

In Tregastel itself (3), in addition to the beach, you can relax in the pool with sauna “Forum Tregastel”. Nearby, in the pink granite caves, there is an aquarium representing the life of the sea that surrounds Brittany.

Fifteen to twenty minutes walk from the city center there is a field with two ancient monuments – a dolmen and a “covered alley” (Dolmen de Kerguntuil and Allee couverte de Kerguntuil). It is easy to get to them from the map, in addition, there are signs in the city.

4. Trebeurden

The next resort further along the coast is Trebeurden (4). There are excellent beaches, walking paths, several old churches, several menirs, a “covered alley” on the island of Milliau, which can be reached on foot at low tide, and one dolmen.

Where else can you travel if you have vacation on the Pink Granite Coast

5. Pleumeur-Bodou

Telekom (science museum dedicated to telecommunications, with a special interactive display for children), planetarium, Gallic village, a climbing forest

bus D from Lannion

6. Lannion

Old city. The most interesting church is Brelevenez, founded in the 12th century by one of the branches of the Knights Templar

bus E, D from Pink granite coast, train

6a. Ploubezre

Chateau de Kergrist – an example of the residence of the Breton aristocracy. Built in 1537, rebuilt in the 17th and 18th centuries. The garden and part of the interiors are open for visitors (see open hours!). Link

Notre-Dame de Kerfons – interesting church

only car or bicycle

7. Lanvellec – Chateau de Rosanbo

The castle has been in the possession of the same family for 600 years. At the end of the 19th century it has been restored in neo-gothic style

Lanvellec -6-7 km from the train station Plouaret or from the nearest bus (line 30 Lannion – Morlaix) on the coast. Located on the GR 34.8 hiking trail

8. Roscoff

Roscoff is another “small town with character”.

In addition to the city itself, you can
see the exotic Roscoff garden,
go to the Batz island (Ile de Batz)
or to the Chateau du Taureau

Bus 30 or train Lannion – Morlaix, then train or bus 29

9. Morlaix

Old town.

10, 11. Saint-Thegonnec, Guimiliau

Parish closes.

Bus 30 or train to Morlaix, then bus 70

About parish close in Saint-Thegonnec

Around Tregastel and Paimpol

Paimpol and Brehat Island, several towns and gardens around Tregastel – I told about that in another post.

All are reachable with bus 27 Lannion – Treguier – Paimpol

Bretagne Brittany Roche Jagu Castle Paimpol

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