Dozza street art and old town

Last Updated on 26/04/2023

Dozza is another village on the list of the most beautiful in Italy. We stopped here on our way to Bologna.

The difference between Dozza and other similar villages with a fortress is that the houses of the city are painted by modern artists every two years. The tradition began in the middle of the 20th century.

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How to get to Dozza

By public transport – bus 101 from Imola.

By car
To get to Dozza, you need to drive part of the way along the ancient Via Emilia – a straight, like an arrow, road built by the Romans between Rimini and Piacenza. Now it is a local road, almost throughout the entire length of built up cities founded by the Romans, and large and small villages in between. Therefore, the journey along the Emilia road turns into an endless one: there are a lot of traffic lights, and all of them are configured to preferentially exit from the side roads to the main one.

Free parking is located almost at the gates of the old town and is signposted.

On one side, Via Emilia is a vast plain, on the other – the mountains begin. Dozza is located on one of the small hills that cut like wedges into the valley. Further the hills get higher and higher.

Dozza street art

The old town consists of two narrow streets rising up and ending with a small Sforza fortress (15-16 centuries).

There is a museum in the fortress, but, as usual, it was a siesta. In the museum you can see the remains of the interiors, the torture room, and visit the local wine cellar. In addition there are drawings for paintings last years.

It’s not entirely clear to me how this happens – how long remains the pictures on the walls. Judging by the photographs, there are a lot of artists working, and the walls for so many years clearly cannot be enough for everyone. But some paintings remains over the years, like this on the gate.

This picture seemed to me the most interesting.

This is, in fact, the whole old town.

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