“Hanging” Valley in Senneville sur Fecamp

Last Updated on 03/04/2023

Nearby hamlet, north of Fecamp, Senneville sur Fecamp. I knew that there was access to the sea, but where exactly was not clear. There are no signposts. I pointed my finger at a promising dead end on the navigator.

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The descent went along a narrow road along a small valley with several houses. The Norman spotted cows gazed at us with suspicion. Every minute we expected a dead end with the need to go upstairs in reverse. But suddenly there was a parking lot, and then there was another one and at the end of the staircase to the sea.

Low tide. A wide strip of sand (the kids immediately started building cities for a couple of hours) and picturesque stones around. Almost secluded, except for the fisherman who walked over the seaweed to his nets and crab baskets, and a couple of the unexpected tourists. And we thought, except for us, no one would go along such a road. However, people quickly disappeared into the rocks and no one bothered to enjoy the romance and solitude.

The fisherman is getting ready to work.

From there we came.

Landslides are very likely.

We climbed onto a slipped piece of earth, already overgrown with grass.

The rocks here are different from those in Etretat, with red patches.

Now let’s go around the landslide from below.

At high tide, the water comes almost to the very rocks.

And now we will go over the algae and stones closer to the water. There, in the distance, a fisherman checks his catch.

You can walk in good sneakers. Not too slippery, but there are deep holes near the edge.

A stone plateau cut by water.

When a large wave enters these water-cut holes, a fountain is created.

It is curious to see how water fills the slot.

And now in the other direction. The lighthouse of the military unit is visible above Fecamp.

It’s time to go home. In Normandy, as well as in Brittany, I would definitely like to return.

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