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The North Sea in this part is called Wattenmeer. This is such a sea-swamp – the ebb tide goes far, leaving a minimum amount of water and the ability to walk on the sand for kilometers. With its soothing blue landscape, the Wadden Sea will provide you with the ultimate escape from reality. I have never seen a more relaxing place. However, there is also something to see here.

Adjacent map of Schleswig-Holstein

Everything important that you can see in the region – with notes and links.

  • 1 – top
  • 2 – very good, although not so well known
  • 3 – good for a short vacation or a layover. Several medium-level interesting places
  • 4 – local or specific, not for everyone

Marks without brackets – I was there. With brackets – I wasn’t there. Of course, the grades are subjective.

The watt is visible on the map – gray shading.

North Sea Germany attractions map
enlarge Map data ©OpenStreetMap


1. Hamburg attractions

I will rate Hamburg as 1 at least for its originality and an extensive program to visit, although during the 3 hours that we were in it, we did not have time to like it – there is too little time in too big a city.

Half of the attractions are related to water:
the maritime museum link
the port museum link
the museum harbor (historical ships, some of which can be visited, in particular the steam icebreaker Stettin),
museum ships (Soviet submarine, 19th century sailing ship Rickmer Rickmers).

Speicherstadt – warehouse area of the late 19th century on wooden foundations (UNESCO).

The architecture of the center is mostly modern, although there are also relatively old ones.
A small quarter of old houses – a place where widows were settled, – Kramer Witwen Wohnung.
Quarter with fishermen’s houses and villas located on a hillside along the Elbe, – Treppenviertel (only a few five thousand steps), located 10 km from the city center.
Another non-center area with a small castle and historic buildings – Bergedorf.
But in general, look for the old architecture in the nearby cities.

Of the old churches, there is the church of St. Katerina (13th century).
From St. Nikolas, preserved ruins were left after the bombing.
From the church of St. Michael, you can see the city above, even in the evening.

A lot of museums. In addition to the already mentioned marine themes, also, for example:
archaeological link,
the Museum of Labor (Museum der Arbeit) – about different professions and industries link
Museum of Emigration to America,
spice museum,
museum of illusions link,
chocolate museum Hachez link,
automobile (rare models, prototype), police and customs,
donjon (entertained in the catacombs, frightening in every possible way) link
– and this is not the whole list.
We should also especially mention the miniature world of Miniatur Wunderland – models of railways and everything around them. link

Lovers of technology from 14 years old can sign up for a tour of the assembly workshop of Airbus (

For nature lovers:
the Hagenbeck zoo (high price – until I understood how it differs from other, cheaper leading German zoos, for the better),
a recreation and amusement park with a botanical part and greenhouses – Planten un Blomen link.

Outside the center – Wildpark Schwarze Berg. There is also an open-air museum Freilichtmuseum am Kiekeberg (about 40 houses) link and rope park.

About the Kiekeberg museum.

For entertainment – several small thermal pools, several rope parks around the city, a center for jumping on trampolines.

2. Stade, Buxtehude

Both cities with historical centers.

The Stade also has a small open-air museum, a history museum and a small castle. Museum ship. Remains of the fort (5 km from the city). Thermal pool.

About Stade – on a separate page.

From Stade in the direction of Hamburg – fruit plantations (if not lying – 18 million trees), which appeared there thanks to the Dutch settlers in the 13th century. Thus, with the help of canals and plantings, they ennobled the swamps along the Elbe. In the spring, all 18 million should bloom well – an online bloom barometer is available to track bloom status.

3. Otterndorf, Belum, Wingst

Otterndorf – Old city. Thermal pool. Museum of dolls.

Belum – Natureum (about local nature, local animals) link

Wingst – zoo, playground, summer toboggan run.

Nearby hanging ferry Schwebefähre Osten – Hemmoor

North sea Germany. Lower Saxony

4. Cuxhaven

A large seaside resort with an extensive harbor and everything that comes with it: a fish market, excursion boats, a museum lighthouse ship, a maritime museum (link), a couple of lighthouses in the vicinity.

There is a small zoo in the spa park.

Swim besides the sea: heated outdoor pools and a thermal pool in Duhnen.

Adventure minigolf in Duhnen. Rope park in Sahlenburg

About Cuxhaven: part 1, part 2, part 3

Bad Bederkesa – archaeological museum in Burg Bederkesa and thermal bath
Aeronauticum Nordholz – aircraft museum link

Lighthouse Dicke Berta on the outskirts of Cuxhaven

5. Bremerhaven

The port city with a observation point at the container port and visitor center at the cruise terminal.
Historic harbor and historic ships, including a submarine from the end of World War II, steam icebreaker, trawler, Seute Deern barque, Alexander Humboldt barque (if it is not in sea).

Museum of Emigration. Climate Museum Klimahaus link. Maritime Museum link. Zoo link. Museum of Science.

About Bremerhaven

6. Butjadungen

Thermal bath, adventure golf, rope park.
Friesengolf with sheep as obstacles link. Mill.

7. Wilhelmshaven

Museum of the Navy Marinemuseum link. Aquarium.
Thermal pool.

8. Jever, Wittmund, Carolinensiel

Jever – old town, castle. Firefighter Museum. Brewery Museum. Farm museum

Wittmund – old mill. Zeppelin Museum

Werdum – pet zoo with rare breeds

Wangerland – thermal bath

Hooksiel – museum Phänomania (something so scientific for kids)

9. Norden

Seal rescue station link. Museum dedicated to the cetaceans Waloseum.
Tea Museum. Mills. Museum of Cars and Toys.
Thermal pool. Entertaining golf. Labyrinth.
Park at Lütetsburg Schloss (palace without visiting).

Zoo in the neighboring village – Birgits Tiergarten

10. Aurich, Wiesmoor

Aurich – rope park. Energy Museum (EEZ). New thermal pool

Wiesmoor – Blumenreich flower park with a questionable price-performance ratio. Adventure golf

11. Emden

3 museum ships. Maritime Museum. Historical and Cultural Museum of East Frisia (including the armor room).
Museum of the comedian Otto.
Thermal pool.
Volkswagen production tours (by appointment –

12. Leer

Museum Harbor. The oldest steam ship in Germany.

Nearest Holland:
Delfzijl – aquarium-museum,
Appingedam – old town,
Winschoten – large rose garden.
Fontana Bad Neuweschans – thermal pool.

13. Papenburg and Emstal

Papenburg – shipyard of large ocean liners Meyer Werft. Visitor center and excursions to the shipyard link. Open-air museum. Mills.

Surword – summer toboggan run and rope park

Haren – amusement park Schloss Dankern, recreational water playground (slides, cannons, etc.), adventure golf

Sögel – hunting palace of the electors Clemenswerth

Dörpen – museum of paper Papierwelt

Nearest Holland:
Boutanage – fort.
Slagharen – amusement park.
Emmen – zoo

14. Friesoythe, Cloppenburg

Friesoythe – zoo Thüle. Museum railway. Rope park.

Cloppenburg – one of the largest and oldest open-air museums with over 50 houses from the 16th to the 20th centuries Museumsdorf Cloppenburg link

15. Oldenburg, Bad Zwishenahn and around

Oldenburg – the palace with the museum of the region. Thermal pool. Rope park.

Bad Zwishenahn – a small open-air museum of 17 houses. Park der Gärten. Big lake

Westerstede – rhododendron park Hobbie

Wiefelstede – rhododendron park Grinstede. Football golf. Rope park

Jade – zoo and simple amusement park Jaderpark

Rastede – adventure golf, farm museum

16. Bremen and around

More details about Bremen on a separate page.

A small historic center with a statue of Roland and the Bremen Town Musicians. The original architecture of non-central quarters.
Rhododendron park. Botanica – a greenhouse of questionable price-quality ratio
Science Museum Universum.
The Übersee Museum is a natural science and ethnographic museum.
Entertaining golf.

Delmenhorst – thermal pool, museum railway.
Stur – rope park

17. Verden (Aller) and around

Verden – small old town, German horse museum, thermal pool, rope park. Amusement Park and Fairy Tale Park – Magic Park

Bruchhasen-Vilsen – museum railway, old town, mills, automobile museum Asendorf

Dörverden – Wolfcenter with groups of wolves of different species link

18. Walsrode and around

Walsrode – large bird park with flowers, bird shows Weltvogelpark link. Small open-air museum Heidemuseum

In the vicinity:
rope park and football golf, ostrich farm

Hodenhagen – Serengetipark Safari link

19. Soltau

Amusement park Heidepark. Thermal pool. Outlet

Luneburg Heath

1 – august /3
20. Lüneburger Heide

The wooded and swampy Luneburg Heath attracts primarily with flowering heather (blooms in August) and local sheep.


Schneverdingen – the opportunity to look at the blooming heather and local sheep, without going deep into the wasteland.

About Schneverdingen and Luneburg Heath

Lauenbrück – zoo Landpark

Buchholz – butterfly park, adventure golf

Firefighter Museum Feuerwermusem Marxen

Hanstedt – Wildpark

Egestorf – Barefoot park Barfußpark

Bispingen – Snow Dome indoor ski slope. Ralph Schumacher Kart Center. House upside down – Verrücktes Haus.
Iserhatsche is a specific hunting palace of the early 20th century, different collections – conflicting reviews.
Thermal pool in Aqua Mundo Centerpark

Luneburger heath
enlarge Map data ©OpenTopoMap

21. Munster

Munster – tank museum Panzermuseum link

Wietzendorf – thermal pool, adventure golf

Müden – Wildpark

22. Uelzen

Uelzen – old town. Hundertwasser station. Thermal pool

Suderburg – open-air museum Museumdorf Hösseringen (26 houses)

Bad Bevensen – spa town, thermal pool. Rope park

23. Lüneburg

Old city. Beer Museum, Salt Museum. Wasserturm observation deck.
Thermal pool.
There is a rope park in the neighboring town.

24. Lauenburg

Picturesque old town on the Elbe, the largest ensemble of protected old houses in Schleswig-Holstein, old mailboxes. Museum mill.

Steam ship and other ships for sailing on the Elbe.

Elevator for ships Schiffshebewerk Schamebeck.

Rope park Kletterwald Geestnacht.

Museumbahn Karoline.

Small zoo Tierpark Krüzen.

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